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[US] [1137081] 美国求购T恤(T Shirt) (07-30)
  We are interested in your catalog of shirtsThanks,Trevor Dandy1 416 788 6440
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相关买家: T恤; T-Shirt;
[GH] [1137025] 戛纳求购鞋(shoes) (07-30)
  Hello Sir / Madam, I am Mark from Ghana, West Africa. I am in work to procure some of your casual shoes. Kindly, send me your best price offer on FOB terms (SPECIFICALLY TEMA PORT) for the following ...
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相关买家: ; shoes;
[US] [1137023] 美国求购条纹衬衫(Man stripes button down collar oxford shirts short sleeve dress) (07-30)
  We are interested in your catalog of shirtsThanks,Trevor Dandy
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相关买家: 条纹衬衫; oxford shirts;
[MZ] [1136935] 莫桑比克求购校服(School Uniform) (07-29)
  Dear Sirs, There is a tender for school uniforms as per *** specifications. Could you please send me your best CIF Maputo Price.
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相关买家: 校服; School Uniform;
[PA] [1136800] [有图]巴拿马求购一字拖(Soft Thick Bottom Indoor Women House Slippers) (07-27)
  ) - Uniseason Manufactuer Super quantity: 1500 Piece/Pieces Panama 1500 Piece/Pieces Hi Joey, we are looking up to import this slippers.we want to buy samples and ask if we can c...
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相关买家: 一字拖; House Slippers;
[ZR] [1136779] 刚果求购运动服(School Sport Wear) (07-27)
  Hello, I need sport wears for student of 3years to 19 years old with my school logo. Please send to me a quotation and prices with pictures and size. Regards
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相关买家: 运动服; School Sport Wear;
[PL] [1136752] 波兰求购欧洲按钮/按扣(EUROPE buttons/ snaps) (07-26)
  Hello We sell in EUROPE buttons/ snaps like a design. Now we are looking for exactly the snap edge as article No. CFFF9 PIASTRINA LISCIO - smooth and RIGATO- grooved If you have such snaps edg...
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相关买家: 按钮; 按扣; buttons; snaps;
[QA] [1136744] 卡塔尔求购T恤(T-shirt) (07-26)
  Dear Managing Director/Export Manager, I would like to know more about your products. Please send me a brochure, a product catalog and price details. Do you have a sales point in Qatar, Hoping to...
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相关买家: T恤; T-shirt;
[US] [1136697] 美国求购睡衣(sleepwear) (07-26)
  We are looking for sleepwear factory to filful our growing business, our sleepwear division is grown a lot since 2015. Please forward me your Company profile, manufacturing facility details and profil...
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相关买家: 睡衣; sleepwear;
[AE] [1136596] 阿联酋求购女士雪纺衫及衬衫(women blouses and shirt) (07-23)
  Dear Sir/Madam, I am elkana chris of elkallonnyi trading company We are sales and trading company. I am interested in your company profile and needs to start up purchase business with your company....
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相关买家: 女士雪纺衫; 衬衫; women blouses; shirt;
[KW] [1136319] [有图]科威特求购女士夹克(Women's clothes) (07-21)
  Hello Dears if you are a factory in Korea continue reading Hope you are Safe and Healthy. we have our own designs and looking for a factory to bring these designs to life. as a start Therefore wou...
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相关买家: 女士夹克;
[PK] [1136233] [有图]巴基斯坦求购睡衣(Sleepwear Soft PJ Set Loungewear Two Piece Polyester Pajama Set) (07-20)
  Wholesale Pajamas for Women Short Sleeve quantity: 500 Piece/Pieces Pakistan Apparel 500 Piece/Pieces Hi kindly share your catalogue at ****address
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相关买家: 睡衣; Sleepwear; Pajama Set;
[US] [1136017] [有图]美国求购女士套装(shirt and shorts) (07-16)
  Hello,My name is Aaron with I am looking to get 30 of these with logo printed on shirt and shorts. I am in a rush though and need them delivered and arrive to me by July 19th or 2...
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相关买家: 女士套装; shirt and shorts;
[US] [1135973] [有图]美国求购男士 T 恤(Polo shirts) (07-15)
  Hello My name is Shawn,My company needs a variety of sizes as gondolier uniforms. Please let me know shipping and duty cost to Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Please see *** photo of your shirt. we need the st...
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相关买家: 男士T恤; Polo shirts;
[IN] [1135944] 印度求购按扣磁性按钮(Snap Magnetic button) (07-15)
  Dear Sir / Madam, This is Hitesh from Mumbai, India.I manufacture and export cotton knitted garments to European markets since past 30 years. Please see my company details at I require...
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相关买家: 按扣; 磁性按钮; Snap Magnetic button;
[SA] [1135803] 沙特阿拉伯求购假发(Synthetic Fiber Training Head Mannequin Head Hair Catting, Styli) (07-14)
  Product specifications: 1. Hair Material: High-temperature Synthetic Fiber Hair. 2. Total Length: 16 inches (from the forehead to the back hair end) *Note: Hair limbs must be equal (straight). ...
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相关买家: 假发;
[UK] [1135762] 英国求购鞋子(info request) (07-13)
  Hello, I'm Lorraine from London,UK. I'm starting a women's shoe business爁or wide feet. I am looking for a shoe manufacturer and am interested to know more about your factory. Here are some key info ...
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相关买家: 鞋子;
[AR] [1135724] 阿根廷求购鞋子(Shoes for Argentina) (07-13)
  Dears have a good day I had been an old customer of your Company purchasing kid shoes for Darry SA in Argentina We would like to make business again with you Please contact us Best Regard...
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相关买家: 鞋子; Shoes;
[CH] [1135706] 瑞士求购高跟鞋(about: high heel shoe) (07-13)
  Hookup Ladies Makes use of Totally free Matters? A Great Side to side Gain! Totally free hookup ladies dating apps on the internet is the solution if you're sick and tired of going to cafes and...
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相关买家: 高跟鞋; high heel shoe;
[US] [1135621] 美国求购皮夹克(leather jackets) (07-12)
  Hi, Im interested in your leather jackets. I am looking to add leather jackets for winter season. I will need to source hight quality products therefore. If you able to provide me with a sample siz...
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相关买家: 皮夹克; leather jackets;
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