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[CL] [1124825] 智利求购车载对讲机FT-1802 YAESU(YAESU FT-1802 RADIO) (04-01)
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相关买家: 车载对讲机;
[US] [1124824] 美国求购飞塔FG-61E防火墙(fortinet 61E) (04-01)
  Hi Sir/Madam, Do you have fortinet 61E price ? we need to bid qty require 22unit Brgds Mark
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相关买家: 防火墙;
[LK] [1124822] 斯里兰卡求购带有预设电台的仅限便携式FM广播(Portable FM only Radio with Pre Set Stations) (04-01)
  Looking for Portable FM only Radio with Pre Set Stations. Total 8 frequencies to be locked permanently. MOQ will be nearly 50,000 Pcs. This is for Sri Lanka FM Network Company. Please send your email ...
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相关买家: FM广播; Portable FM Radio;
[MM] [1124819] 缅甸求购HF SDR收发器套装(HF SDR Transceiver Set Production) (04-01)
  Dear Sir/Madam, I hope you are having a great day. I am Nay Zaw, Procurement of Myanmar Mahar Htun Co., Ltd. We have participated in many Government Tenders and won a lot also. Currently ...
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相关买家: 收发器套装; Transceiver Set;
[IT] [1124409] 意大利求购数据线(car cable) (03-30)
  We need a cable USB Type B-B, one side B male 90, second side panel mount female, as in the image of your *** store. Do you have availability of this component? Plus we need also a cable USB type A-A...
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相关买家: 数据线; car cable;
[IT] [1122903] [有图]意大利求购老年机(mobile phones) (03-18)
  Hello, Need 1000 pcs same as mine, please send quotations and delivery time to 3G Double display Display 2.8 Bluetooth GSM dual sim Sos key: sends sms and automatically calls stored numbers He...
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相关买家: 老年机; mobile phones;
[US] [1122164] [有图]美国求购手机配件(camera holder) (03-15)
  Hi suppliers im Toni Palamara owner of iSpin.We sell iSpin black edition and we are looking for new supplier with a good price! Things to note: -Dropshipping -Our curret price is 23$ per unit with ...
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相关买家: 手机配件; camera holder;
[GE] [1121661] 格鲁吉亚求购光纤电缆(fibre cable) (03-11)
  Hi! I am interested in your product 288 cores, выдуваемые air микрокабели for network access-fiber optic cable/fiber optic cable, I would like to clarify some details: Looking forward to your reply....
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相关买家: 光纤电缆; fibre cable;
[CY] [1121646] 塞浦路斯求购无线电测向仪(Radio direction finder) (03-11)
  Please find below a list of high level requirements which we would like to discuss with you, we can have a follow up call: Compact vehicular DF, 19in rack drawer form-factor (what would be the appro...
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相关买家: 无线电测向仪; Radio direction finder;
[AE] [1121225] 阿联酋求购WT-6000船用中高频无线电(WT-6000 Marine MF/HF Radio) (03-10)
  Dear We need 20 pcs. Kindly send your quote to my email.
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相关买家: 中高频无线电; Marine MF/HF Radio;
[UK] [1121182] 英国求购苹果手机(IPhone) (03-10)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy IPhone 6 Plus 64gb color black. Please provide your products specifications and your prices. Thank you.
相关买家: 苹果手机; IPhone;
[IN] [1121049] 印度求购手机(Iphones) (03-09)
  Dear Sir, We need to buy Iphones with wholesale prices. Hope for a positive response. Thanks.
相关买家: 手机; Iphones;
[US] [1120749] 美国求购手机和手机配件(Cellphones and Cellphone Accessories) (03-06)
  Dear Sir, We want a supplier of Cellphones And Cellphones accessories myorist. We want a list of all your product and if you have the services of courier. Thanks.
相关买家: 手机; 手机配件; Cellphones; Cellphone Accessories;
[HK] [1120122] 香港求购4G手机(4G phones) (03-03)
  Dear Sir , We are buying office based in Hong Kong for UK market we are looking for 4G smartphone supplier based on OEM for our project.. Regards Henry Gill
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相关买家: 4G手机; 4G phones;
[HK] [1120081] [有图]香港求购固定电话线(telephone cord) (03-02)
  采购电话线 數量: 300,000PCS 長度: 2850mm 包裝: 單個放入普遍透明PE袋 + 袋身貼紙 (產品需要紮帶CABLE TIE 及包裝直徑140MM) CABLE 外套印上客戶公司名稱及地址 証書: CE, RoHS, REACH
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相关买家: 固定电话线; telephone cord;
[IN] [1120071] 印度求购手机(redme pro 9) (03-02)
  Hi dear, I'm interested in this product what is the MOQ? Cost for sample order? Can I have a detailed catalogue by email You can contact me:
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相关买家: 手机; redme;
[IN] [1120008] 印度求购4G手机(4G phones) (03-02)
  I am looking for Redmi K20 in 4G phones category. Example of product I need: CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 730, up to 2.2GHz: GPU: Adreno 618 Battery Capacity(mAh): 4000nAh(typ)/3900mAh(min) WLAN: Y...
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相关买家: 4G手机; 4G phones;
[US] [1119101] 美国求购5G长距离无线网桥Litebeam(5G long-distance wireless bridge Litebeam) (02-23)
  Hello, I hope you are doing well, I need 25 Units of this product can you give me your best prices? Also, share your stock location. Thanks
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相关买家: 无线网桥; wireless bridge;
[IN] [1119007] 印度求购手机(Iphones) (02-23)
  We want to buy Original Iphones with boxes. Please contact us as soon as possible.
相关买家: 手机; Iphones;
[US] [1118861] 美国求购环辅助光(ring fill light) (02-22)
  Hello, My anme is sima dan and i'm the owner of funkyrico inc a distributor in the usa. i'm llooking to purchase 5000-10,000 pcs with our custom packaging please contact me asap we've already has ...
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