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[KE] [1165853] 肯尼亚求购触控数字化仪(Tablet PC 11 Inches Screen Touch Digitizer) (05-27)
  An accessory for the tablet PC
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相关买家: 触控数字化仪; Touch Digitizer;
[VE] [1165816] [有图]委内瑞拉求购车库遥控钥匙(garage remote control key) (05-26)
  Hello, Glad to greet you, I′m Nabor Herrera. I belong to Pinchili China Service Limited; we are a purchasing and broker agent in China, we offer import & logistic services to clients from Europe, U...
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相关买家: 车库遥控钥匙; garage remote control key;
[US] [1165815] [有图]美国求购便携式收音机(Radio) (05-26)
  I would like to buy some internet Radio. can you please send me a quote for 10 radios.Also I would like to customize it only for my internet radio and add my own logo? If it's possible I would like t...
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相关买家: 便携式收音机; Radio;
[IT] [1165806] 意大利求购微控制器(PIC18F26K22-I/ML) (05-26)
  I am , elctronic engineer in , Conversano (BA) ITi contact you for inquire about microcontroller :PIC18F26K22-I/ML , original mcu from manufacturere Microchip.I need this infos :unit price .budgetary...
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相关买家: 微控制器;
[AU] [1165783] 澳大利亚求购连接器(electric sumitomo 6 pin connector) (05-24)
  Hello. Is this the same as the 7283-1065? Can you please send me drawings / spec sheet of your 6520-1465 connector to ? Thanks. I need it to look like this photo. The part number I am looking ...
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相关买家: 连接器; connector;
[SA] [1165769] 沙特求购1.52m*1m 3d全息投影(1.52m*1m 3d holographic projection) (05-26)
  Greetings,I am looking for this product in size 1.5X3 m in transparent option. Please provide a price range with shipping to Dhahran Saudi Arabia. I also want to ask does the projector need to be put...
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相关买家: 3d全息投影; holographic projection;
[GN] [1165757] 几内亚求购3d全息投影仪(3d holographic projector) (05-26)
  Hello can you tell me more about hologram projectors? I need to order couple for my clients.
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相关买家: 3d全息投影仪; 3d holographic projector;
[AR] [1165751] 阿根廷求购网络摄像机(4G PTZ Camera) (05-26)
  Good evenings David, I am hernan Argentina, we are importers, our company is called, currently we buy 4g camera, we know that quantity price this model or any extra economico, with brand own, you *** ...
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相关买家: 网络摄像机; 4G Camera;
[TW] [1165750] [有图]中国台湾求购微控制器(microcontroller) (05-26)
  Hi , I need some components for continue our product, pls check if you have components as ***ement and send me the quaotatio
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相关买家: 微控制器; microcontroller;
[BR] [1165666] [有图]巴西求购整流器模块(rectifier module) (05-25)
  Hi Friends, We are from Brazil and need a quote about 35*units of Delta Eltek Flatpack2 24/2000 WOR 241115.250 rectifier module Could you help us? Thanks. Regards.
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相关买家: 整流器模块; rectifier module;
[MN] [1165649] 蒙古求购集成电路(DS3234SN Integrated circuit) (05-25)
  To whom it may concern, Can you please provide a quotation for 3000 units of DS3234SN (frame Soic-20/300) microchip to be delivered to Mongolia. We are also looking for the following products if you ...
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相关买家: 集成电路;
[MM] [1165618] 缅甸求购控制电路(Inquiry for control circuit.) (05-25)
  Model-M021207013CE.I want this control circuit.If you have contact number WhatsApp or WeChat.please make me quotation.
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相关买家: 控制电路;
[ID] [1165617] [有图]印尼求购无刷励磁系统(Brushless Excitation System) (05-25)
  Dear Sir, What is the FOB price on your DVR-3104 execitation system DVR-2000 Brushless Excitation System? Look forward to hearing from you Thank you
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相关买家: 无刷励磁系统; Brushless Excitation System;
[BA] [1165588] 波黑求购加热器(heaters) (05-25)
  Hello, I am looking for a supplier of heaters and convectors. We are interested in OEM orders. Please send me more details about your offer. You can add me to Wechat to discuss the details. Gre...
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相关买家: 加热器; heaters;
[ZW] [1165569] [有图]津巴布韦求购电气元件(VARIOUS LINE CONSTRUCTION) (05-25)
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相关买家: 电气元件;
[US] [1165559] 美国求购HY67(ON)OFF快动微动开关MX-15(micro switch MX-15) (05-25)
  Inquiry About HY67 (ON) OFF snap action micro switch MX-15 I would like to know more about the product and prices.
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相关买家: 微动开关;
[CZ] [1165515] 捷克求购充电风扇(Rechargeable Fan) (05-25)
  Good day Sir/Madame, Hello, We are in need of this product, can you send us the product catalogue with specifications and advice about pricing and exportation experience, after-sales service at my...
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相关买家: 充电风扇; Rechargeable Fan;
[IN] [1165514] 印度求购高压风扇(Hvsl Fan) (05-25)
  We are looking for HvSL PMSM 24 feet with 6 blad fan. Initially we would like to install one. Based on result we would decide the final number.
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相关买家: 高压风扇; Hvsl Fan;
[IN] [1165508] 印度求购锂电充电器(Lithium Charger) (05-24)
  Lithium battery charger 48V, 60V, 72V, / 7AMP, 10AMP. Smart inteligent charger.
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相关买家: 锂电充电器; Lithium Charger;
[IN] [1165498] 印度求购GPS ***(car tracker gps) (05-24)
  we need portable gps supplier kindly send me best price on mail my whatsup number
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相关买家: GPS追踪器; car tracker gps;
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