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[US] [1199849] 美国求购涂膜测厚仪(Coating Thickness Gauge) (05-30)
  Hello we need gauges that read up to 250 mm of coatings. Model:CS100 Measuring range:0-1500um Resolving power:0.1/1um Accuracy:±(3%H+ 1)um Work environment:temperature: -10~40°C; humidity: 20~ 90...
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相关买家: 涂膜测厚仪; Coating Thickness Gauge;
[ZA] [1199755] 南非求购电导率电子表(Conductivity EC Digital Meter) (05-30)
  Please contact me on WhatsApp, Heindre Rademan, +27 607033865What is the best price you can offer?
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相关买家: 电导率电子表; Conductivity EC Digital Meter;
[KE] [1199744] 肯尼亚求购变频0.05级CT PT分析仪(Variable Frequency Class 0.05 CT PT Analyzer) (05-30)
  I need the best price, equipment User Manual for review, Sample equipment report and user video for a Variable Frequency CT PT Analyzer with capability to be operated through a PC (Laptop), Software ...
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相关买家: PT分析仪; PT Analyzer;
[NG] [1199727] 尼日利亚求购电动滑板车(Electric Scooter) (05-29)
  What is the price for **0? electric scooter.
相关买家: 电动滑板车; Electric Scooter;
[IN] [1199628] [有图]印度求购LCD模组(lcd display) (05-29)
  Hello sir , we have below requirement for customization , can you support for that and MOQ we require 5K as first lot ,we have target for 1L per year . Can you please share me estimate for 5K qty ...
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相关买家: LCD模组; lcd display;
[US] [1199611] 美国求购直流12V, 24V, 48V光电池光传感器(DC 12V, 24V, 48V Photocell light Sensor) (05-26)
  Can you send me a spec sheet for the JL-207-48DI want to know max current @ 48VDC you can support
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相关买家: 光传感器; Photocell; light Sensor;
[US] [1199597] [有图]美国求购电子显示屏(led illuminated electronic sign) (05-26)
  Custom led illuminated electronic sign outdoor advertising light up 3d acrylic logo letter for business store front signage
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相关买家: 电子显示屏; led illuminated electronic sign;
[TR] [1199545] 土耳其求购曲轴备件(Crankshafts spare parts) (05-26)
  Hello , I wanted to get in contact with you about Crankshafts spare parts. We are a leading Crankshaft manufacturer company In Turkey for trucks,tractors,busses and light Cars. If there is any change ...
相关买家: 曲轴备件; Crankshafts spare parts;
[UZ] [1199530] 乌兹别克斯坦求购电机(engine request) (05-26)
  Dear colleagues, I ask you to send the prices for the engine Yongji YZ95A-12 pieces
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相关买家: 电机; engine;
[TW] [1199489] 中国台湾求购13p-SZN JST 15kpcs(13p-SZN JST 15kpcs) (05-25)
  Please keep an eye on the inventory of 40Kpcs of 13p-SZN in time.
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[UK] [1199475] 英国求购电动机控制器(72v 400A AC motor speed controller) (05-25)
  Hi I am interested in motor controller for the UK market -- 500vmotorcycleContact me at
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相关买家: 电动机控制器; speed controller;
[IL] [1199472] 以色列求购称重元器件(wireless transmitter and receiver between load cell and weighin) (05-25)
  Hello,We would like to inquire about ordering 2 of these, can you please send pricing and shipping cost? It will be going to Ha-Tamar St 29, Matsli'ah, 7683600, Israel Thank you,
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相关买家: 称重元器件;
[AE] [1199424] 阿联酋求购特斯拉V3超级充电站整套设备(Tesla V3 Supercharger station EV charging station) (05-25)
  I need to buy a complete set of Tesla V3 supercharger station,It has a maximum charging power of 250KW and EV can run 120KM after being charged for five minutes. Brand new is preferable, used in good...
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相关买家: 充电站; Tesla; Supercharger station; charging station;
[US] [1199350] 美国求购机顶盒(Android11.0 TV Box) (05-24)
  can you send me the manual ? how do i load a playlist m3u8 file ? is this like a MAG 540 box ? is it 4K@60 HDR decoding capable ?Is it hdmi 2.1 OUTPUT ?We need many hundreds. let me know
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相关买家: 机顶盒; TV Box;
[NL] [1199345] 荷兰求购耳机音频分配器及适配器(Headphone Amplifier With Power Adapter EU US Plug Adapter) (05-24)
  Hi We will like to buy from you but before that i will like to take a look at your product catalog and quotation list meil them to: Thank You.
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相关买家: 耳机音频分配器; 适配器; Headphone Amplifier;
[MY] [1199341] [有图]马来西亚求购超声波治疗机3mhz(ultrasound therapy machine 3 mhz) (05-24)
  3 Mhz Handheld Ultrasound Unit For Tissue Therapy - Will give you sample specs if you email me your details - thank
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相关买家: 超声波治疗机; ultrasound therapy machine;
[UA] [1199335] 乌克兰求购Keyestudio开发板(Keyestudio V4.0 Development Board) (05-24)
  Greetings! I am a technical consultant for an organization that will conduct children's classes in electronics and programming We Have A Need to Purchase a number of goods for About 200 children.The c...
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相关买家: Keyestudio开发板; Development Board;
[SG] [1199332] 新加坡求购户外音箱(Speaker Outdoor Stereo Loudspeaker) (05-24)
  Please provide me with a quote for 500 pcs and another quote for 1000 pieces for an event I have around October 2023. Is customisation possible please?Please also advise estimated shipping cost to Sin...
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相关买家: 户外音箱; Outdoor Speaker;
[KZ] [1199326] 哈萨克斯坦求购数字多功能仪表(METER DIGITAL MULTIFUNCTIONAL PD810-E5L/PD8M1/PD8M6) (05-24)
  Please quote me METER DIGITAL MULTIFUNCTIONAL PD810-E5L/PD8M1/PD8M6 QTY - 11 pcs. Waiting for your quotation on e-mail: Thanks in advance.
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[US] [1199322] 美国求购逆变器(Inverters) (05-24)
  I have two of your inverters on my home. How do I register those products to see how they are performing?
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相关买家: 逆变器; Inverters;
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