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[TZ] [1163084] 坦桑尼亚求购农产品(Agricultural Commodities) (04-27)
  Dear Sir, We wish to know if you have Maize. Qty : 12,500 MT/Month. Please let us know for any details. Thanks.
相关买家: 农产品; Agricultural Commodities;
[IN] [1163082] 印度求购苹果(Apple) (04-27)
  Dear Sir, We need to buy all Apple, Dyson, PS5 & Nintendo, Microsoft, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus & Msi Products & Parts. Please let us know your product list & price list. Thank you.
相关买家: 苹果; Apple;
[US] [1162985] 美国求购小麦(wheat) (04-27)
  we want to get in contact with an American based supplier fir different grains with large volumes.
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相关买家: 小麦; wheat;
[RU] [1162978] 俄罗斯求购收割机(about: 4L-0.5B Mini type harvester) (04-26)
  Hello! We want to purchase 4L-0.5B Mini type harvester Please advise its cost. Can we buy it on taobao?
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相关买家: 收割机; harvester;
[IN] [1162964] 印度求购印楝皮(Neem Bark) (04-26)
  Dear Sir, We require Neem Bark or Neem Twig Chip or powder as raw material for toothpaste manufacturing urgently. Please do respond. Thank you.
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相关买家: 印楝皮; Neem Bark;
[IR] [1162962] 伊朗求购鹰嘴豆(Chickpeas) (04-26)
  Dear Sir, We request you to give us price of Kabuli Chickpeas. Size : 42-44 mm Packing : 25 kg Please share your prices with delivery time FOB and CIF umqaser port, Basra. Kind Regards.
相关买家: 鹰嘴豆; Chickpeas;
[KE] [1162961] 肯尼亚求购阿拉伯树胶(Gum Arabic) (04-26)
  Dear Sir, We are interested in a long term business for Gum Arabic but in Powder. Kindly please get in touch. We would purchase 700 - 1000 kgs a month. Please contact us as soon as possible. ...
相关买家: 阿拉伯树胶; Gum Arabic;
[JO] [1162958] 约旦求购向日葵油(Sunflower Oils) (04-26)
  Dear Sir, We require Sunflower Oils as follows : 1. 30 20 foot containers 2. 30 40 foot containers Delivery to Europe Packing bottles 1,2,3,5 liters Please send us your best quotes & offers....
相关买家: 向日葵油; Sunflower Oils;
[IN] [1162949] 印度求购腰果(Cashew Nuts) (04-26)
  Dear Sir, would like to receive quotations for Raw Cashew Nuts with Shell Out Turn. ( Lbs / 80 Kgs Bags ) 50 - 48. ( Nut Count 185 ) 50 - 47 ( Nut Count 195 ) Moisture. -. 10% max Defective...
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相关买家: 腰果; Cashew Nuts;
[IN] [1162947] 印度求购坚果(Nuts) (04-26)
  Hello, We are looking for purchasing agnet for our requirents including Consumables, Tools, Machine Parts, Liquids, Office Consumables, Hardwares (Nuts, bolts, Saw Baldes, Springs, washers, grea...
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相关买家: 坚果; Nuts;
[NL] [1162942] 荷兰求购大豆(Soybean) (04-26)
  Dear Sir, We are in urgent need of the following 1. Soybean NON-GMO Grade-2 Origin: Brazil Quantity: 1fcl (27MT) trail order For the contract after the trail order 3. Soybean NON-GMO Grade-2...
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相关买家: 大豆; Soybean;
[TW] [1162858] 台灣求购白糖(white cane sugar) (04-26)
  Dear sirs, we would like to receive your white cane sugar ICUMSA45 quotation. seller must be a sugar factory. quantity: trial order 100MT. later 50000MTx12months. payment terms: 100%DLC Irrevocabl...
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相关买家: 白糖; white cane sugar;
[NZ] [1162841] 新西兰求购棕榈油(Palm Cooking Oil) (04-25)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Palm Cooking Oil Specifications • Original Product: Malaysia and Thailand • Total Target Price : Best price • Payment Term : LC • Packagi...
相关买家: 棕榈油; Palm Cooking Oil;
[US] [1162839] 美国求购西红柿(Industrial Tomatoes) (04-25)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Industrial Tomatoes in bins. - 28% NTSS .060 screen paste Quantity 1.25 million pounds - 1/2" aseptic diced Qty : 1.25 million pounds Please advice. Regards.
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相关买家: 西红柿; Industrial Tomatoes;
[US] [1162837] 美国求购葵花籽油(Crude Sunflower Oil) (04-25)
  Dear Sir / Mam We are looking for Non-GMO Sunflower Crude Oil to export to destinations in CIF Shanghai Port, China. The quantities we need are 1,000 MT for the trial plus 20,000MT monthly. T...
相关买家: 葵花籽油; Crude Sunflower Oil;
[BR] [1162836] 巴西求购橄榄(Olives) (04-25)
  Dear Sir, We are interested to import Olives. Please send us your catalog. We would like to know your MOQ and prices as well. Waiting for your reply. Thank you.
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相关买家: 橄榄; Olives;
[US] [1162822] 美国求购棕榈油(Palm Cooking Oil) (04-25)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Palm Cooking Oil Specifications • Original Product: Malaysia and Thailand • Total Target Price : Best price • Payment Term : LC • Packagi...
相关买家: 棕榈油; Palm Cooking Oil;
[EG] [1162761] 埃及求购大米(White Rice) (04-25)
  I am looking for long Grain White Rice BASMATI Rice
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相关买家: 大米; White Rice;
[US] [1162738] 美国求购大豆(SOYABEAN) (04-25)
  We BUY - NON-GMO SOYABEAN ( also, it's need to gmo offer - if supplier have quota) 2) origin - Brazil (or seller's option) 3) demanded quantity -trial shipment : about 50,000 mt +/-5% for ...
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相关买家: 大豆; SOYABEAN;
[US] [1162737] 美国求购大豆(Soybeans) (04-25)
  Hello I'm looking to import 50,000MT monthly of BOTH GMO AND NON-GMO SOYBEANS, for 3-5 years contract. Origin preference is Brazil, South Africa or North America, but can accept any origin. Destinat...
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相关买家: 大豆; Soybeans;
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