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[TN] [1141849] [有图]突尼斯求购木制拼图(wooden puzzles) (09-25)
  Greetings , this is kirk from ,we are a multi-national purchasing company we supply over 315 stores all over France. Im in charge of toy products and im looking for wooden educational puzzles like t...
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相关买家: 木制拼图; wooden puzzles;
[US] [1141766] 美国求购挤压玩具(Poppet Fun Push Bubble Sensory Toys) (09-24)
  Hey there. Do you make custom designs for the pops? I work at, and we'd like to maybe make a few hundred with our logo, or one of the characters. Let me know.
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相关买家: 挤压玩具; Sensory Toys;
[BD] [1141760] 孟加拉求购玩具,纺织品,五金(toys, textile leather, hardware items) (09-18)
  Hello dear, I am SAGAR Hussain from Bangladesh. Am a wholesaler & retailer here all kind of bearings,specially ball, roller, clutch, hub and many others. We also this year focus on many kinds of ...
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相关买家: 玩具; 纺织品; 五金;
[RU] [1141693] 俄罗斯求购儿童摩托车(motorcycle) (09-24)
  Good day dear Alan. My name Konstantin Linkov, i am CEO LLC RUFF, from Russia. We need 3 samples of you motorcycle, to according documents for our goverment, after we can buy aroun 20-22 pcs. Please s...
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相关买家: 儿童摩托车; motorcycle;
[FR] [1141691] 法国求购光剑(lightsaber) (09-24)
  Dear Im looking for this type of lightsaber. I am a supplier in France (TELUMEN) and I need information :Could you tell me which supplier for electronics are you using ? I am looking for Yanking fac...
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相关买家: 光剑; lightsaber;
[US] [1141627] [有图]美国求购泳池漂浮物(pool floats) (09-23)
  Hi, I am interested in buying pool floats from you.Specifically ones like ***.I am also interested in printing custom prints on a circular tube, see ***ment "Custom Circular Float.png"I am also intere...
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相关买家: 泳池玩具; pool floats;
[SA] [1141305] 沙特求购猫爬架(cat tree) (09-18)
  Hi, I’m interested in your product Modern Large Cat Tree With Hammock, I would like to know difference between medium, large and xl Regards,
相关买家: 猫爬架; cat tree;
[SA] [1141233] [有图]沙特求购积木玩具(building block toy) (09-18)
  In need of 1000 sets of building block toy , if available kindly send email to
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相关买家: 积木玩具; building block toy;
[SE] [1141232] 瑞典求购玩具(Toys) (09-18)
  Hello, I am Adam Nilsson, i work for , we want to buy a 40ft container of Toys. Your products seem to be of high standards and we will be happy to be in business. Please contact me directly to go fu...
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相关买家: 玩具; Toys;
[IN] [1141186] 印度求购气球(Balloon) (09-17)
  like to buy one set. I m in india. can u ship it. how much it cost + shipping ? pls share.thanks
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相关买家: 气球; Balloon;
[US] [1141170] [有图]美国求购树脂玩具(replica lightsaber hilt in resin) (09-17)
  Hello,I would like to commission your company to produce 100 copies of this replica lightsaber hilt in resin. Please send me an e-mail at so that I can send you the CAD file and further specifications...
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相关买家: 树脂玩具;
[MY] [1141115] 马来西亚求购木制玩具(Wooden toys) (09-17)
  Dear , Please advise for the best quote for wooden toys, For more info, please contact me at as I'm looking for a supplier for wooden toys. Do advise me of a good option for shipping to Malaysia as we...
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相关买家: 木制玩具; Wooden toys;
[ES] [1141047] 西班牙求购木制拼图(wooden puzzle pieces) (09-16)
  Dears good day; I'm Montse Trench from Cexpa, in Barcelona (Spain). We are a marketing company and we are looking for to do a promotion with a pieces of wood full print: - Size of each piece: 5 x 5 ...
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相关买家: 木制拼图; wooden puzzle pieces;
[US] [1140895] [有图]美国求购玩具头盔(toy football helmet) (09-15)
  Could you make toy football helmet to fit on wine and liquor bottle? Belaire Cork Diameter = 30.27 mm and Lip Diameter= 28.60 mm. Please contact me ASAP! I need a good price!
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相关买家: 玩具头盔; toy football helmet;
[UK] [1140850] [有图]英国求购超级英雄气球派对套装(Superhero Balloons party packages) (09-15)
  My name, head buyer at 27 Direct. We are very interested in your Superhero Balloons party packages1. What types of packaging do you normally use for this product.2. What is the cost of this product f...
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相关买家: 气球; Balloons;
[ES] [1140803] [有图]西班牙求购玩具(Dancing cactus that sings and repeats the words) (09-14)
  Dear Friend. My name is from and I am looking for a supplier for the dancing cactus and repeating the words (charged with AA batteries and USB batteries). I have some questions for you before we can...
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相关买家: 玩具;
[US] [1140751] [有图]美国求购气球(balloons) (09-14)
  I am looking to create new balloons with metallic value! I have *** designs. What is the pricing for 2500, 5000, and 10000? FOB or EXW?
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相关买家: 气球; balloons;
[MA] [1140671] 摩洛哥求购棋盘玩具(Checkerboard Antistress Bubbl) (09-13)
  Hello, my name is and I am the owner/ purchasing manager for WITH GIFT . I am interested in this particular product you are supplying and want to learn more about manufacturing this product for my bus...
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相关买家: 棋盘玩具; Checkerboard Antistress Bubbl;
[HK] [1140585] 中国香港求购毛绒玩具动物(Stuffed Animal) (09-11)
  hi...Maggie,This is shirley for Swisstribe Limited. We will order 200-500pcs . can you send me the package size? have outer box ?including Battery ?Would you mind send the catalogue to us? Thank you...
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相关买家: 毛绒玩具; Stuffed Animal;
[SK] [1140348] [有图]斯洛伐克求购活动人偶(Customized toy) (09-08)
  quantity: 150000 Piece/Pieces Slovakia 150000 Piece/Pieces Hello,as we are looking for a manufacturer of plush toys for the market of Central and Eastern Europe, I am contacting you in order t...
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相关买家: 活动人偶; Customized toy;
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