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[CA] [1144108] [有图]加拿大求购移动游戏垫(mobile gaming pad) (10-19)
  Hi, I am looking for a mobile gaming pad for my drop shipping business promotion. 1- Are you supporting the drop shipping eCommerce( detail are in the *** image)? 2- if yes, what is the price of a m...
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相关买家: 移动游戏垫; mobile gaming pad;
[AU] [1144094] 澳大利亚求购喷墨打印机(inkjet printer) (10-19)
  Hi There,We are food packing company based in Australia and looking for inkjet printer for our packing to print date and batch code, would you please send me more detail and delivery cost to Sydney Au...
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相关买家: 喷墨打印机; inkjet printer;
[PK] [1144087] 巴基斯坦求购复印纸(A4 Office Copy Paper 70GSM 80GSM 500pieces/Ream Photo Paper) (10-19)
  Photo copy paper
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相关买家: 复印纸; A4 Office Copy Paper;
[IN] [1144086] 印度求购胶带(BOPP Adhesive Tape) (10-19)
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相关买家: 胶带; BOPP Adhesive Tape;
[CO] [1144084] 哥伦比亚求购橡皮(Eraser) (10-19)
  Technology, varierty about christmas, something for Home and things like that
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相关买家: 橡皮; Eraser;
[UK] [1144083] 英国求购办公用品(Office Items) (10-19)
  A4 paper, other office items
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相关买家: 办公用品; Office Items;
[MV] [1144081] 马尔代夫求购复印纸(A4 Copy Paper) (10-19)
  A4 copy paper 80GSM / A5 Copy paper 80GSM A4 copy paper 500 Box / A5 Copy paper 300 box
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相关买家: 复印纸; A4 Copy Paper;
[US] [1144079] 美国求购笔(pens) (10-19)
  Important specs: 1. Power: 25W 2. Battery: 280mAh 3. Rotating Speed: 5000/25000 rpm (3 speeds settings) 4. Chunk Diameter: 2.35 mm (30 diamond bits) 5. USB Charging - Cordless, Type C Needed: ...
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相关买家: ; pens;
[SG] [1144077] 新加坡求购彩色铅笔(Promotional Colour Pencils) (10-19)
  -Allow for any number of colour pencils in a set (4 or 7) -Can purchase 350 sets only (willing to pay more even if quantity is only 350) -Pencil body is matte, not glossy -Can customise logo on pen...
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相关买家: 彩色铅笔; Promotional Colour Pencils;
[BD] [1144076] 孟加拉国求购打印机配件(HP 28A Toner Original) (10-19)
  HP 28A original toner
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相关买家: 打印机配件;
[IN] [1144074] 印度求购信封(Toshiba Estudio 225 Developer) (10-19)
  Toshiba e225 developer
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相关买家: 信封; Developer;
[CA] [1144071] 加拿大求购胶带(All Paints Plus Masking Tape and Sandpape for 6'0rbital 40-10, 0) (10-19)
  Im sorry to do this, can u send an extra set of everything I ordered to, I cant keep up
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相关买家: 胶带;
[US] [1144038] 美国求购眼镜镜片(Polycarbonate Revo Sport Sunglasses lens) (10-19)
  Hi Albee - my name is . CEO of . We're an online retailer in vision care. We're looking to find another vendor for lenses. Take a look at our requirements, and let me know what you have, and if you're...
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相关买家: 眼镜镜片; Sunglasses lens;
[DE] [1143952] 德国求购文件夹(document bag) (10-18)
  Hi, in looking for these bags with our company logo. Is it possible a transparent black bag with our logo on it? Quantity: 100 bags size: A5Please contact me Do you have a picture of the black bag? B...
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相关买家: 文件夹; document bag;
[DE] [1143946] 德国求购圆珠笔(Solid sandalwood brass handle BallPoint Pen) (10-18)
  Kindly offer for this model brass/sandalwood KL-BP-00072 and let us have all details such as size etc. Can you send by email and add separate photo also. thanks Maike
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相关买家: 圆珠笔; BallPoint Pen;
[US] [1143934] 美国求购3D打印机(3D printing) (10-18)
  Hello, My name is and I am the product development manager at Swiss Madison. We specialize in sanitary ware. I am interested in learning about your 3d printing service and capabilities. Can you pr...
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相关买家: 3D打印机; 3D printing;
[PK] [1143929] 巴基斯坦求购铅笔包装盒(Pencil Packaging Boxes Wholesale) (10-18)
  Want to get attractive and sturdy pencil packaging? Our custom pencil boxes wholesale with logos can get you all these qualities and much more.
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相关买家: 铅笔包装盒; Pencil Packaging Boxes;
[UK] [1143906] 英国求购圆珠笔(Metal Rollerball Pens) (10-18)
  Dear Chen Li,My name is Ben and I am an ecommerce seller in the UK. One of our brands is Mål Paper - We are looking for a high end selection of pens to add to our stores. We would be looking at...
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相关买家: 圆珠笔; Metal Rollerball Pens;
[UK] [1143883] 英国求购激光笔(Laser Pens. Laser Pointing Pen. Green Laser Pointing Pens.) (10-18)
  Green laser pointing pen.
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相关买家: 激光笔; Laser Pens;
[MA] [1143882] 摩洛哥求购打印机配件(3D Printer Kit) (10-18)
  Hellow, Would you kindly provide me with the availability of the articles in the *** file as well as their prices. Thank you. Kind Regards; RIM HANNACHE
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相关买家: 打印机配件; 3D Printer;
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