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[DE] [918530] 德国求购口罩(mask) (07-04)
  i will like to buy cartons of moroccanoil shampoo and mask to Germany.
相关买家: 口罩; mask;
[IN] [918264] 印度求购纤维头盔(Fibre Helmets) (06-30)
  Hi, we are the manufactures of Plastic/Fibre Helmets. We urgently need Bluetooth kit for Helmets in large quantity.
相关买家: 纤维头盔; Fibre Helmets;
[PK] [918259] 巴基斯坦求购工具包(Technician Tool Kit) (06-30)
  Quotation About Telecom Technician Tool Kit 1. Spaner Set ---> 8 to 32 2. Screw Driver Set ---> + & - 3. Cable Cutter ---> 1 piece (Small & Big) 4. Tie Cutter ---> 1 piece. 5. Pliers ---> 1 piece...
相关买家: 工具包; Technician Tool Kit;
[IN] [917657] 印度求购反光夹克(reflective jackets) (06-19)
  Buying of reflective jacke4ts/vests reflectie jacket made with microprismatic reflective tape
相关买家: 反光夹克; reflective jackets;
[SA] [917655] 沙特求购安全背心(safety vest) (06-19)
  Quotationfor safety vest ,Please quote your best orice for reflective vest FOB China. Qty 3000 Pcs
相关买家: 安全背心; safety vest;
[KR] [917654] 韩国求购反光背心(Reflective Vest) (06-19)
  Dear Sir. How are you? Re : Reflective Vest We want to buy as below specification products.- Nylon-vynil mesh or polyester mesh material or coat style, - Front and back with 1 3/8" to 2" reflective li...
相关买家: 反光背心; Reflective Vest;
[NL] [917651] 荷兰求购安全背心(Safety Vest) (06-19)
  Safety Vest please offer this in hivis orange 5000 pieces
相关买家: 安全背心; Safety Vest;
[AU] [917585] 澳大利亚求购发光线(EL Wire) (06-17)
  Greenfield Technologies - Australia - Reflective Vests Please forward standard product range & prices. Additionally, I am looking to purchase vests having a plasic cover over the reflective strips...
相关买家: 发光线; EL Wire;
[US] [917584] 美国求购安全背心(SAFETY VEST) (06-17)
  PRICING FOR SAFETY VEST, PROTECTECTION VEST, ROAD SAFETY VEST ,I am interested in your vests. What are your prices for wholesale venders? USA, CALIFORNIA, CARSON 90746
相关买家: 安全背心; SAFETY VEST;
[AU] [917582] 澳大利亚求购反光包(Refelctive backbags) (06-17)
  Reflective Vest Refelctive backbags
相关买家: 反光包; Refelctive backbags;
[CL] [917579] 智利求购工作服(WORK CLOTHES) (06-17)
  We require the following products in 80% Polyester and 20% Cotton: Coverall with reflecting tape M, L, XL, XXL in Blue - Orange - Green - Red Coverall without reflecting tape M, L, XL, XXL in Blue...
相关买家: 工作服; WORK CLOTHES;
[AE] [917578] 阿联酋求购反光带(Relective vest belt) (06-17)
  Need price quote for relective belt qty 100 WE are looking for Relective vest belt qty 100 each
相关买家: 反光带; Relective vest belt;
[KE] [917574] 肯尼亚求购反光背心(reflective vests) (06-17)
  Want to buy work safety items such as safety shoes; Helmets and accessories, reflective vests.
相关买家: 反光背心; reflective vests;
[UK] [917520] 英国求购安全玻璃(Safety Glasses) (06-17)
  Laser Safety Glasses / Goggles suitable for use with Q-Switched ND:YAG lasers. Must be CE certified to EN207
相关买家: 安全玻璃; Safety Glasses;
[SA] [917515] 沙特求购消防设备(Fire Fighting) (06-17)
  I want to be your agent in Saudi Arabia for Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm Equipments. Please give us your best price for all Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm Items like Fire Fighting Items: Sprinkler...
相关买家: 消防设备; Fire Fighting;
[US] [917451] 美国求购玻璃(glass domes) (06-17)
  I need glass domes to sell to my customers to protect their heirloom glass-blown purchases from us. ***** is currently where I get these domes, but need to buy in a larger quantity. I need sizes fr...
相关买家: 玻璃; glass domes;
[US] [917449] 美国求购防护设备(protective equipment) (06-17)
  I want to buy personal protective equipment,We are looking to buying Safety vest, safety glasses, hard hats, gloves,
相关买家: 防护设备; protective equipment;
[BJ] [917359] 贝宁求购头盔(Helmet) (06-13)
  We need safety helmet under supply contract agreement, need serious supplier for the supply contract.
相关买家: 头盔; Helmet;
[CO] [917358] 哥伦比亚求购安全设备(security equipment) (06-13)
  We are looking for suppliers For workplace safety supplies. Please contact me Thanks
相关买家: 安全设备; security equipment;
[GU] [917356] 关岛求购头盔(Helmet) (06-13)
  I am looking to OPEN FSCE OR HALF HELMET purchase this product from a reliable supplier/seller. If you are the one than please send me your quotations along with your contact detail as soon as possibl...
相关买家: 头盔; Helmet;
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