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[RU] [1142334] 俄罗斯求购移动电源跳线启动器(12v 24v power bank jump starter) (09-28)
  Good afternoon! My name is Sergey. I work as an entrepreneur in Russia. I want to clarify your working conditions. Price? Minimum batch? We need the full specifications of this product. Product packag...
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相关买家: 移动电源跳线启动器; power bank jump starter;
[IT] [1142326] 意大利求购集成电路(BM71BLES1FC2-0B04AA) (09-28)
  Dear Sir, I'm searching for some BLE modules model BM71BLES1FC2-0B04AA from Microchip Technologies, could you please let me know if you have 10 pcs of such modules? Thanks and best regards.
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相关买家: 集成电路;
[IN] [1142313] 印度求购锂离子电池(A-grade Lifepo4 Cells) (09-28)
  Hi, we require A-Grade CATL or LISHEN Original 180Amph Lifepo4 Cells on trial basis. Quantity: 100.Cells We request you to offer your lowest possible quote on FOB terms. Regards
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相关买家: 锂离子电池;
[IN] [1142290] [有图]印度求购笙泉IC芯片(Megawin IC MG82F6D17AL20 SMD and DIP) (09-28)
  Hi, I am looking for Megawin IC MG82F6D17AL20 SMD and DIP, 10*k pieces required. Please email me at k***************@g****.com if you can support.
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相关买家: 泉IC芯片;
[UK] [1142253] 英国求购控制器电源单元( Circuit board on Controller Power Unit) (09-23)
  Good morning, I would like to obtain pricing for: 6.1 KC-222 Circuit board on Controller Power Unit Drawing Title: IOV 20A Drawing No: CA- 407003-A Manufacturer: Chiyoba Electronics for C-TEC ...
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[IN] [1142239] 印度求购线性模块(Linear Modules) (09-28)
  Please send us catalogue of Linear Module of ZCF and HIWIN as have a buying requirement for he same.Please forward details on
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相关买家: 线性模块; Linear Modules;
[IT] [1142237] 意大利求购家用二极管激光器(diode laser for home use) (09-28)
  Dear,I am Alessandro Lievore SMA' srl Owner we are distributors in Italy and EU. here you can see our items.We are looking for a home use LASER DIODE.Can you send all Technical information.Your best p...
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相关买家: 激光器; diode laser;
[EG] [1142206] 埃及求购二手POS机(used a920 pos termina) (09-28)
  Good evening sirUnited Co. Trading is honored to cooperate with youI need to know some detailsWhat are the conditions of the product?New or used, is it tuned or not?Do all of them work without defects...
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相关买家: POS机; pos termina;
[UK] [1142142] 英国求购四腿角钢自承式电池塔(Four Leg Angle Steel Self Supporting Cell Towers) (09-27)
  Dear Sir/ Madam, We are based in the United Kingdom(UK), We need : Four Leg Angle Steel Self Supporting Cell Towers, 50 Meters, 10 Complete sets. We need to ship them to our consignee in Africa...
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相关买家: 电池塔; Cell Towers;
[US] [1142116] 美国求购电子设备(Electronic Devies) (09-27)
  Dear Sir, We need Electronic Devies like Mobile Phones, Laptops and Cameras for low cost. Please let us know what all you have available for sale. Thank you.
相关买家: 电子设备; Electronic Devies;
[LB] [1142106] 黎巴嫩求购便携式收音机(CMiK Portable radios) (09-27)
  Dear Sirs,We are interested in importing and wholesaling CMiK portable radios for Lebanon market.Can you please send your most up-to-date e-catalog, prices and MOQ requirements to. Looking forward to ...
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相关买家: 便携式收音机; CMiK Portable radios;
[CA] [1142103] 加拿大求购眼压计(ophthalmic tonometer) (09-27)
  I need to order one Ophthalmic Tonometer for $110 . Kindly let me know,how to order and is shipment free.
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相关买家: 眼压计; ophthalmic tonometer;
[US] [1142095] 美国求购臭氧机(ozone machine) (09-27)
  Dear supplier We are looking for an ozone machine. Questions: is this machine only for rectal and vaginal use? Does it have an LCD display to pic and chose different applications?'do you have a manual...
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相关买家: 臭氧机; ozone machine;
[PT] [1142089] [有图]葡萄牙求购65户外显示屏(65 outdoor display) (09-22)
  Hi there, I have a European based client looking for a sample price for a 65' outdoor display to replace exactly the same specification as the document ***. IF you can supply a replacement for this mo...
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相关买家: 户外显示屏; outdoor display;
[IN] [1142051] 印度求购压力传感器(Diesel Gas Water Air Pressure Transducer) (09-27)
  hello,Shenzhen Zvepower Technology Coi am prasad here from smartanyone pvt ltd india.i want to buy this sensor kindly give the costing ideas and for further discussion please mail us at
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相关买家: 压力传感器;
[AR] [1142044] 阿根廷求购爱普生芯片复位器(Chip Resetter For Epson) (09-27)
  Hi, I am Andres Fabbri from.I am looking for reliable supplier of chip solution, and I can see that you produce resetters, I would like to contact you to explore ways of ccoperation. Our core business...
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相关买家: 芯片复位器; Chip Resetter;
[ES] [1142036] 西班牙求购直流电机(electric motor) (09-26)
  Please send us more detailled/technical info about motor axle dimensions in order to use a standard reducer at the motor shaft, about the controller: parameters we can control and pinout for the contr...
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相关买家: 直流电机; electric motor;
[ES] [1142035] 西班牙求购非晶太阳能电池板(amorphous solar panels) (09-26)
  HiI'm looking for amorphous solar panels to place in a soap dispenser to charge a lithium battery for workingcan you send technical details of your amorphous panels please?
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相关买家: 太阳能电池板; solar panels;
[AE] [1142014] 阿联酋求购2RU 数字NTP时钟(2RU Digital NTP Clock) (09-26)
  I am looking for a 2RU Digital NTP Clock , Data Display, LED brightness is adjustable, LTC timecode input or NTP clientPlease contact me
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相关买家: 数字NTP时钟; Digital NTP Clock;
[BR] [1142008] 巴西求购电力墙(on grid powerwall) (09-26)
  Hello! My name is Leonardo, and I work at Afianci Global Networking. We are a Brazilian shipping and trading company. We are looking to import powerwall systems for domestic use. Our demand is for s...
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相关买家: 电力墙; on grid powerwall;
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