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[AT] [1069540] 奥地利求购供热,制冷和动力系统组合(CHCP)(Combined heat, cooling and power systems (CHCP) (01-16)
  Automation technology Energy storage systems for utilities and grid operators Combined heat, cooling and power systems (CHCP) Products and services for microgrids Products and services for smart g...
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相关买家: 供热系统; Combined heat systems;
[DE] [1069539] 德国求购锂基电池(Lithium-based batteries) (01-16)
  Crystalline modules Lithium-based batteries
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相关买家: 锂基电池; Lithium-based batteries;
[DE] [1069538] 德国求购太阳能板(Solar power system) (01-16)
  Energy storage systems for commercial and industrial applications Energy storage systems for utilities and grid operators EPC contracting/project development for energy storage systems Products and...
Remaining views: 23
相关买家: 太阳能板; Solar power system;
[DE] [1069536] 德国求购电池管理系统(Battery management systems) (01-16)
  Recycling/second use Battery management systems Power electronics for storage systems Vehicle-to-grid Products and services for microgrids Back
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 电池管理系统;
[CH] [1069534] 瑞士求购电网运营商的储能系统(Energy storage systems for utilities) (01-16)
  Energy storage systems for commercial and industrial applications Energy storage systems for utilities and grid operators Load management, demand response Electricity trading and marketing
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 储能系统; Energy storage systems;
[UK] [1069527] 英国求购太阳能电池模组(Battery module) (01-16)
  Battery module production and system installation/assembly Energy storage systems for residential buildings Lithium-based batteries Recycling/second use Battery testing, inspection systems, safety
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 电池模组; Battery module;
[DE] [1069526] 德国求购太阳能板(solar power board) (01-16)
  Stand-alone systems, off-grid systems EPC contracting/project development for energy storage systems Operation and maintenance of solar power installations (O&M) EPC contracting/project development...
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 太阳能板; solar power board;
[PK] [1069224] 巴基斯坦求购柴油(Diesel) (01-13)
  Hello Sir,We are looking for a supplier of Low Sulphur 15ppm Diesel D2, Please contact us, Thank you
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相关买家: 柴油; Diesel;
[US] [1069097] 美国求购Jp54喷气燃料原油(Jp54 jet fuel crude) (01-10)
  I am looking for a high quality jp 54 jet fuel crude, bonny light crude and diesel crude to buy.if you have or know any oil crude company that can supply me high quality crude oil. I am looking to buy...
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 燃料原油; fuel crude;
[PK] [1068976] 巴基斯坦求购柴油(Diesel) (01-10)
  I Want disel, I will import used disel.
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相关买家: 柴油; Diesel;
[HK] [1068959] 香港求购柴油(Diesel Fuel) (01-09)
  We ready to purchase the petroleum product described below: Commodity: Diesel EN590 10ppm max sulphur Origin: Russian Federation. Quantity:50,000 MT (Minimum) to 300,000 MT per month x 12 months Deliv...
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相关买家: 柴油; Diesel Fuel;
[CM] [1068391] [有图]喀麦隆求购复合材料材料及液化石油气缠绕玻璃纤维复合液化石油气钢瓶(Composite Material Material and LPG Use production line of wrap (12-31)
  采购数量: 10 Unité/Unités| 采购人: 发布地点:Cameroon PRISO PRISO Adolphe Richard Inventor of the Production of Paraffin Petroleum Gas President & CEO of VOICE Energy**** ****scen_energie
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 钢瓶;
[HK] [1068336] 香港求购绿色石油焦(Green Petrolum Coke) (01-02)
  Commodity : Russia Green Coke S:4.5 (Max) Moisture : 8% Max Destination : CIF DongHae Port of KOREA.. Quantity : 10,000MT Trial + 60,000MT Month x 12 . Terms : CIF DongHae Port of Korea. Price : TBD P...
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 石油焦; Petrolum Coke;
[ZA] [1067986] 南非求购团块木炭(Briquette Charcoal) (12-27)
  Dear Sir/Madam, Hello sir/madam,I am.looking for hardwood black wattle charcoal on regular bases.Monthly minimum 20container load.Trial 2 containers 40ft.Plz advise if you can fulfill my Only sout...
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 团块木炭; Briquette Charcoal;
[RU] [1067892] 俄罗斯求购石油产品(Petroleum Products) (12-26)
  Commodity: Russian origin D2 GAS OIL GOST 305-82. Quantity: 50,000 Metric tons’ trial shipment FOB with up to 500.000 Metric tons CIF monthly twelve (12) Months. CIF FOB Price: $440 GROSS! $430 NET, C...
相关买家: 石油产品; Petroleum Products;
[HK] [1067886] 香港公司求购液态天然气(LNG) (12-26)
  Sir/Madam,we are looking for real supplier for russia's petrol products of LNG
相关买家: 液态天然气; LNG;
[SA] [1067572] 沙特求购柴油(diesel fuel) (12-24)
  We have a diesel supply contract, if you want to implement the contract by the same conditions we can start to do it. Type : GAS OIL QTY : 600.000 Ton PAYMENT: ON A DEFERRED PAYMENT BASIS AFTER (9...
相关买家: 柴油; diesel fuel;
[MY] [1067443] 马来西亚求购木炭型煤(charcoal briquettes) (12-23)
  I'm interested in charcoal briquettes which burning time is about 4 - 5 hours which does not break easy and turn into ashes quickly . Because I have customers they want to buy this product . If you ha...
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 木炭型煤; charcoal briquettes;
[UK] [1067438] 英国求购棕榈油(palm oil) (12-23)
  I'm interested in your palm oil colon cleanse, could you please me send your price list and any other health products that you make. Looking forward to hear from you, Kind regards
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 棕榈油; palm oil;
[US] [1067297] 美国求购太阳能板(solar panel) (12-20)
  Dear sir kindly see the *** photograph of the solar panel required by us. now you will have a better view of our exact requirement. kindly provide the quotation and delivery time for 10,000 piece...
Remaining views: 21
相关买家: 太阳能板; solar panel;
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