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[VN] [1183659] [有图]越南求购玩具(Cuttlebone/ Cuttlefish bone with metal hook for birds and reptil) (11-10)
  DRIED CUTTLEFISH BONE • Size: 3cm-10cm, 10cm -15cm and 15cm up • Type: + Trimmed and bleached + Untrimmed and unbleached + Whole, broken, crushed, powder … • ...
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[UK] [1183649] 英国求购益智玩具(educational baby DIY busy board) (11-09)
  Hello, Would you let me know if this pr...
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相关买家: 益智玩具;
[AU] [1183640] 澳大利亚求购充气玩具(inflatable money grab booth) (11-09)
  Hello, We are looking to order 2 money grab booths (one in white and one in navy blue) Is it possible to produce a slightly smaller booth? (2.6 x 1.6 x 1.6m)?Where do you recommend putting company log...
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相关买家: 充气玩具;
[AE] [1183522] 阿联酋求购宠物玩具(dog toy) (11-08)
  Hi,Hope you are well. I like your product and would like to purchase some sample pieces. My phone number is and my name is nasser. Please, can you send me a video of the product maybe playing with a d...
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相关买家: 宠物玩具; dog toy;
[US] [1183500] 美国求购玩具球(Playground Ball) (11-08)
  Hi I am looking to custom print 500pcscan you please contact me via email asap as this is a time limited item.
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相关买家: 玩具球; Playground Ball;
[PL] [1183487] [有图]波兰求购玩具飞机(toy plane model) (11-08)
  We need DIY Foam Airplane Glider Flying Plane Model Toy for Kids,1000pcs,what is the moq?what is the price with customized logo?
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相关买家: 玩具飞机; toy plane model;
[CO] [1183472] 哥伦比亚求购***配件(toy gun parts) (11-08)
  I am contacting you because I am interested in knowing the price per unit of the Glock airsoft selectors. And I wonder if they ship to Colombia?
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相关买家: 玩具枪; toy gun;
[BG] [1183465] [有图]保加利亚求购玩具射击架(Airsoft Gun Hunting Mount with Wrench) (11-08)
  I need a sample of this product, looking forward to your reply as soon as possible.
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[SE] [1183349] 瑞典求购玩具(toys for kids) (11-07)
  Hello. We are located in Sweden. We are interested in purchasing toys for kids with affordable price. Please, send us the total list of your products with their photos and prices and all other conditi...
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相关买家: 玩具; toys for kids;
[IL] [1183011] [有图]以色列求购玩具球(Car Shaped Stress Ball) (11-03)
  Hello, Please could you provide me with a quote for 500 car units with color logo, to be shipped to Israel.Please also include shipping price and estimated delivery time.
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相关买家: 玩具球; Car Shaped Stress Ball;
[US] [1182894] [有图]美国求购压铸交通工具玩具(Car model Collection Pickup Truck) (11-02)
  please quote us on different quantities with price breaks. 200 trucks minimum. our company logo which we can provide upon approval. We may be interested in different colors that you may have (Red, Blu...
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相关买家: 玩具; Pickup Truck;
[CA] [1182581] [有图]加拿大求购运动帽(baseball cap hat for men women) (10-31)
  What is the best price you can offer for the sample order? What is the shipping cost and time to Canada, Toronto? Do you support customization? Do you offer more products?Can I have picture with model...
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相关买家: 运动帽; baseball cap hat;
[MX] [1182520] [有图]墨西哥求购活动人偶(Cartoon Toy) (10-31)
  Hi we are a very big importer in Mexico in different companies we import an averaqge of 68 containers per month. Now we are receiving the Disne license for funko toys we will order just to start 100,0...
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相关买家: 活动人偶; Cartoon Toy;
[RU] [1182335] [有图]俄罗斯求购遥控直升机配件(spare parts) (10-28)
  Hi , I'm interested in wholesale purchase of spare parts, can you see the list of equipment? In the ***ment
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相关买家: 遥控直升机; spare parts;
[NL] [1182331] 荷兰求购玩具球(red chilli stress balls) (10-27)
  Hi Eva, Hope you are doing well! I am interested in ordering a batch of your red chilli stress balls. We would like to have it printed with the following: You're a winner! Come to Hall 11.1 Stan...
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相关买家: 玩具球; red chilli stress balls;
[AU] [1182254] [有图]澳大利亚求购玩具(Push Popping Bubbles Fidget Sensory Toys Fidget) (10-27)
  Can you give me a quote of 1000 of these pop fidget toys with custom logos on it shipped to Brisbane australia
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相关买家: 玩具;
[US] [1182117] [有图]美国求购玩具球(Dark Glowing Luminous LED Basketball) (10-26)
  We are interested these balls. Can you tell me if we could get them in certain colors and get our company logo on them? Difference in cost between one color logo or multi color logo? and an estimate o...
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相关买家: 玩具球;
[AE] [1182081] 阿联酋求购教育机器人(Education toy educational diy robot car) (10-26)
  Hello, I am interested in purchasing 750 units of this product. I am looking for a reliable partner to ship these door to door to Dubai UAE with all the relevant certification FCC CE and ROHS. What is...
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相关买家: 教育机器人; Education toy; educational robot; robot car;
[US] [1181701] 美国求购宠物交互运动类玩具(dog toys ) (10-21)
  I am selling only dog toys on my website. I want to see your product catalog with prices. Do you offer free samples? What is the best price you can offer?
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相关买家: 宠物玩具; dog toys;
[CH] [1181698] 瑞士求购遥控玩具(RC tank) (10-21)
  hello can you send e mail to us we are interested in remote controlled thanks in 1/16 and with all functions.
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相关买家: 遥控玩具; RC tank;
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