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[TN] [1159570] 突尼斯求购足球(soccer ball) (03-25)
  im Walter from Ozeol company , we supply 314 stores in France , our business is to buy products in STOCK , if you have any available items pls contact me , may Name Card *** stock soccer ball, ...
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相关买家: 足球; soccer ball;
[KG] [1159513] 吉尔吉斯斯坦求购硅胶减压玩具(Silicone Anxiety Relief Stress Reliever Squidopops Fidget Toy Se) (03-24)
  Здравствуйте, мне ваш товар очень понравился, но мне не нравится цена доставки я бы хотел чтобы вы не на самолете отправили, а на траках мой WhatsUp ------ Закажу большое количество )
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相关买家: 硅胶玩具;
[RU] [1159501] 俄罗斯求购木玩具(wooden toy) (03-24)
  Hi my name is Alina from Clever House copmany We are looking for a suppler of a coloring wooden toy at the ***ment we would like to order a similar product in a qty of 400000 pcs best regards! ...
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相关买家: 木玩具; wooden toy;
[US] [1159077] 美国求购玩具水弹(Gel Blast Gun Blaster Electric) (03-21)
  Hello, my name is Ryan and I am interested in the AKM-47 Water Gel Bead Blaster and also the M1911 Water Gel Bead Blaster. I have a couple of questions about the two. I would like to know how many dif...
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[US] [1159006] [有图]美国求购电动遥控飞机模型(electric rc aircraft model EDF jet) (03-21)
  What is your best price for YF-23 Black Widow II 12CH large EPO foam electric rc aircraft model EDF jet? Hello, I want to buy YF-23 Black Widow II 12CH large EPO foam electric rc aircraft model ED...
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相关买家: 飞机模型;
[IL] [1158989] 以色列求购玻璃弹珠(set OEM glass marbles) (03-21)
  we wish to place an order for our own designs of glass marbles
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相关买家: 玻璃弹珠; glass marbles;
[IN] [1158936] 印度求购气球(party balloons) (03-20)
  hi we are looking for party balloonskindly wats app us
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相关买家: 气球; party balloons;
[US] [1158843] 美国求购***电动水弹(gel ball blasters) (03-18)
  Hey my name is Jose, I am looking to purchase about 10 gel ball blasters and possibly more in the near future. You can reach me by my email i am available by email and text at any time and by call an...
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相关买家: 玩具枪; gel ball blasters;
[US] [1158496] [有图]美国求购毛绒玩具(Stuffed Animal Plush Black Teddy Bear) (03-16)
  I need 1000 units with a 3 color print logo on shirt. Logo is ***. I need them in shipped to Syracuse, New York, by March 17. Is this possible?
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相关买家: 毛绒玩具;
[AU] [1158409] 澳大利亚求购毛绒玩具动物(stuffed teddy bear) (03-15)
  Hello, My name is Naeem and I came across your company on *** and wanted to place an order for the stuffed teddy bear to sell on Amazon. Could you please provide me with a feedback for the following q...
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相关买家: 毛绒玩具动物; stuffed teddy bear;
[CL] [1158295] 智利求购发光足球(Light Up Football For Kids Training) (03-14)
  Hello, My name is Cardeu Pardo, from the store in Chile ("Simportas spa" for PI).I would like a quote for 20 Luminous ball size 5, to test them.If possible cost DDP (DHL) and cost by ship from your ...
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相关买家: 足球; Light Up Football;
[MX] [1158276] 墨西哥求购厨房玩具(play game ice cream dessert cake party toy) (03-14)
  Hi!I would like to contact you for this product and further quotations.Could you please send an email to . We are toy developers and we are very interested in your products.Hope to hear from you soon.
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相关买家: 厨房玩具; play game; party toy;
[IT] [1157965] 意大利求购益智玩具(micado stick) (03-10)
  Dear Krystal,I'm sonia from Benjamins srl.I would to know if you have some micado stick (game), in different material, actually we need something in brass or plated brass.Can you support us ?Thank you...
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相关买家: 益智玩具; micado stick;
[US] [1157838] 美国求购玩具球(PU Foam Stress Ball) (03-09)
  Hi, Im interested in your product and would like to know if you have samples available for purchase. I have a self care gift box company and would like to receive information on pricing and process to...
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相关买家: 玩具球; PU Foam Stress Ball;
[IN] [1157467] 印度求购宠物用品(Pet Products) (03-07)
  Hi ,Vinay here from , We are one of the largest pet supplies online store in India.I would like to get in touch with you to explore importing our own product range to India.I like your product collect...
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相关买家: 宠物用品; Pet Products;
[MX] [1157440] [有图]墨西哥求购儿童三轮车(montable car for kids / tricycle) (03-04)
  Hi I'm a big mexican retail company buyer, we're looking for a reliable supplier for montable car for kids / tricycle (non motorised) , for kids between 1-4 years. 1*20PG contaniner. Please send qu...
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相关买家: 儿童三轮车; montable car;
[US] [1157436] 美国求购树脂玩具(custom resin figure) (03-04)
  Hello I am interested in getting some figures made. They need to be 5cm tall and scaled. Please reach out to me by email. Talk with you soon.
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相关买家: 树脂玩具; custom resin figure;
[US] [1157275] 美国求购磁性钓鱼玩具(magnetic fishing toy) (03-03)
  Hello My name is Matej Pavlič and I'm a part of a medium sized business here in Slovenia primarily doing business in importing and reselling products to large shopping chains. I'm looking for ...
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相关买家: 磁性钓鱼玩具; magnetic fishing toy;
[AU] [1157219] [有图]澳大利亚求购聚氨酯球(Polyurethane balls) (03-03)
  Hi, Do you also manufacture 22mm, 1.9g Polyurethane balls? used for Nerf Rival toy guns?Thank you
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相关买家: 聚氨酯球; Polyurethane balls;
[GE] [1157147] [有图]格鲁吉亚求购玩具球(Rubber Material High Bounce Balls Bouncing Balls Bouncy) (03-02)
  Via 27mm 32mm 35mm 38mm 45mm 49mm 60mm Balls quantity: 10000 Piece/Pieces Georgia 10000 Piece/Pieces hey. contact me on
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相关买家: 玩具球;
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