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[VN] [1165902] 越南求购向日葵油(Soybean Oil) (05-27)
  Dear Sir, We would like to buy Soybean Oil. Quantity : 3 FCL Price : CIF Haiphong port. Have you got it ? Please offer us and send email. Best Regards.
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相关买家: 向日葵油; Soybean Oil;
[IN] [1165901] 印度求购石油(Petrol) (05-27)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Petrol and Diesel. We need to know about price and in how much quantity we can order. Please give us details about it and if anything else remain let us know about l...
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相关买家: 石油; Petrol;
[VN] [1165898] 越南求购阴极铜(Copper Cathodes) (05-27)
  Dear Sir, We need sellers for Copper Cathodes. Payment: 100% DLC. Kindly whatsapp us if you are interested. Thanks.
相关买家: 阴极铜; Copper Cathodes;
[HK] [1165896] 香港求购煤炭(Steam Coal) (05-27)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Steam Coal / Thermal Coal of Nar 5200~5500 Kcal / Kg Basic parameter requirement of Steam Coal Net calorific value: 5200~5500 Kcal/Kg (ARB) Volatile matter: larger th...
相关买家: 煤炭; Steam Coal;
[IN] [1165888] 印度求购棕榈油(Palm Oils) (05-27)
  Dear Sir, We need Sunflower, Soyabean & Palm Cooking Oils. Please send us your product list & price list. Thank you.
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相关买家: 棕榈油; Palm Oils;
[AE] [1165836] 阿联酋求购钢轨废料(Steel Rail Scrap) (05-27)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Steel Rail Scrap R50 R65 Cut Size : 1.25 Meters Long. Quantity : Bulk Quantity” In Metric Tons. Origin: Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. Monthly Shipping : Chartered Ship 50’K ...
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相关买家: 钢轨废料; Steel Rail Scrap;
[KR] [1165817] [有图]韩国求购18650锂电池(18650 li-ion battery) (05-26)
  Hello, We are looking for 18650, 3.7V 3.2A Lithium Ion Cell. The majority of cells we use is LiFePO4 but for the lithium ion, the estimated quantity we spend is 500k~1000k per year. Please provide ...
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相关买家: 18650锂电池;
[TW] [1165810] 台湾求购石油产品(Petroleum Products) (05-26)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Petroleum Products. We are seeking a Our orders can up to One Million MT more monthly At this moment we urgently request for ESPO / LCO / EN590 / LNG. Any reliable an...
相关买家: 石油产品; Petroleum Products;
[PK] [1165807] 巴基斯坦求购石油(Calcined Petroleum) (05-26)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for suppliers for Calcined Petroleum Coke. We want to know whether you have it available and if so, how much it would cost. Also, we would like to inquire about the exte...
相关买家: 石油; Calcined Petroleum;
[VE] [1165620] 委内瑞拉求购钛白粉(titanium dioxide) (05-25)
  Hello regards This is Ronald lievano from Venezuela We are import company With some brands we are interesting On the titanium dioxide This is my WeChat *
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相关买家: 钛白粉; titanium dioxide;
[IN] [1165561] 印度求购阴极铜(Copper Cathode) (05-25)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Copper Cathode with bonded warehouse payment terms and delivery. 1. 500 trial,5000mt per month with Ceva bonded warehouse account. Target price: LME -20 discount, ...
相关买家: 阴极铜; Copper Cathode;
[IN] [1165524] 印度求购储能电池(Battery Pack) (05-25)
  Hello, My Name from PT Petrosea Tbk, Indonesia. We Need Battery Pack : 750 Volt (Max), Ampere 500 Ah(Max), please submit the quotation include the spec of BMS, PDU, and Water Cooling System. Please se...
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相关买家: 储能电池; Battery Pack;
[KR] [1165392] 韩国求购石墨粉(Graphite powder) (05-24)
  We are looking for Graphite powder Description/ Specifications : (graphite -196) 1,000MT/YEAR ≤ (graphite -198) 4,500MT/YEAR ≤ (graphite +198) 650MT/YEAR ≤ Delivery Place : Kyeongsangbuk ,...
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相关买家: 石墨粉; Graphite powder;
[MT] [1165294] 马耳他求购镍氢电池(batteries) (05-23)
  Dear Sir, MadamWould you have any batteries as follows or something very near 60 pcs of Battery, Nickel-Cadmium 2.4v, 50AH, Multi-Cell BlocksThanking you in advance for your urgent reply Regards
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相关买家: 镍氢电池; batteries;
[IN] [1165185] 印度求购阴极铜(Copper Millberry) (05-20)
  Dear Sir, We need Copper Millberry 1000 tons. Payment Terms : On sight payment (Destination Port) after SGS inspection. 100% irrevocable confirmed transferable revolving divisible Letter Of C...
相关买家: 阴极铜; Copper Millberry;
[IN] [1165142] 印度求购铝渣(Alluminium Dross) (05-20)
  Dear Sir, We need to purchase Alluminium Dross. Further details available upon request. Thank you.
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相关买家: 铝渣; Alluminium Dross;
[RW] [1165139] 卢旺达求购莱茵石(Limestone) (05-20)
  Dear Sir / Madam, We would like to order Limestone. If you have more Information let us share business ideas Regards.
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相关买家: 莱茵石; Limestone;
[BD] [1165097] 孟加拉国求购煤炭(Steam Coal) (05-20)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Indonesian Steam Coal. Quantity will be 100000mt(G5500) & 50000-G5000 / G4600. We hope that only manufacturers will contact us. Thank you.
相关买家: 煤炭; Steam Coal;
[US] [1165095] 美国求购天然气(Liquefied Natural Gas) (05-20)
  Dear Sir, Our company would like to buy Liquefied Natural Gas on a monthly base (65000MT a month) They would like a long term agreement. We are looking for serious sellers who accept DLC payment...
相关买家: 天然气; Liquefied Natural Gas;
[CR] [1164969] 哥斯达黎加求购磷岩(Phosphoric Rock) (05-19)
  Hello . My name is Jorge Dada from Costa Rica and we are interested in getting a quote of your phosphoric rock 2500 mesh and 5000 mesh. Organic cert We consume 2 container a month for now. We are fro...
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相关买家: 磷岩; Phosphoric Rock;
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