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[US] [1151577] 美国求购定制漫画(Printing Comic Book) (01-04)
  i want to make a custom comic size magazine with my pages I've created for my dog company. my website . is this possible and what is the price. heres some examples of my pages
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相关买家: 定制漫画; Printing Comic Book;
[US] [1151473] [有图]美国求购定制名片(Custom Business Card) (01-04)
  Hello,I need a business card done. I was hoping to get a quote for 200 standard sized gold and white custom business cards. I have *** an image that I would like to include as the logo on the card. I ...
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相关买家: 定制名片; Custom Business Card;
[TR] [1150445] 土耳其求购A4纸(A4 Papers) (12-21)
  Dear Sir, We are looking A4 paper Normprint 170/230 gr with jumbo bobin American bristol for Turkey. Kindly contact us ASAP. Thanks.
相关买家: A4纸; A4 Papers;
[IN] [1149987] 印度求购旧儿童书(Used Children Books) (12-16)
  Dear Sir, We are looking forward to source Used Children's Books from USA and UK in bulk. Please let us know if you can help in this regards. Thank you.
相关买家: 儿童书; Used Children Books;
[UK] [1149930] 英国求购精装相册(Hardback Photo Book) (12-16)
  I am looking to get this book printed, initially 100 copies and then 2,000 copies you please able to give me a guide price and delivery timesc...
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相关买家: 精装相册; Hardback Photo Book;
[IN] [1149893] 印度求购二手儿童书籍(Used Children Books) (12-15)
  Dear Sir, We are looking forward to source Used Children's Books from USA and UK in bulk. Please let us know if you can help in this regards. Thank you.
相关买家: 儿童书籍; Used Children Books;
[PK] [1149400] 巴基斯坦求购信封袋 (Packing Slip Envelope Pouches) (12-09)
  Product name: Shipping Label Envelopes Product size: 7.5" X 5.5" inches Material: Plastic
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相关买家: 信封袋; Packing Slip; Envelope Pouches;
[TR] [1149399] 土耳其求购印刷品(Logo Pointer) (12-09)
  3- logo pointer (for toothbrush) will print on bamboo (logo will be printed on bamboo sticks before knitting)
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[PH] [1148770] 菲律宾求购书报(Book Papers) (12-02)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Book Papers, and 80 gsm. Interested suppliers may please contact us ASAP. Thank you.
相关买家: 书报; Book Papers;
[NP] [1148597] 尼泊尔求购户外广告牌(outdoor sign board) (12-01)
  I’m interested in your product 24x36 corrugated plastic sign plastic outdoor sign board outdoor corrugated plastic signs I look forward to your reply.
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相关买家: 户外广告牌; outdoor sign board;
[ZA] [1148375] 南非求购Snap 框架广告标志(Snap Frame Advertising Sign) (11-29)
  I would like the A2 size (59.4cm * 42.0cm). I would like 6 for now and then later I will be buying i larger quantities.I would like Red colour if you have it, otherwise the standard colour would be fi...
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相关买家: 广告标志; Advertising Sign;
[ZA] [1148364] 南非求购热转印 T 恤乙烯基(heat transfer t shirt vinyl) (11-29)
  Hi My name is Lucky, I looking for the heat transfer vinyl and flock, one way vision flex banner. All the goods needed is *** Please respond if you have the *** product in your factory stock and ready...
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相关买家: 热转印T恤; heat transfer t-shirt;
[ZA] [1148266] 南非求购复印纸(Copier Papers) (11-27)
  Dear Sir, We are interested to bring in to rsa double A Paper- would like to run agency on your behalf looking 80gsm while photocopy paper,please advise best factory prices cif springs rsa thank...
相关买家: 复印纸; Copier Papers;
[US] [1148183] 美国求购水文***胶片(hydrographics water printing film) (11-26)
  Hello: I would like to order some samples and have them sent to my factory in China. We use many different styles. I want to make sure non of the samples I request have an international copyright as w...
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相关买家: 水印胶片; water printing film;
[SA] [1147307] 沙特阿拉伯求购复印纸(Copier Papers) (11-17)
  Dear Sir, We are looking forward to import Copy Paper. Looking forward to hear soon from you. Thank you.
相关买家: 复印纸; Copier Papers;
[ES] [1147214] 西班牙求购PDLC智能膜(PDLC Smart Film) (11-17)
  Hi,We are a medtech company. Would it be possible to customise some the size of the pdlc? We are thinking about 3 different pieces of 2 meter x 0.8 meter, each one. How much would that cost?
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相关买家: PDLC智能膜; PDLC Smart Film;
[IN] [1147149] 印度求购复印纸(Copy papers) (11-16)
  Dear Sir, We are interested in importing A4 size Copy Papers, double A brand, B2B Brand, A one brand and any other brand of good quality. Quantity 20 ft container. Port of destination : Chenn...
相关买家: 复印纸; Copy papers;
[IR] [1146259] 伊朗求购印版、胶印油墨(printing plates, offset inks) (11-08)
  Hello Sir, We buy a full range of printing plates, offset inks and additives, film and blanket just about anything you need to sale please contact us for more information. Thanks & Best Regards ...
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相关买家: 印版油墨; 胶印油墨; printing plates; offset inks;
[IN] [1146031] 印度求购复印纸(Copy Papers) (11-05)
  Dear Sir, We are interested in buying all purpose Copier Double - A Paper A4 80GSM Pulp Office White A4 Copy Papers, 80 GSM (210mm x 297mm) / copier. We would like some more details. We look ...
相关买家: 复印纸; Copy Papers;
[SD] [1145389] 苏丹求购图书(Harcourt Books) (11-01)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for grade 5 science Harcourt books. Can you provide them? If yes, please get in touch with us ASAP. Thank you.
相关买家: 图书; Harcourt Books;
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