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[IN] [1190256] 印度求购颜料(250 Ml Colour Holi) (02-02)
  250 ml colour holi snow
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相关买家: 颜料;
[IN] [1190255] 印度求购彩色铅笔(Color Pencil) (02-02)
  I want 10 sets of samples for checking how is moving in market then I purchase bulk order
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相关买家: 彩色铅笔; Color Pencil;
[IN] [1190254] 印度求购A4纸(A4 Paper) (02-02)
  We have required A4size paper 15 tons regular order quantity.
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相关买家: A4纸; A4 Paper;
[KE] [1190253] 肯尼亚求购热敏纸卷(Thermal Paper Rolls) (02-02)
  57X60 30mm, 57X40 and 79X80
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相关买家: 热敏纸卷; Thermal Paper Rolls;
[IN] [1190252] 印度求购A4纸(A4 Paper) (02-02)
  We need A4size paper bulk order qty.
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相关买家: A4纸; A4 Paper;
[CR] [1190250] 哥斯达黎加求购笔记本(Notebooks) (02-02)
  Notebooks kids school
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相关买家: 笔记本; Notebooks;
[KE] [1190249] 肯尼亚求购A4复印纸(A4 White Copy Paper) (02-02)
  Kindly share CIF price to Kenya for 80GSM white copy paper for all brands you stock.
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相关买家: 复印纸;
[IN] [1190246] 印度求购记事本(Sticky Notepad) (02-02)
  I want customized under my name
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相关买家: 记事本;
[PK] [1190245] 巴基斯坦求购调色板多功能(Color Palette Multifunctional) (02-02)
  We need to source products for a number of different categories. They are 5 products per categories. We have *** a PDF with examples of the products. We do not need these exact products, we accept sim...
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相关买家: 调色板;
[BR] [1190244] 巴西求购触摸屏笔(Touch Screen Pen) (02-02)
  Metal roller pen with bright White body and chrome accents. Touch tip and black writing. Engraving Two logos Supplied with disassembled gift case.? 9 X 141 mm Case: 150 X 15 X 19 mm
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相关买家: 触摸屏笔; Touch Screen Pen;
[NG] [1190242] 尼日利亚求购练习本(Exercise Book) (02-02)
  Soft cover 60levels book
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相关买家: 练习本; Exercise Book;
[KH] [1190240] 柬埔寨求购文具(Stationery) (02-02)
  I am looking for Stationery, please send your catalogs and the latest prices.
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相关买家: 文具; Stationery;
[EG] [1190230] 埃及求购墨盒(Clp-300 Toner Price) (02-02)
  I need to one of from all clear
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相关买家: 墨盒;
[SA] [1190229] 沙特求购A4复印纸(A4 Copy Paper) (02-02)
  Only verified manufacturer supplier
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相关买家: 复印纸; Copy Paper;
[AR] [1190228] 阿根廷求购CPR***模型(CPR Manikin) (02-02)
  Half body with CPR prompt computer
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相关买家: 人体模型; Manikin;
[PG] [1190227] 巴布亚新几内亚求购移动打印机(Portable 3 in 1 Printer) (02-02)
  Do you have small 3 in 1 printer for travel?
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相关买家: 打印机;
[KH] [1190226] 柬埔寨求购复印纸(Chamex Paper) (02-02)
  The size is 210 X 297 70 GSM Demand 8000 Rams/1600 boxes
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相关买家: 复印纸;
[CH] [1190076] 瑞士求购儿童幻灯片查看器(Kids Slide Viewer 3D Stereo Viewmaster) (01-31)
  Hi there,I hope you are well.We might be interested in moving the production of 200 unis of 3D Viewfinders with custom reels.In order for that to happen, I would need a formal offer to be sent to me b...
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[US] [1189984] 美国求购二氧化碳墨盒(utilizes CO2 cartridges) (01-30)
  Hello, Our company is looking to develop a product that utilizes CO2 cartridges, and had a few questions about your production.1.Can cartridges be produced in containers other than the traditional lon...
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 墨盒; cartridges;
[RO] [1189971] 罗马尼亚求购卷尺(measuring tapes) (01-30)
  Hello, My name is Marian Oprea and i represent Big Fish company, owner of predator brand RtB Refuse To Blank. Check our website here.We are interested in measuring tapes as follows: XL size length 130...
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相关买家: 卷尺; measuring tapes;
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