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[DE] [1155045] 德国求购益智玩具(Hundreds Counting Board Wooden Learning Math toy) (02-15)
  I am looking for hundreds Counting Board Wooden Learning Math toy, Learn to Count, Math Manipulative, 1-100 board
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相关买家: 益智玩具; Learning Math toy;
[RU] [1155013] [有图]俄罗斯求购猫爪的枕头(Cat paw pillow) (02-15)
  Dear Partner, Pls urgently prepare quotation to our request cat paw pillow 500pcs logo backside size of logo 20х5cm Pillow size 45х35х15 cm Also don't forget that for right quotation we need -...
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相关买家: 枕头; pillow;
[AU] [1154898] [有图]澳大利亚求购积木套装(Building Block Set) (02-14)
  Hi, I am interested in procuring a sample of your product (the 3.5cm size). I require either a sticker on each block, or otherwise an engraving (whichever is cheaper). I can email you the specificatio...
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相关买家: 积木套装; Building Block Set;
[SG] [1154693] [有图]新加坡求购仿真模型(Walking Equipment Animatronic Dinosaur Ride Car for Amusement p) (02-11)
  quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces Singapore 1 Piece/Pieces Hi Gavin. Nice to meet you, we are a company interested to buy simulation dinosaur, artificial / simulation plants and artificial / simulati...
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相关买家: 仿真模型;
[IN] [1154579] 印度求购益智玩具(3 in 1 Construction Truck Toys) (02-10)
  Dear SirWe are interested in this toy, please let us know your reply on our below query.- What will be the MOQ?- What will be your best price ?- Please share few pictures of above toy and packaging bo...
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相关买家: 益智玩具; Truck Toys;
[US] [1154343] [有图]美国求购拼图(Easter Creche 3 Layer Puzzle) (02-08)
  Hello,I would like to laser cut the *** files (layers 1,2-3) and have the layers glued together similar to the animal shape shown in this image. I attempted to *** the SVG files but *** didn't accept...
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相关买家: 拼图; Puzzle;
[HK] [1154341] 中国香港求购遥控车(Remote Control Rc Car) (02-08)
  Hi, This is from in Hong Kong. We would like to request a quote for 1 Qty Remote Control Rc Car (Khaki or Blue Both Ok) With Hd Camera (480hd). Please include the expected delivery time and fee ...
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相关买家: 遥控车; Remote Control Rc Car;
[US] [1154283] 美国求购益智玩具(intelligent talking cards toys) (02-08)
  Hello, can i customize with my own language and my own words
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相关买家: 益智玩具; intelligent talking cards toys;
[CA] [1154282] [有图]加拿大求购魔方(Rubiks magic cube) (02-08)
  Rubiks magic cubesize 5.6x5.6x5.6 cm3x3x3 quantity: 300 or 500 piecesartwork, as per client's design market: Europe
the buyer have joined [Quick-Sample]
相关买家: 魔方; Rubiks magic cube;
[ES] [1154233] 西班牙求购玩具(Toy Gun) (02-07)
  Hola Somos una empresa que nos dedicamos a realizar actividades diversas como el paintball, laser tag , Futbol Burbuja, etc.. y alquilamos equipos para realizar las actividades. Estaramos interesado...
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相关买家: 玩具; Toy Gun;
[US] [1154126] [有图]美国求购牙齿压力球(tooth stress balls) (02-07)
  HELLO , I'm interested in ordering tooth stress balls. I need at least 800 of them with the logo on the account. Here is the LOGO to the business . The address on the logo needs to be on the tooth as ...
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相关买家: 牙齿压力球; tooth stress balls;
[ES] [1153712] 西班牙求购积木套装(Mini Building Block Toys) (01-25)
  Hi Susi, I am the director of a collectible company in Europe.We want to increase our range of collectibles and we found you companyIs possible to get you direct contact? Could you send me...
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相关买家: 积木套装; Mini Building Block Toys;
[DE] [1153596] 德国求购彩弹球(0,68 kaliber Paintball entspricht GI 5-STAR Paintball) (01-24)
  Hello we need paintballs for pest controlwe need a paintball with oil at mixture of fungi. Can you make it for us?pls send me an e-mail at tree service. for testing we need 50.000 balls/pices.Greeting...
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相关买家: 彩弹球; Paintball;
[FR] [1153583] [有图]法国求购飞镖(dart game) (01-22)
  Dear We are supplying 304 stores in the French market. We can buy with large quantities , and we are specialized in purchasing STOCK items, If you have any products . Please contact me I am availab...
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相关买家: 飞镖; dart game;
[CZ] [1153429] 捷克求购弹跳球(Bouncing ball) (01-21)
  Dear Mr and Mrs, for my client am looking for : Bouncing ball - small diameter around 2-3cm - offer me standard you side 5000pcs 10 000pcs My own printed design inside in ball Give me offer - s...
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相关买家: 弹跳球; Bouncing ball;
[CA] [1153360] [有图]加拿大求购定制沙滩球(Customized Beach Ball) (01-20)
  I am looking for a customized beach ball (2 logos ***) - blue and white 10" - 15" in diameter. We need 500 - 1000 and require them in Canada by April 1, 2022. I need a price that incudes product, ship...
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相关买家: 沙滩球; Customized Beach Ball;
[MY] [1153353] [有图]马来西亚求购透明玻璃底船(clear boat transparent and glass bottom boat) (01-20) halim can i get quotation for big clear boat transparent and glass bottom boat to load 10-15 passengers can email me
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相关买家: 透明玻璃底船; clear boat; glass bottom boat;
[HK] [1153306] 中国香港求购潜水游泳玩具(Summer kids catch dolphins game light) (01-20)
  Dear,How are you? I'm sending a mail to your company yesterday for the enquiry of this item "Summer kids catch dolphins game light". I'm wondering if mail is received. Kindly check and advise if th...
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相关买家: 潜水游泳玩具;
[HK] [1153302] [有图]香港求购沐浴玩具动物(Summer kids catch dolphins game light up dive swimming toy) (01-20)
  quantity: 10000 Piece/Pieces Hong Kong S.A.R. 10000 Piece/Pieces Dear Amy,How are you? I'm sending a mail to your company's ****combuy **** yesterday for the enquiry of this i...
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相关买家: 沐浴玩具动物; swimming toy;
[QA] [1153244] [有图]卡塔尔求购玩具饰品(pop bubble fidget sensory toy stress relief ball fidget toys set) (01-19)
  RAYBIN Christmas 3D advent calendar popit new push for kids quantity: 150 Piece/Pieces Qatar Muhammadjon Gafurov 150 Piece/Pieces Hello, my name is Mukhammadjon Gafurov and I am the Own...
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