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[UK] [1148343] 英国求购儿童文具(Children's Stationery (pencil, sharpener, eraser, rulers) (11-29)
  Children's stationery (pencil, sharpener, eraser, rulers)
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相关买家: 儿童文具; pencil;
[AE] [1148341] 阿联酋求购照片复印纸(Photo Copy Paper A4) (11-29)
  A4 white paper 80 GSM
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相关买家: 照片复印纸; Photo Copy Paper;
[BD] [1148340] 孟加拉国求购Cartiridges(Portable 7D Hifu Face Lift 12 Lines 8 Cartiridges) (11-29)
  Need hifu 7D 12 line 8 cartiridges
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[TH] [1148339] 泰国求购办公纸(Double A4 Office Paper) (11-29)
  Double A4 Office Paper Price 70GSM 75GSM 80GSM Office Computer Copy Paper
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[PK] [1148338] 巴基斯坦求购布胶带花卉胶带(Cloth Adhesive Floral Tape) (11-29)
  Hi, I'm looking for a Cloth Adhesive Froral Tape Length: 60 yards Widhth: 0.5" Core: 3.0"Florzo
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相关买家: 布胶带; 花卉胶带;
[BD] [1148337] 孟加拉国求购笔(Pen) (11-29)
  This product is very good
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相关买家: ; Pen;
[US] [1148336] 美国求购碳化硅文具(Silicon Carbide Stationeries for Seals) (11-29)
  Used as part of the mechanical seal arrangement. Seals such as John Crane, Bergmann, Flowserve etc. It is the stationery portion of the complete seal.
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相关买家: 碳化硅文具;
[IR] [1148335] 伊朗求购复印纸(Printing Copy Paper A4) (11-29)
  Hi This is hossein from Iran I want to buy 32000 reams copy paper per months If you have please contact with me Thanks
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相关买家: 复印纸; Printing Copy Paper;
[RU] [1148311] [有图]俄罗斯求购鼠标垫(Mouse pad) (11-29)
  Dear Partner, You are welcome to take part and offer the best service for our current very urgent project. Time is critical, so please do your best to answer in 24 hours! We are interested in next p...
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相关买家: 鼠标垫; Mouse pad;
[US] [1148303] 美国求购卷尺(rubber coat abs measure 5m tape) (11-29)
  Hello I am interested in ordering 120 tape measures from you. How much would the cost be?Also I am interested in putting my company's name on it
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相关买家: 卷尺; measure tape;
[US] [1148214] [有图]美国求购记号笔(Mini Permanent Marker Pen) (11-26)
  Hi! I'ld like black ink. With my website printed on the marker.
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相关买家: 记号笔; Marker Pen;
[PH] [1148112] 菲律宾求购221ger(Name: Gpon-ONU Model: 221ger) (11-25)
  Name: GPON-ONU Model: 221GER
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[DO] [1148111] 多米尼加求购热敏纸 (Thermal Paper for Point of Sale) (11-25)
  I want to know how much is a container of thermal paper 80X80 mm with. 40 pounds
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相关买家: 热敏纸; Thermal Paper;
[IN] [1148012] 印度求购LED镜头(lenses) (11-25)
  Dear Sir/MadamWe are developing a new Street light and require lenses for the same. Details are given below. Kindly check following details and inform about your lenses. If you have please submit your...
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相关买家: LED镜头; lenses;
[IN] [1148007] 印度求购圆珠笔(multi function ballpoint pen) (11-25)
  I want custom laser logo led light plastic touch stylus ball pen 3 in 1 ballpoint pen
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相关买家: 圆珠笔; ballpoint pen;
[IN] [1148006] 印度求购打印机(Amsky ausetter u864 uv ctp machine) (11-25)
  hello sir please send me details on my Whatsapp
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相关买家: 打印机;
[IN] [1147996] 印度求购羽毛球(Nylon Shuttlecock Badminton) (11-25)
  Hi, I’m interested in Nylon Shuttlecock Badminton Similar to Mavis 350, I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply. Please contact on watsapp
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相关买家: 羽毛球; Nylon Shuttlecock Badminton;
[IN] [1147958] 印度求购DTF打印机(DTF Printer) (11-24)
  Dear sir/Madam,I am Sekar from India,i am Heat Transfer Sticker ManufacturerWe need DTF Printer Regular PurchaseReselling PurposeMachine And Ink both we need
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相关买家: 打印机; DTF Printer;
[EC] [1147952] 厄瓜多尔求购方形玻璃金色豪华滴管瓶(square glass gold luxury dropper bottle) (11-24)
  Hi, I work at Bassa Laboratories in Ecuador. Can you please contact me at my corporate email I want more information about this droppers. Thanks.
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相关买家: 滴管瓶; dropper bottle;
[AU] [1147925] 澳大利亚求购体重秤(basic weight scales) (11-24)
  Hello can youplease contact me regarding your basic weight scales.
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相关买家: 体重秤; basic weight scales;
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