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[IT] [1158533] 意大利求购防弹背心(Army bulletproof vest NIJ IIIA 9mm&.44) (03-16)
  HelloWe are a company of outdoor and safety products based in Italy. We already operate in the online marketing in Europe and we are looking to expand our business to new products. We think you are a ...
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相关买家: 防弹背心;
[UA] [1158189] 乌克兰求购***(Fast Bulletproof Helmet) (03-14)
  Good day, my name is Max. I represent the fund Hope for Help. Our website, or USA number is .We need a lot of Helmets for the Army of Ukraine to defend the country from the russian aggression. We need...
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相关买家: 防弹头盔; Fast Bulletproof Helmet;
[KR] [1157884] [有图]韩国求购银色安全反光带(Retroreflective Tape Solas 50mm Wide X 50m Long Silver) (03-09)
  What is your best price for Security SOLAS Reflective Tape , Retroreflective Tape Solas 50mm Wide X 50m Long Silver Can you inform price of Solas XT1800. Our estimate quantities are about 10 roll....
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相关买家: 反光带; Retroreflective Tape;
[QA] [1156768] [有图]卡塔尔求购干粉灭火器(Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher) (02-28)
  Dear Sales Team Good day, We request you to kindly quote your best price for the below items with complete terms and condition, delivery period, 3rd party certificate by return mail 1. 6kg ABC Dry...
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相关买家: 干粉灭火器; Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher;
[FR] [1156657] 法国求购射击产品(ar500 steel shooting target) (02-28)
  Hi, I am interesting by your product, could you please send me documentation.Thanks from France From Ronan.
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相关买家: 射击产品; shooting target;
[CR] [1156639] [有图]哥斯达黎加求购塑料网(safety net construction safety net for playground) (02-26)
  quantity: 10 Piece/Pieces Costa Rica 10 Piece/Pieces hello friend, im looking this product for a soccer field. Can you add me to or . Thank you
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相关买家: 塑料网; safety net;
[GT] [1156153] 危地马拉求购摩托车头盔(Motorcycle Helmet) (02-23)
  Hi, my name is Saul, I'm from GuatemalaI'm interesting about your helmets, can you please send me more information by email Thank you
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相关买家: 摩托车头盔; Motorcycle Helmet;
[IQ] [1155023] [有图]伊拉克求购消防软管卷盘柜及配件(Firefighting Hose Reel Cabinet & accessories) (02-15)
  Dear Proposed Manufacturer , This is Naresh Lingala from ALMCO GROUP OF COMPANIES, IRAQ. We are EPC company based in Middle East, We are looking to obtain FOB quote for the *** Firefighting Hose Ree...
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相关买家: 消防软管卷盘柜; Firefighting Hose Reel Cabinet;
[FR] [1155001] 法国求购头盔(adults bike helmet) (02-15)
  Hi, I am Tony, product manager in a French company which sells accessories all over Europe. We sell more than 6 000 000 UVC each year. In our catalog of 8 categories of product, we have a range made f...
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相关买家: 头盔; adults bike helmet;
[IT] [1154601] 意大利求购头盔(BMX full face helemets) (02-10)
  Hi all, I'm Paolo Franchi, product manager for BRN srl, BRN is a woosaler company, one of the biggest in Italy, and I'm interested in BMX full face helemets (CE certified), MTB and Road helemts and al...
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相关买家: 头盔; full face helemets;
[MX] [1153515] [有图]墨西哥求购应急工具(Recovery Tow Strap Rope UHMWPE Soft Shackle) (01-21)
  10 Tons 22500 pounds Amazon Hot Selling OEM Customized Logo quantity: 100-500 Piece/Pieces Mexico Dony,Can you please provide price list ( volumen prices) for Kinetic ropes and soft shackles....
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相关买家: 应急工具;
[RO] [1153366] [有图]罗马尼亚求购急救器械及急救教学用品(Emergency survival aluminum reflective blanket) (01-20)
  <1000 USD quantity: 1000 Piece/Pieces Netherlands 采购目的: 批发 1000 Piece/Pieces 订单预算: <1000 USD FOB Hello I am looking for a manufacturer that can 1000 pcs aluminum survival firs...
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相关买家: 急救器械; 急救教学用品; Emergency survival; aluminum reflective blanket;
[PH] [1152562] [有图]菲律宾求购安全手套(PENCO FIRE HELMET, FIREBOOTS & FIRE GLOVES) (01-13)
  quantity: 380 Piece/Pieces Philippines 380 Piece/Pieces Hi Catherine,We would like to inquire for the updated price of your Personal Protective Eqpt (PPE). The last time we ordered it's alread...
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[BN] [1152513] [有图]文莱求购坠落防护(Full Body Harness & double lanyard w scaffold hook and auto kara) (01-13)
  <1000 USD quantity: 2000 Piece/Pieces Brunei Darussalam 解决方案 采购目的: 批发 2000 Piece/Pieces 订单预算: <1000 USD CIF Dear Suppliers please forward your manufacturing certficates and...
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相关买家: 坠落防护;
[PH] [1152434] 菲律宾求购个人防护设备(Personal Protective Eqpt) (01-12)
  Hi Catherine,We would like to inquire for the updated price of your Personal Protective Eqpt (PPE). The last time we ordered it's already more than 3 years ago. First contact is Vicky and Sophie. We w...
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相关买家: 个人防护设备; Personal Protective Eqpt;
[PK] [1152101] [有图]巴基斯坦求购安全手套(Custom design gloves) (01-10)
  quantity: 25 Piece/Pieces Pakistan 25 Piece/Pieces Im waleed raza. From daker Industries, we want to work with you. We are manufacting all items related to sports product.and we...
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相关买家: 安全手套; Custom design gloves;
[MM] [1151863] [有图]缅甸求购安防产品(High penetration truck container x-ray scanner for seaport HZ280) (01-06)
  quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces Singapore 1 Piece/Pieces Dear Sirs,We are interested to purchase one unit of X-rays Inspection Equipment for Seaport Containers from you.Ingenium Centerline Group is o...
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相关买家: 安防产品;
[MT] [1150654] [有图]马耳他求购缓冲、防震防护材料(cylinder shape scaffold protection polyethylene foam tube) (12-23)
  quantity: 50 Piece/Pieces Malta 50 Piece/Pieces Good evening,I am interested in the yellow foam tubes for the scaffolding. Can you kindly provide me with a quotation? These can be shipped to...
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相关买家: 防震防护材料;
[BD] [1150382] 孟加拉国求购消防设备(Fire Control Equipment) (12-21)
  Fire Control Equipment I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me
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相关买家: 消防设备; Fire Control Equipment;
[CO] [1147737] 哥伦比亚求购消防泵(fire pump) (11-17)
  We deal on Government project that is related to fire pump, we want to start up co-operation with your company. Please send us catalogue with prices.
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相关买家: 消防泵; fire pump;
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