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[ID] [760646] 印度尼西亚求购低价消费品(Cheap Consumer Goods) (03-18)
  Looking For Super Cheap Consumer Goods Our company is looking for super CHEAP consumer goods. It can be any goods so long it is cheap compared to the same type of goods. For example, men's tie, in th...
相关买家: Cheap Consumer Goods; 消费品;
[IN] [760626] 印度求购房子(Property) (03-18)
  Need Property In Europe With Good Rental Income I NEED A GOOD PROPERTY WITH GOOD RENTAL INCOME IN Europe
相关买家: 房子; Property;
[PL] [760625] 波兰求购一美元商店(one dollar store) (03-18)
  one dollar store item/goods We are looking for AGENTS REPRESENTATIVES of china company / manufacturer in Hamburg( Germany). We are looking for any goods for one dollar store. Please contact:
相关买家: one dollar store; 商店;
[AE] [760614] 阿拉伯求购餐馆设备(Equipment For Restaurants) (03-18)
  Kindly send the description of products you provide.
相关买家: 餐馆设备; Equipment For Restaurants;
[US] [760547] 美国求购便宜产品(anything good) (03-17)
  open for anything good / just looking Excellent condition<>Not expensive<>No truckload of goods<>Sell quickly<>No problems with trademarks or US Customs.
相关买家: anything good; 便宜产品;
[IE] [760545] 爱尔兰求购各种产品(good deals) (03-17)
  good deals of everything and anything im an irish buyer looking to buy anything if its a good deal so send me your offers
相关买家: 各种产品; good deals;
[IR] [760543] 伊朗求购各种产品(all goods) (03-17)
  all goods Hello. There is a blog which has a short and useful information & explanation for the business which can,t be placed in this section. To access it,s address simply send an email to us...
相关买家: all goods; 各种产品;
[US] [760529] 美国求购风水产品(Feng Shui Products) (03-17)
  Will be visiting Hong Kong next month for purpose of finding high-quality feng shui items. Would like to receive information and details about your feng shui products and set up appointment to meet wh...
相关买家: 风水产品; Feng Shui Products;
[CZ] [760523] 捷克求购低价产品(EVERYTHING GOODS) (03-17)
  EVERYTHING GOODS for a VERY LOW PRICES! I would like to buy everything goods, which have a very low price. Thank you for your offers.
[IN] [760501] 印度求购消费品(Million FMCG) (03-17)
  Sourcing of Good Quality Copra 1000MT per month We, Marico Limited, a USD 455 Million FMCG company, are looking for sourcing Good quality copra from South East Asia, 1000MT/mth
相关买家: Million FMCG; 消费品;
[ZA] [760500] 南非求购运输代理(service agent) (03-17)
  looking for a goods collecting service agent Your company should be abale to do the following services for us: 1. collecting samples 2. collecting and following my orders 3. check manufact...
相关买家: service agent; 运输代理;
[PK] [760374] 巴基斯坦求购通用产品(Consumable Items) (03-16)
  General Consumable Items We are looking for General Consumable Items used for any Industrial purpose
相关买家: Consumable Items; 通用产品;
[UK] [760372] 英国求购条幅(Flags/Banners) (03-16)
  Flags/Banners/Promotion Items I sell flags/banners/promotional items. I need supplier that can provide me with these items and manufacture flags to my designs
相关买家: Banners; Flags; 条幅;
[HK] [760368] 香港求购促销产品(Consumable Items) (03-16)
  Buy Consumable Items We are interesting to purchase the Consumable Items for the Original and OEM brands.
相关买家: 促销产品; Consumable Items;
[US] [760365] 美国求购直运产品(Items) (03-16)
  Items to drop ship from 1 to 100 pcs depending on product - will be drop shipping to homes. Order as little as 1 piece, part, bag, etc.
相关买家: Items; 直运产品;
[US] [760358] 美国求购新型产品(items) (03-16)
  IIn Need of items to Sell on E-Bay I am in Need of Products to sell on E-Bay. The products have to be competively priced since E-Bay is highly price competitive. Also a reliable drop shipper of the...
相关买家: items; 新型产品;
[HK] [760309] 香港求购库存货(Closeout) (03-16)
  Closeout, Surplus, overstock electronic items wanted Our US buyer sell THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of speakers (not finished-raw drivers). Any closeout or over-runs electronic items wanted. Mainly Aud...
相关买家: Closeout; 库存货;
[US] [760299] 美国求购促销产品(Marketing Promotion Items) (03-16)
  Marketing Promotion Items Looking for suppliers for promotional items, must be able to add custom printing to products
相关买家: 促销产品; Marketing Promotion Items;
[UK] [760288] 英国求购促销品(musc retailer) (03-16)
  Looking For Niche Market Item; Entry Level Opportunity Small items and accessories required for musc retailer.
相关买家: 促销品; musc retailer;
[SA] [760272] 沙特求购餐馆设备(Restaurant Equipments) (03-16)
  We are looking for restaurant equipments exporter. Regards Fahd Ali
相关买家: 餐馆设备; Restaurant Equipments;
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