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[IT] [1122376] 意大利求购汽车充电器(electric car charging stations) (03-16)
  Dear , we are interested in importing numerous ev charge wallboxes with our brand, but we need a product with the following characteristics: 1) single-phase connection; 2) adjustable charging power...
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相关买家: 汽车充电器; electric car charging stations;
[IT] [1122361] 意大利求购带有天线的无线串行端口收发器模块(Wireless Serial Port Transceiver Module with Antenna) (03-16)
  Hello JessicaThis is from Italy.Please quote HC-12 433MHz (50 pcs minimum) and SIM900 Shield for Arduino (Minimum 10pcs). Best regards
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相关买家: 收发器模块; Transceiver Module;
[NL] [1122357] [有图]荷兰求购限位开关(ultra miniature mini limitswitches) (03-16)
  do you have these ultra miniature mini limitswitches with 2 rollers (unidirectional working, one way working, or idle working?plastic house is 20x10x6 mm (without lever) OR SMALLER, not BIGGERI am cur...
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相关买家: 限位开关; ultra miniature mini limitswitches;
[AU] [1122352] 澳大利亚求购汽车充电器(fast car charger) (03-16)
  Is there an option for a fast car charger but not from AC? Can any of your fast chargers connect directly to a DC battery we have? The output is 75kW at 850V DC. we are keen to hook up a charger direc...
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相关买家: 汽车充电器; fast car charger;
[IN] [1122327] [有图]印度求购感应电动机(CRANE MG SET DRIVE INDUCTION MOTOR) (03-16)
  Dear Sir / Madam, Please quote with best price and delivery.
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相关买家: 感应电动机; INDUCTION MOTOR;
[IT] [1122232] [有图]意大利求购照相配件(virtual tour) (03-15)
  I would like to customize them with my logo.Looking for these products, can you help me? 100 pieces for virtual tour
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相关买家: 照相配件; virtual tour;
[US] [1122219] 美国求购音响机器小夜灯(sound machine night light) (03-15)
  We are Amazon seller in US, we are interested in sound machine/nightlight. Could you please send us an official quote basic on your MOQ with all the details in excel of PDF? It is more clear for us to...
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相关买家: 音响机器; 小夜灯; sound machine; night light;
[US] [1122213] 美国求购变压器(power transformer) (03-15)
  Hello, With reference to your advertisment in possession of your high quality products as seen on your profile, I am interested in the products from your company. Please let us have the details ...
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相关买家: 变压器; power transformer;
[CO] [1122187] 哥伦比亚求购DT-6234B型LED光电数字转速计(DT-6234B LED Photoelectric Digital RPM Tachometer) (03-15)
  I need 20 units but I need it not to be VICI countermarked. tHANK YOU.
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相关买家: 光电数字转速计; Photoelectric Digital RPM Tachometer;
[BR] [1122176] 巴西求购迷你高保真系统BT派对音箱(mini hifi system BT party speaker) (03-15)
  Dear Supplier,My name is Henrique and I'm in charge of audio business in Multilaser Industrial, a huge company in Brazil! We got deeply interested in your mini system models. Could you please contact ...
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相关买家: 派对音箱; party speaker;
[US] [1122146] [有图]美国求购瓦特计(Wattmeter) (03-15)
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相关买家: 瓦特计; Wattmeter;
[NL] [1122045] 荷兰求购遥控伺服系统(metal gear 20kg digital rc servo) (03-14)
  Dear Kevin, Please quote me your price and order payment terms and delivery time. I ordered this servo in the past via aliexpres but I'm unable to find it there anymore. We use this servo as part ...
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相关买家: 遥控伺服系统; metal gear;
[PE] [1122014] 秘鲁求购等离子电极(plasma electrode) (03-14)
  Hi, I'm searching multiples numbering, I′ll need an estimate price, 100 pieces each:420156 220997 220971 220976 220975 420168 420152 420169 420158 420151 Product Name:Plasma Cutting Consumables Mate...
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相关买家: 等离子电极; plasma electrode;
[PE] [1121999] 秘鲁求购工业捕鱼无人机(industrial fishing drone) (03-13)
  We are American Inspector located at Lima Peru; specialized in distribution of Electronics Equipments. we count with our commercial network of channels distributors. Currently they are selling the p...
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相关买家: 捕鱼无人机; industrial fishing drone;
[PH] [1121987] 菲律宾求购备用发电机(backup Generator) (03-13)
  Hi Dear Friend, This is Mathew Blake from Networld group Philippines., We need best price for this product pls contact me via Email: with more details My expected order quantity depends on your ...
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相关买家: 备用发电机; backup Generator;
[US] [1121957] 美国求购视频墙(video wall) (03-13)
  interested in outdoor use. 12 modules to create 3meter wide by 2 meter high video wall.Need to get pricing for delivery Buffalo NY USA
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相关买家: 视频墙; video wall;
[US] [1121956] 美国求购10匹直流电机(10 Hp Dc Electric Motor) (03-13)
  am looking for a DC motor that will replace a t HP gasoline motor. I would think 5 to 7 HP at 1800 20 2500 RPM. I want to run it with a DC lithium ION battery . I will have the battery made and spe...
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相关买家: 直流电机; Dc Electric Motor;
[CO] [1121895] 哥伦比亚求购LCD模组(laptop lcd screen) (03-12)
  Please sent me mor infov about your monitor 11-13 inch and 17.3 inch for raspberry?, we use non touch and touch for raspbnerry and preffer with panel for install in kiosk ?
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相关买家: LCD模组; laptop lcd screen;
[US] [1121893] [有图]美国求购液晶触摸屏(5-10 inch LCD display) (03-12)
  Hello My name is Sam and I am the lead purchasing agent from Bitsplay LLC. My CEO asked me to contact *** suppliers to have custom products made. We’re an international company based out of Pitt...
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相关买家: 液晶触摸屏; LCD display;
[IN] [1121830] 印度求购线圈(Coil) (03-12)
  We have an inquiry for DC01 or DC04 grade, Plate / Coil thickness in 2mm. Width is 1000mm and tonnage is 18 tons. Availability is important for us. Please quote the best price and delivery time.
相关买家: 线圈; Coil;
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