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[US] [1136003] 美国求购消防软管(fire hose) (07-16)
  Hello My name is Tara. Can you kindly send a quote on your fire hose. you can reach me on Thanks
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[TH] [1135750] 泰国求购摩托车头盔(Motorcycle Helmet) (07-13)
  Good Afternoon,I am Kanwarat From Chilindo We are looking for the new supplier to get the product in for selling at Chilindo co.,ltd Following the first order of 1x40HQ. 營 have *** the RFQ please ki...
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相关买家: 摩托车头盔; Motorcycle Helmet;
[IN] [1135113] 印度求购户外摄像头模块(Wireless ,4G, 2MP & 5MP PTZ outdoor Dome camera modules) (07-06)
  Dear Madam , How are you ! we are interested in importing Wireless ,4G, 2MP & 5MP PTZ outdoor Dome camera modules. Plz mail me all sample rates with product PDF & demo video if available. ...
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相关买家: 户外摄像头模块;
[LK] [1135108] 斯里兰卡求购公路安全护栏(highway safe guard rails forming mc) (07-06)
  highway safe guard rails forming mc we are looking for above mc . we have buy few mc before from you pl contact
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相关买家: 公路安全护栏; highway safe guard rails;
[AE] [1134877] 阿联酋求购无透气工业头盔(INDUSTRIAL HELMET WITHOUT VENT) (07-02)
  Dear Sir, Please note we are looking for Industrial helmet as per below specification. ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 Type 1 Class G and E. Kindy reply if you have any industrial helmet with these standards...
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[AE] [1134586] 阿联酋求购灭火器(Aerosol Generator Fire Extinguisher) (06-30)
  i need to order, can you contact me on we chat or whats app plz
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相关买家: 灭火器; Fire Extinguisher;
[HK] [1134268] [有图]中国香港求购消防供气呼吸器(fire fighting air supply breathing apparatus) (06-28)
  Dear sir/madam, We are an import and export trading company. We want to purchase some equipment. For detailed parameters, please refer to the ***ment below. Please give us your best price in RMB, you...
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相关买家: 消防呼吸器; breathing apparatus;
[DE] [1134203] 德国求购战术护肘(Tactical Military Elbow Pads) (06-27)
  Hello,its nice to meet you, we are specialized into airsoft, military and outdoor, and we do seek a partner for a very special kneepad. The question would be, would it be possible to combine your pad ...
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相关买家: 战术护肘; Elbow Pads;
[CY] [1133871] [有图]塞浦路斯求购无线电测向仪(Radio direction finding detector) (06-24)
  Dear Sirs, We are interested in your Direction finder system. Can you please send me the datasheet as well as an indicative price for it? Thanks in advance.
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相关买家: 无线电测向仪; Radio direction finding detector;
[CY] [1133870] 塞浦路斯求购无线电测向仪(Radio direction finding detector) (06-24)
  Dear Sirs, We are interested in your Direction finder system. Can you please send me the datasheet as well as an indicative price for it? Thanks in advance.
相关买家: 无线电测向仪; Radio direction finding detector;
[BD] [1133762] 孟加拉国求购背包灭火器(Backpack water mist fire extinguishers) (06-23)
  Bonjour, Je suis intéressé(e) par votre produit En gros 16L 20L de brouillard d'eau de Sac à Dos extincteurs avec bonne qualité, J'aimerais avoir plus de détails. Dans l'attente de votre réponse. ...
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相关买家: 背包灭火器; fire extinguishers;
[US] [1133644] 美国求购消防栓(fire hydrant) (06-22)
  Hi sales, I need detailed specifications of Fire Hydrant, Please also provide me with the price, CIF/place by Email. Thanks!
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相关买家: 消防栓; fire hydrant;
[PT] [1132943] 葡萄牙求购灭火器(Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Plastic) (06-16)
  Hello I need your best price to box fire extinguisher 6 kg. 500 PCs. Thanks
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相关买家: 灭火器; Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Plastic;
[IN] [1132742] 印度求购防火设备(fire sprinklers) (06-13)
  I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me. fire sprinklers , UL / NON UL. -pendant/upright Girish Arora
相关买家: 防火设备; fire sprinklers;
[CH] [1132706] [有图]瑞士求购摩托车头盔(Helmet) (06-11)
  ECE New Arrival Motocross Helmet Professional Off Road Motorcycle Helmet Personalized Rally Helmet
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相关买家: 摩托车头盔; Helmet;
[CA] [1132703] 加拿大求购露营装备(amping gear) (06-11)
  Hello ,We at CAMPMODE would like to offer long term business proposition to you. We are starting out as camping and outdoor gear company and are looking for suppliers dealing in this industry.I would ...
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相关买家: 露营装备; amping gear;
[CA] [1132612] 加拿大求购头盔(Inquiry for helmets) (06-10)
  Hi there, This is Gorian from Kimpex Canada.We are importing helmets from China. We are now looking for more models to expand product range. It will be appreciated if you could reach out to me for ...
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相关买家: 头盔; helmets;
[CY] [1132595] 塞浦路斯求购生命探测器(AUDIO - VIDEO LIFE DETECTOR RFQ) (06-10)
  Dear Sirs, Hope everything is well with you and to *** the details of our current project requirements about audio-video life detectors, required at present from our civil forces. Hopping for your ...
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相关买家: 生命探测器;
[IN] [1132404] 印度求购灭火系统(Fire Suppression System) (06-08)
  Hello, I have requirement for my client in Middle EAST FM-200™️ Fire Suppression System. Kindly quote your system rates with complete product details , certifications, test reports and de...
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相关买家: 灭火系统; Fire Suppression System;
[MA] [1132276] 摩洛哥求购灭火器(Fire Extinguisher Cylinder) (06-07)
  good day, We are the fire fighting and marine saving company, since 1964 in Casablanca Morocco specialized in import export and service after sells As a result of visiting your website we are looki...
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相关买家: 灭火器; Fire Extinguisher Cylinder;
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