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[IT] [1192072] 意大利求购冲浪板(Wholesale Softboard) (02-23)
  hi there,my name is Cristiano from Italy. i need 10 boards for my surf school, like 8"/9" size. Could you pls tell the cost for 10 boards with my logo on? shipping to Rome (ITALY)
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[TN] [1191909] [有图]突尼斯求购斯诺克及台球桌(billard table 7ft) (02-21)
  Dear this is ANDY the senior buyer from Ozeol International purchasing company. We are supplying 304 stores in the French market. We can buy with large quantities , and we are specialized in purchas...
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相关买家: 斯诺克; 台球桌; billard table;
[FR] [1191288] 法国求购碳纤维自行车车架(about: carbon bicycle FM202) (02-14)
  Hello How much is this frameset? How much to ship to Europe
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相关买家: 自行车车架; carbon bicycle;
[US] [1191248] 美国求购电动多用途自行车(Electric Bike Bicycle) (02-14)
  I am possibly interested in your 750 watt ebike. I am currently selling a 500 watt, and many customers want more power. You can see my website on. Please quote 100 of your bikes with my brand name o...
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相关买家: 电动自行车; Electric Bike Bicycle;
[FR] [1191245] 法国求购虚拟弹球机(Virtual Pinball Machine) (02-14)
  Hello,Do you already work with France? Are your machines in French? I am interested in pinball and dart machines.I am a French retailer of pool tables and table soccerRegards
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相关买家: 弹球机; Virtual Pinball Machine;
[US] [1191238] [有图]美国求购训练设备(Training Equipment) (02-14)
  I would like to purchase 10 pieces. What would be the price per piece. I would also like have them in the color of purple and with my company logo on them. I would like this shipment to be through ...
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相关买家: 训练设备; Training Equipment;
[US] [1191234] [有图]美国求购MMA拳击踢盾(MMA Sparring Kick Shield) (02-14)
  Top quality MMA Sparring Kick Shield - Artificial Leather - Muay Thai Taekwondo Quantity: 15 black + 10 blue + 10 red Custom Logo depending on price What is the MOQ for this product? What is the...
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[US] [1191129] 美国求购便携式网球场(Portable tennis court) (02-13)
  I抦 the coach of an American college tennis team that needs a portable tennis court surface for indoor use load in load out every other day. Please contact me!
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相关买家: 便携式网球场; Portable tennis court;
[AF] [1190933] 阿富汗求购冰球(afganistan icin ilac ihracat) (02-09)
  Afganistan icin ilac ihracat saygilarimle
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相关买家: 冰球;
[US] [1190827] [有图]美国求购健身器材(Hip Thrust Machine) (02-09)
  I am looking for panatta hip thrust machine. I am also looking for other leg machines such as leg press machine, leg extensions machine, leg curl machine, squat racks. I am opening gym in United St...
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相关买家: 健身器材; Hip Thrust Machine;
[CA] [1190709] [有图]加拿大求购高尔夫球(Custom Neoprene golf ball) (02-08)
  Hi, i would like to inquire about ordering 300pc. with a logo on it! with shipping to canada. is this something you can do! and how much would it all cost !
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相关买家: 高尔夫球; golf ball;
[EC] [1190622] [有图]厄瓜多尔求购童车(bicycle for children) (02-07)
  I am looking for a bicycle for children up to 5 years old, that is competitive for racing, with a competition seat or frame, competition rim, a good design and colors, contact to my email Thank you ...
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相关买家: 童车; bicycle for children;
[UK] [1190559] 英国求购健身房护腕(Gym Wrist Wrap) (02-07)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for buy Gym Wrist Wrap at a good consistent quality at a competitive price. Please feel free to email us and we can discuss this further. Thank you.
相关买家: 健身房护腕; Gym Wrist Wrap;
[IN] [1190192] 印度求购卡丁车(gokarting track) (02-01)
  We are looking to set up an gokarting track in hyderabad india found your gokarts kit in *** do reply back on my whats app to discuss the pricing and place an order further.
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相关买家: 卡丁车; gokarting track;
[US] [1190160] 美国求购海豚踏板船(dolphin pedal boat) (02-01)
  Hello my name is. I ordered from you back in July 2020. My company name was SPI Water Rentals in Texas. I sold that company and am opening a new company in Las Vegas Nevada I am looking to order more...
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相关买家: 踏板船; pedal boat;
[IN] [1189809] 印度求购男士真皮凉鞋(Men's Leather Sandals) (01-30)
  Dear Sir, We want to purchase Men's Leather Sandals in big sizes. Please let us know if you can supply. Thank you.
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[IN] [1189706] 印度求购羽毛球(goose shutlecock) (01-29)
  Hi, Am from India. I have requirement of goose shutlecock for my client in the US with speed 77. Will need sample of the goose shuttlecock with its specification. Kindly also share your contact no. an...
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相关买家: 羽毛球; goose shutlecock;
[US] [1189511] 美国求购拳击用品(Muay Thai Kick Pads) (01-19)
  HelloI am a gym owner and have a retail store and creating an online ecommerce store for muay thai and also promote muay thai fights 4 times a year. I also have site that we will eventually add the p...
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相关买家: 拳击用品;
[AU] [1189464] 澳大利亚求购瑜伽球(Rhythmic Gymnastics Ball) (01-18)
  HI, I am interested in ordering 10 balls with custom logo. What is best price including shipping to Perth Western Australia?Competition training ball, i am unsure of the size- they are for babies to b...
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相关买家: 瑜伽球; Gymnastics Ball;
[US] [1189310] [有图]美国求购高尔夫球(Golf Ball) (01-16)
  Hi, I am interested in 2 piece custom urethane soft tournament golf ball. My order would be for 2000 balls. I have *** the logo. Best quote I have so far is for $0.22 per ball to include the logo. ...
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相关买家: 高尔夫球; Golf Ball;
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