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[ZW] [1168665] [有图]津巴布韦求购卡车模型玩具(plastic truck model toy) (06-22)
  Good day I hope this email finds you well, We have partnered with a new cereal manufacturer and they would like to insert toys in the cereal boxes for the kids May you please email us with th...
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相关买家: 卡车模型玩具; plastic truck model toy;
[CA] [1168626] 加拿大求购飞盘(20cm Plastic Flying Disc) (06-22)
  Hi There we are looking to order 4,000 flying disc. Please need a quote one colour print front in white. blue flyinh disc
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相关买家: 飞盘; Plastic Flying Disc;
[UK] [1168604] 英国求购活动人偶(3D Pvc Vinyl Toy Figure) (06-22)
  Hi, We are looking to produce a range of high-quality vinyl characters with you if possible. Please can you let me know the best contact email so we can check pricing. I have drawings and designs, etc...
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相关买家: 活动人偶; Toy Figure;
[US] [1168565] 美国求购玩具球(water ball) (06-21)
  Hello, I was inquiring on how we could do quick and efficient business together. I recently started an ecommerce store and really love the product you are providing. With the research I have gathered...
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相关买家: 玩具球; water ball;
[CA] [1168387] 加拿大求购玩具(push pop bubbles fidget sensory toy) (06-20)
  Factory New High Quality Push Pop Bubble Squeeze Sensory Fidget Toys for Kids Toys Autism Educational Silicone Push Bubble Toys
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相关买家: 玩具; push toy; sensory toy;
[US] [1168328] 美国求购荧光棒(glow sticks bracelets toys) (06-20)
  interested in 100,000 units bracelets..... please email at
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相关买家: 荧光棒; glow sticks; bracelets toys;
[CA] [1168264] 加拿大求购沐浴玩具动物(Baby Bath Toys duck) (06-20)
  Hi there, we would like to order 1000 of these 4.5cm rubber ducks, shipping to Canada. Can you put our logo on bottom?Please email pricing and info to
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相关买家: 沐浴玩具动物; Baby Bath Toys duck;
[HK] [1168071] 中国香港求购玩具用直流马达(Miniature DC Motor for Toy) (06-17)
  - Rate voltage: 3.7V (DC) - Use of voltage range: 2.4 ~ 4.2V (DC) - Rotation direction: counter clockwise (CCW) - Rated current: 55mA (max) - Rated speed: 60000 ±2500rpm - Stall current: ...
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相关买家: 直流马达; Miniature DC Motor;
[UK] [1167945] 英国求购毛绒玩具动物(Boba Plush) (06-16)
  Hi i would like to buy this item but i need our company tag sewed into the poduct. The labe with be CE and washing information.
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相关买家: 毛绒玩具动物; Boba Plush;
[ES] [1167806] 西班牙求购瑜伽球(Yoga Balance Ball) (06-15)
  Hello, the name of my company is Place Market, we want to know if it is possible to add a elastic bands to each pack of 65 cm yoga ball.
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相关买家: 瑜伽球; Yoga Balance Ball;
[US] [1167736] [有图]美国求购篮球(High Quality Basketball) (06-15)
  Hi Richard,Hi My name isOur company is . Logo is.Our basketball club is ny titans athleticsI am interested in high end basketball quality basketballsimilar to Wil son EvolutnSame weight and leather fe...
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相关买家: 篮球; Basketball;
[CA] [1167735] [有图]加拿大求购泡泡玩具(Bubble Bottles) (06-15)
  Hello, I am looking to get some promotional bubbles made with my business logo on the bottle. Is this something you can provide me a quote for? Please only respond via ***. Thank you!
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相关买家: 泡泡玩具; Bubble Bottles;
[KR] [1167221] [有图]韩国求购玩具球(Beach ball) (06-10)
  Dear Sir. One of my customer now finding *** Beach ball reliable supplier. Item: Beach ball Quantity: 12,000pcs Size: 70*200mm Packing: OPP Print: Print as picture If you are real manufacture, ...
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相关买家: 玩具球; Beach ball;
[AU] [1166965] [有图]澳大利亚求购毛绒玩具动物(Kangaroo soft plush toys) (06-08)
  Hey, I'm looking to be quoted for 1000pcs of 30cm high Kangaroo soft plush toys. *** are references of the plush toys and our logo with a mock-up of our idea. We are looking to put a shirt on the m...
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相关买家: 毛绒玩具动物; soft plush toys;
[DE] [1166923] [有图]德国求购玩具球(Wasserball inflatable beach ball pvc) (06-08)
  Hey, i am interested in 500 Beachballs/wasserbälle in color black white with 2 printing on it?
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相关买家: 玩具球; Wasserball; inflatable ball; beach ball;
[AR] [1166920] 阿根廷求购毛绒玩具动物(cactus toy usb) (06-08)
  DearI am Maximiliano from Argentina, our company sales products from all the world in our country, Can you confirm the price of this product and send me more specifications to ?Also, can you send me ...
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相关买家: 毛绒玩具动物; cactus toy usb;
[IR] [1166775] 伊朗求购玩具水枪(summer beach play water gun toys for kids) (06-07)
  Hello Dear Kelly,I am a product manager in Iran and my company has decided to import some toys including water guns with price under US$1.5. the quantity of our order would be high (more then 10000 pc...
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相关买家: 玩具水枪; water gun toys;
[AE] [1166610] [有图]阿联酋求购玩具(toy) (06-06)
  i'm looking for 1000 pcs lion shape stuffed toy. approx 15 cm with tshirt or hoody to print logo on it. do you have it ready in stock to be shipped thank you Maher
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相关买家: 玩具; toy;
[US] [1166440] 美国求购毛绒玩具设计(Prototype and Pricing) (06-01)
  Hi, I'm looking to develop a plush prototype for a design that I have. Can you tell me how much that would cost? Best, Jessica
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相关买家: 毛绒玩具;
[KR] [1166413] [有图]韩国求购高尔夫球(Golf ball) (06-01)
  Dear Sir. One of my customer now finding *** Golf ball reliable supplier. Item: Golf ball Quantity: 1 - 1,000set (30,000ea) 2 - 1,500set (45,000ea) 3 - 2,000set (60,000ea) 10 designs x 3 pcs each ...
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相关买家: 高尔夫球; Golf ball;
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