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[US] [1168999] [有图]美国求购电动自行车(Supplier of cheap Sur-Ron Light Bee X Dirt Electric Bike For Sal) (06-24)
  Lead Time 3–5 days US$ 1800 / 1 Unit 3 Units Minimum order Would like to Purchase Thank you
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相关买家: 电动自行车;
[IT] [1168938] 意大利求购电动滑板车(electronic scooter) (06-24)
  Hello,We want to resell this product in Italy, did you shipped here yet?If yes, how you can ship-it (options), and costs, and Customs/policy problems known?PaymentsWich kind of customizations do you s...
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相关买家: 电动滑板车; electronic scooter;
[UK] [1168912] 英国求购水瓶(water flask) (06-24)
  Hello, I would like to buy bike Water Bottle 32 44oz Vacuum Flask Stainless Steel Water Bottle samples in different colors and size. How does it work? Also can you tell me if the white bottle can be ...
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相关买家: 水瓶; water flask;
[US] [1168882] [有图]美国求购太阳伞(market umbrella) (06-23)
  I’m looking for custom printed market umbrellas like the ones ***. I am looking for pricing on sizes between 6’ and 10’. I am open to different styles, and they can be with or without a valence. Do...
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相关买家: 太阳伞; market umbrella;
[ZA] [1168804] 南非求购游戏机(lottery gaming machine) (06-23)
  Good dayI am interested to place an order for one lottery gaming machine to be shipped to South Africa. I need the one that has 90 balls and that plays 5 plays per draw. Could you please contact me as...
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相关买家: 游戏机; lottery gaming machine;
[RU] [1168753] 俄罗斯求购皮划艇(kayak) (06-23)
  Здравствуйте, пришлите пожалуйста дополнительные фото и характеристики (длина в метрах, вес, ширина в сантиметрах) по этому каяку? Все отсеки фото крепежей и крышек? Моя почта. Вы можете доставить это...
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相关买家: 皮划艇; kayak;
[US] [1168348] 美国求购网球(tennis ball) (06-20)
  Looking for tennis products MOQ10k can do find me
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相关买家: 网球; tennis ball;
[AU] [1168338] 澳大利亚求购鱼钩(fishing hooks) (06-20)
  helloplease send me catalogue all available hook design thankyou
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相关买家: 鱼钩; fishing hooks;
[CA] [1168320] 加拿大求购冲浪板(Skimboard Fiberglass Skim Board) (06-20)
  Hello,I'm interested in getting skim and surf WAKEBOARDs made.Can you please contact me at my email
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相关买家: 冲浪板; Skim Board;
[US] [1168110] [有图]美国求购防水袋(water resistant pouch) (06-17)
  We're interested in sourcing a lightweight, outdoor, roll-top, water-resistant bag for our customers to carry small electronics in. The benchmarked product we've selected is Highlander's X-Light Sm...
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相关买家: 防水袋; water resistant pouch;
[CA] [1168109] 加拿大求购帐篷(tent) (06-17)
  Dear Sir/Madam My name is Bryan Olson Vice President/General Manager at AGROPUR COOPéRATIVE which Founded in 1938, Agropur is a top 20 global dairy producer with sales of over USD billions. As Nort...
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相关买家: 帐篷; tent;
[AE] [1168004] 阿联酋求购网球拍(padel rackets) (06-17)
  i want to import these padel rackets to UAE, please connect to me at whatsApp of email,
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相关买家: 网球拍; padel rackets;
[SA] [1168000] 沙特求购足球及橄榄球(soccer ball) (06-16)
  Hello dearwhen i need to 40 ball size 5 shipping tp saudi arabiahow much ?if you need to contact me on whatsapp thank you
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相关买家: 足球; 橄榄球; soccer ball;
[VE] [1167918] 委内瑞拉求购游乐园火车(Amusement park train) (06-16)
  Hello good day my name: ana Rodriguezi am interested in this train / diesel for 58 passengers / Red color i would like to know the price / fob /cif ( both )/ destiny :port the guaira Venezuelamy emai
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相关买家: 游乐园火车; Amusement park train;
[ES] [1167811] [有图]西班牙求购球拍(paddle racket overgrip and paddle balls) (06-15)
  We are a trading company of sporting goods located in Europe. We are looking for a long-term cooperative paddle racket factory, it must be a factory, and if you produce paddle balls, overgrip. you...
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相关买家: 球拍; paddle racket overgrip; paddle balls;
[PK] [1167783] [有图]巴基斯坦求购滑冰鞋(ice hockey skating boot) (06-15)
  Good Day, One of our client need ice hockey skating boot in 100 % same quality and 97 % same design like Baeuer skating boots, Please find the *** pdf file with all pictures and specification and our...
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相关买家: 滑冰鞋; ice hockey skating boot;
[TN] [1167758] [有图]突尼斯求购网球(Tennis balls) (06-15)
  Dear this is ANDY the senior buyer from International purchasing company. We are looking for the stock of Tennis balls
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相关买家: 网球; Tennis balls;
[US] [1167673] [有图]美国求购高尔夫球(Golf Ball) (06-15)
  Hi , I'm interested in this products. 300
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相关买家: 高尔夫球; Golf Ball;
[US] [1167632] 美国求购尤克里里(Ukulele) (06-14)
  Hello sir/Ma, I am Lars of Early Bird Venture, Can you write us on our purchasing Email directly With your company's updated catalog for further Business discussions. We are Sales and Trading Tec...
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相关买家: 尤克里里; Ukulele;
[CL] [1167618] 智利求购网球拍(paddle racket) (06-14)
  Howdy, I am from Chile, quisiera know whats the total cost for the purchasing from 2 rackets Paddle. What is shipping cost? How can I add my own logo? Do Permites customization? My intention is import...
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相关买家: 网球拍; paddle racket;
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