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[US] [1174730] [有图]美国求购服装用标签(heat transfer labels) (08-16)
  Hello, I would like to order two types of printed heat transfer labels. Please advise on the process and payment for sample cost? My two labels are ***. Will ship to Boston Mass.The one Patch, "S...
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相关买家: 服装用标签; heat transfer labels;
[SA] [1174650] [有图]沙特求购服装用挂牌(Apparel Hang Cardboard Swing Hangtags) (08-15)
  Our logo ***. For 1000 pieces. What's your offer to Saudi Arabia?
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相关买家: 服装挂牌; Apparel Hangtags;
[US] [1174432] [有图]美国求购扑克牌(PVC Poker cards) (08-11)
  How much would it cost to get this logo put on the black cards with the blue trim? Main material:PVC plastic Feature:waterproof Card size:6.3*8.8CM One set include:54 pcs Thickness:0.3MM New we...
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相关买家: 扑克牌; PVC Poker cards;
[US] [1174146] [有图]美国求购全息模切贴纸(Holographic Die Cut Stickers) (08-09)
  Hello my name is I own a small shop on Etsy and sell my products locally. I would love to get two different designs with the holographic background and one with the plain white back ground. I would...
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相关买家: 全息贴纸; Holographic Die Cut Stickers;
[AU] [1173946] [有图]澳大利亚求购不干胶标签贴纸(Adhesive Label Sticker) (08-08)
  Hi - I would like a quote for 100 units of the *** logo. Colour - glossy silver. Size - width 20cm.
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相关买家: 不干胶标签贴纸; Adhesive Label Sticker;
[CL] [1173909] [有图]智利求购消防车logo(logo fire-engine) (08-08)
  Greetings I need 100 units logo fire-engine chili, the value with free please, thanks which is shipping cost?
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相关买家: 消防车logo; logo fire-engine;
[SA] [1173866] 沙特求购定制汽车贴纸(Auto Emblems Car Logo) (08-08)
  Dear, We are a Saudi company based in Riyadh and we would like to customize a logo for car. The logo is round with a diameter of 5 cm. I would like to know the cost and the fabrication time. Estimated...
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相关买家: 汽车贴纸; Auto Emblems Car Logo;
[AU] [1173796] [有图]澳大利亚求购服装用挂牌(Plastic Hang Label Nylon String Seal Lock Watch Tag) (08-05)
  What is the best price you can offer? What is the shipping cost?
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相关买家: 服装用挂牌;
[ID] [1173782] 印度尼西亚求购A4复印纸(A4 Copy Papers) (08-05)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy A4 Copy Papers. Qty: 70, 80 gsm Size: 210mm x 297mm Quality: Imported 100% Whiteness: 102-104%, Natural White Capability: High Speed, Laser Capable, Inkjet Capable, F...
相关买家: A4复印纸; A4 Copy Papers;
[PA] [1173733] 巴拿马求购广告材料(Advertising Materials) (08-05)
  I am looking for Advertising materials such as Roll up, Structure for flags, Advertising Backpacks, Backing, exhibitors, etc. Large Format Advertising Material
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相关买家: 广告材料; Advertising Materials;
[US] [1173099] [有图]美国求购名片(business card) (08-01)
  Hello, can you do this for me? and how much is the express shipping to Honolulu Hawaii?
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相关买家: 名片; business card;
[CA] [1172990] [有图]加拿大求购贺卡(greeting cards) (07-29)
  Material:Art paper/kraft paper/specialty paper Size:Custom size for greeting cards Shape:Customized Shape for greeting cards/thank you card Color:Custom color for greeting cards Finishing:Full pri...
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相关买家: 贺卡; greeting cards;
[PK] [1172974] 巴基斯坦求购A4复印纸(A4 Copy Papers) (07-29)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy A4 Copy Papers 70-75-80gr. Origen must be from South Africa and from Asia (India, Thailand, Indonesia). Please contact us asap. Best Regards.
相关买家: A4复印纸; A4 Copy Papers;
[AE] [1172897] 阿联酋求购扑克牌(Black Playing Card) (07-29)
  I need 500 sets of custom made water proof cards in a plastic box, including delivery till saudi, riyadh by air / expressWhat is the best price you can offer? please share pictures and specs on my
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相关买家: 扑克牌; Black Playing Card;
[AU] [1172820] [有图]澳大利亚求购自定义圆贴纸(Custom Round Stickers) (07-28)
  Hi there, Looking to purchase 1000-2000 round stickers with our company's logo on it. See *** graphic. Diameter should between 7-8cm. Thanks,
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相关买家: 自定义圆贴纸; Custom Round Stickers;
[IN] [1172692] 印度求购信封(Envelopes) (07-28)
  Dear Sir, We are looking to buy Envelopes from countries which is member of the Comesa. Looking forward to hear soon from you. Thank You.
相关买家: 信封; Envelopes;
[AE] [1172678] 阿联酋求购A4纸(A4 Copy Papers.) (07-28)
  Dear Sir, We require A4 Copy Papers. Kindly quote your prices. Thank You.
相关买家: A4纸; A4 Copy Papers;
[IT] [1172507] [有图]意大利求购铝纸贴纸(aluminum paper stickers) (07-26)
  Hi, I would need aluminum paper stickers of size 2x2 cm. *** please find the logo and what the printed sticker should look like. Can you please help me?
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相关买家: 铝纸贴纸; aluminum paper stickers;
[IL] [1172211] [有图]以色列求购透明贴纸(tranparent stickers) (07-25)
  hello, My name is Mor and I wan't to print 400 round and tranparent stickers for my company. On the sticker I want to print the logo and some sentence. How can I do it? Thanks
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相关买家: 透明贴纸; tranparent stickers;
[US] [1172122] [有图]美国求购打印纸日历冰箱贴(printing paper calendar fridge magnet) (07-22)
  How much would this be to put our own design above the calendar? how much per calendar? would it start with this current month and year?
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相关买家: 冰箱贴; fridge magnet;
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