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[AE] [1179385] 阿联酋求购交通信号灯(LED Barricade Light) (09-27)
  Hi I am buying S1359B regularly.We are looking for a supplier who can offer us a good price Please offer your best price along with specifications along with your catalogue
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相关买家: 交通信号灯; LED Barricade Light;
[PH] [1179194] 菲律宾求购公共汽车(Buses) (09-26)
  Dear Sir, We would like to inquire and request a quotation for Buses which is not exceeding 10000 cc. Please contact us if available. Thank you.
相关买家: 公共汽车; Buses;
[FR] [1179069] 法国求购专业冷藏拖车(Professionnel remorque frigorifique) (09-24)
  Thanks tell me if one can order this trailer refrigerated cold positive 0 a + 8 degree angle! Inner size about 3500x1700 x high 1900mm + side door side right tracksets!
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相关买家: 冷藏拖车; remorque frigorifique;
[GQ] [1179034] [有图]赤道几内亚求购集装箱(Full Container) (09-23)
  Dear,I am interested to Fcl Full Container Load China to SAN SALVADOR GUATEMALA CITY COLON FREE ZONE Shipping FCL appreciate if you may please share the product details you are offering.Waiting for yo...
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相关买家: 集装箱; Full Container;
[TH] [1178307] 泰国求购浮标(Buoys) (09-19)
  Request for Buoys,Coastal buoys, lateral marks, cardinal mark, safe water marks.1000pcs.what is the FOB price?
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相关买家: 浮标; Buoys;
[IN] [1177821] 印度求购救生筏(Free fall lifeboat manual opertaions instruction) (09-14)
  My vessel had delivered on Aug 2020 from Shanghai ship yard. We have onboard free fall life boat. But we don't have english version manaul operations, we require manual operations inst...
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相关买家: 救生筏; lifeboat;
[RU] [1176460] 俄罗斯求购系泊尾翼(mooring tails) (09-01)
  Dear Sirs, Please give Your offer for mooring tails. Please find the files ***. DATA OF MOORING TAIL - 16 pcs PRESENT TAILS MANUFACTURE: TIMM AS TYPE: 8-STRAND MOORING TAILS DIAM: 64MM FINIS...
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相关买家: 系泊尾翼; mooring tails;
[NL] [1176459] 荷兰求购船用排水塞(marine drain bung plugs.) (09-01)
  Hi there I am looking for a reliable ongoing supplier of marine drain bung plugs. We import large volumes of product already into New Zealand, and hope you may be able to assist us. If you can plea...
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相关买家: 船用排水塞; marine drain bung plugs;
[US] [1176429] 美国求购40英尺2轴集装箱底盘(dual axle chassis) (09-01)
  we are looking to buy 40ft dual axle chassis
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相关买家: 集装箱底盘; dual axle chassis;
[ID] [1176422] 印尼求购疏浚船舶(used 3 in 1 dredger vessel) (09-01)
  Dear marketing Our client enquiring 3 units used 3 in 1 dredger vessel capacity 3000-5000 m3 for rent/sell. Please provide rental price per month and detail spesification accordingly Working area in
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[BR] [1176421] 巴西求购飞机空气起动装置(Aircraft air starter unit) (09-01)
  Nquiry about Aircraft air starter unit Please send me the updated price and MOQ? Please send me detail product specification, thank you!Aircraft air starter unit Aircraft air starter unit
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[NL] [1176378] 荷兰求购救生艇(open lifeboatno equipment) (08-31)
  i want an open lifeboatno equipment - only rudder and propellor and propellor shaft - I want to install an electric enginelenght 10 meters or 14 - a good occasion is okay too - delivered to amsterdam ...
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相关买家: 救生艇; open lifeboatno equipment;
[MN] [1175982] 蒙古求购物流服务(about: Mongolia transportation service) (08-29)
  EXW: China to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 40' Diaper 20' wet tissue Address: No.222 chanxing road, jinjiang city, quanzhoua city, fujian province
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相关买家: 物流服务;
[US] [1175683] 美国求购集装箱(20' Half Height Open top Container) (08-25)
  Hello, we have need for 150 units of a custom half-height container. I would like to send further detail to you. Please email me at if you think that you can assist us with this.
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相关买家: 集装箱; Container;
[US] [1174923] 美国求购船用拖车(multi sport trailers) (08-17)
  Hello!I am interested in 250 trailers 12' multi sport trailers. How many can fit on a container? Is it possible to buy a sample?What is the cost for an order of 250?Thank you!
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相关买家: 船用拖车; multi sport trailers;
[CA] [1174050] 加拿大求购海运集装箱轮(Shipping Sea Container Wheels) (08-09)
  Looking for a set of 4 delivered to toronto canada - please forward cost and shipping cost to - thank you
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相关买家: 海运集装箱; Shipping Sea Container;
[ES] [1173882] 西班牙求购浮动气动橡胶护舷保护(Floating Pneumatic Rubber Fender Protection) (08-08)
  Dear seller can i please get the best competitive Price for the above Aviation Accessories, Kindly send me your best quote to my personal mailbox. Awaiting for your prompt response.Best Regards
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相关买家: 橡胶护舷; Rubber Fender;
[TN] [1173165] 突尼斯求购AGO浮动船(AGO floating vessel) (08-01)
  Hassene Letaief 》We want to purchase AGO floating vessel (50000MT)to west africa》 Only serious sellers ~Pls read well before contact me
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相关买家: 浮动船; floating vessel;
[AU] [1172425] 澳大利亚求购电动三轮车(Electric TukTuk) (07-26)
  Hi there,I am the owner of .I would like a shipping quote on the following model (quote for one unit only):2021 Best Seller in USA Electric TukTuk 650W Motor Power electric tricycles V2
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相关买家: 电动三轮车; Electric TukTuk;
[AE] [1172360] 阿联酋求购巴士(bus) (07-26)
  We are looking for manufacturers of City bus From china. Bus Length: 12,13,16,18 m Big deal about 1000 buses CIF JEBEL ALI DUBAI Send the details and catalogs of the bus
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相关买家: 巴士; bus;
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