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[IN] [1122072] 印度求购石油(Petroleum) (03-15)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Liquefied Petroleum Gas & Diesel to Yemen and Somalia Hope you want details We need best prices. Thank you.
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相关买家: 石油; Petroleum;
[US] [1122033] 美国求购铜精矿(Copper Concentrate) (03-14)
  Copper Concentrate Cu 25%+/- (Rejected if <20%) #1: 1-Year Contract 120,000 MT (10,000 MT/Month) #2: 1-Year Contract: 60,000 MT (5,000 MT/Month) CIF, Fangcheng Port, China Price Formula: LME x Ac...
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相关买家: 铜精矿; Copper Concentrate;
[IN] [1122032] 印度求购铜废料(Copper mill berry scrap) (03-14)
  I am looking Copper mill berry scrap MANUFACTURERS only please contact me. Payment terms LC , SBLC ,DLC Origin : Europe , Africa If your payment term is advance or TT . This requirement is not for you...
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相关买家: 铜废料; Copper mill berry scrap;
[TR] [1121958] 土耳其求购锌精矿(zinc concentrate) (03-13)
  I want to buy zinc concentrate %40-60 , please send me cif Mersin/Turkey price and technical spec. of goods monthly demand 1000t/m or more
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相关买家: 锌精矿; zinc concentrate;
[US] [1121851] 美国求购磷矿(Rock Phosphate) (03-12)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for a guaranteed reliable supplier for Phosphate Rock. Please treat as urgent and connect on priority please. Kind Regards.
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相关买家: 磷矿; Rock Phosphate;
[US] [1121848] 美国求购阴极铜(Copper Cathodes) (03-12)
  We want a reliable supplier from Congo DR or Zambia who can effectively supply Copper Cathode. The potential seller will furnish his procedure for selling to the buyer and the initial quantity ne...
相关买家: 阴极铜; Copper Cathodes;
[IN] [1121835] 印度求购橡胶加工油(Rubber Process Oil) (03-12)
  We are looking for Base Oil, Greases, Lubricants and Rubber Process Oil. We want to buy all goods in India in good quantity. Please send us the best possible rates.
相关买家: 橡胶加工油; Rubber Process Oil;
[IN] [1121702] 印度求购铝渣(Aluminium Dross) (03-12)
  We are looking for Aluminium Dross and Aluminium Cans. Delivery Port : Mumbai or Chennai Please contact us as soon as possible.
相关买家: 铝渣; Aluminium Dross;
[DE] [1121684] 德国求购沥青(Bitumen) (03-12)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for a Bitumen 60/70 supplier for our requirements in Doha, Qatar. Kindly give me your best quotation and terms of payment and delivery. Regards.
相关买家: 沥青; Bitumen;
[IT] [1121462] 意大利求购50 w太阳能电池板(50w solar panel) (03-11)
  Hi my name is Martino I have viewed your company and I am interested in getting more information about your products particularly the 10,20,30w panels If you could please send me your catalog vi...
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相关买家: 太阳能电池板; solar panel;
[CL] [1121442] 智利求购粗硒(Crude Selenium) (03-11)
  We have a lot of around 12 MT of Crude Selenium. This material is obtained in a copper refinery as part of the process of recovery of anodic muds, that is those elements more electro positive than ...
相关买家: 粗硒; Crude Selenium;
[IN] [1121441] 印度求购铜矿石(Copper Ores) (03-11)
  Dear Sir, We need Copper Ore, to be shipped to India. Kindly specify chemical composition report and prices. Regards.
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相关买家: 铜矿石; Copper Ores;
[TR] [1121438] 土耳其求购废电池(battery) (03-11)
  Hello sir, we are in need of used battery scrap. Please send us your prices and rate.
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相关买家: 废电池; battery;
[MZ] [1121436] 莫桑比克求购玫瑰石英(Rose Quartz) (03-11)
  Dear Sir / Madam, We are looking for good and reliable supplier of Rose Quartz. Please contact if you can help us. Regards.
相关买家: 玫瑰石英; Rose Quartz;
[IN] [1121435] 印度求购铁矿石(Iron Ores) (03-11)
  We need Hematite and Magnetite Iron Ores in bulk vessels cfr basis. We also seek Scraps, Used Rails and HMS stainless steel scraps.
相关买家: 铁矿石; Iron Ores;
[JP] [1121278] 日本求购废铁(scrap metal exporter) (03-10)
  Greetings, I represent Ito Shoten. We are located in Kyoto, Japan. The main type of our activity is the collection, processing and trade with scrap of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. While we...
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相关买家: 废铁; scrap metal;
[IN] [1121253] 印度求购二氧化钛(Rutile Tio2) (03-10)
  I am Senior Manager Purchase representing on behalf of ITC (Bengal based conglomerate).We are into Pulp, Paper Board & Speciality Paper mfg.Our capacity is over 1 Million TPA.Our division turnov...
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相关买家: 二氧化钛; Rutile Tio2;
[PK] [1121242] 巴基斯坦求购二氧化钛(tio2) (03-10)
  i want...800 bag
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相关买家: 二氧化钛; tio2;
[EG] [1121222] 埃及求购铁(iron) (03-10)
  Hello have agood day we can contact on whats liesten the offers Have agood day
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相关买家: ; iron;
[TN] [1121186] 突尼斯求购石油产品(Petroleum Products) (03-10)
  Our requirement is as follows : 1. ESPO: 18.000.000 bbl yearly contract with R& E. SBLC or MT799+TT103 2. Light Cicle Oil ( LCO): 100.000+100.000 MT X 3 X 12months. SBLC or MT799+TT10 3. Maz...
相关买家: 石油产品; Petroleum Products;
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