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[RU] [1086107] 俄罗斯求购相机(camera) (05-30)
  Здравствуйте! Я заинтересован в вашем товаре YI домашняя камера беспроводная WiFi HD 720P 1080 P, международная версия., я бы хотел уточнить некоторые подробности: С нетерпением жду Вашего ответа.
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[CA] [1086076] 加拿大求购数码相机(camera) (05-30)
  Hi, I’m interested in your product Digital Camera, I would like some more details. Can you give the best price?
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相关买家: 数码相机; camera;
[CZ] [1085986] 捷克求购相机(camera) (05-29)
  Hi I want order 1 camera! Its possible to send it to Czech Repuvlic and how it will be cost? Best regards
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相关买家: 相机; camera;
[IN] [1085974] 印度求购4K相机(4K camera) (05-29)
  Hi, I’m interested in your product Camera 4K/5Gz WIFI for sale, I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply.
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相关买家: 4K相机; 4K camera;
[PL] [1085969] 波兰求购相机(720P camera) (05-29)
  Hi, I’m interested in your product, the details I need: Quantity: 2000 I look forward to your reply. We're building a product that will be a 720 camera for animal use. Can you make a camera accordin...
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相关买家: 相机; camera;
[PH] [1085876] 菲律宾求购相机(camera) (05-29)
  Hi, I’m interested in your product Home Camera, 720p/1080P Wi-Fi IP Security Surveillance System with Motion Alert, I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply.
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相关买家: 相机; camera;
[GH] [1085819] 加纳求购苹果手机,平板(used iphone and tablet) (05-29)
  I am interested in used iphone and tablets. No scammer
the buyer have joined [Quick-Sample]
相关买家: 苹果手机; used iphone;
[IN] [1085670] 印度求购数据线(USB 2.0 LED mobile phone cables) (05-28)
  I need detailed specifications for your Fashion Led USB-C cable flat charge cable 1m. Please also provide me with the price, CIF/place. 1000 Units
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相关买家: 数据线; mobile phone cables;
[SG] [1085599] 新加坡求购蓝牙锁(BLUETOOTH LOCK) (05-27)
  Electrical Cabinet Lock Keyless RFID Card Lock with Wireless Bluetooth App for LOCKER
相关买家: 蓝牙锁; BLUETOOTH LOCK;
[US] [1085591] 美国求购相机(camera) (05-27)
  Hy, Show me, what kind of products you have... You sell in ***?? Your link shop.? Regards
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相关买家: 相机; camera;
[US] [1085586] 美国求购相机(camera) (05-27)
  can you provide a stock list with prices?
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相关买家: 相机; camera;
[US] [1085472] [有图]美国求购投影机(full hd dlp overhead short throw projector) (05-27)
  Im interested in your product Free sample 4k mini full hd dlp projector dropshipping cosmos star projector, I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply. Regards,
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相关买家: 投影机; projector;
[AU] [1085362] 澳大利亚求购播放器(Video Player) (05-26)
  This is Mark from Australia, since 19***and Casa Group have 8 company in Australia Please let me know the details and price of this products Regards John
相关买家: 播放器; Video Player;
[AE] [1085253] 阿联酋求购电脑(Computers) (05-26)
  Interested in computer Apple, Computers, Dell.
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相关买家: 电脑; Computers;
[UK] [1085244] 英国求购旧电脑(Used Computers) (05-26)
  If you sell Used Computer but they still on good shape to use.
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相关买家: 旧电脑; Used Computers;
[BG] [1085185] 保加利亚求购Oled屏(about: 2.4 Oled, Yellow ( Blue or Green) (05-25)
  Hello ! I would like to have more information about minimum order and the price ? Thank you !
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相关买家: Oled屏; Oled;
[IN] [1085166] 印度求购VR头盔(Quotation for 100 VR headset) (05-25)
  Dear Sir, I am looking to deliver 100 VR headsets to Mumbai, India.
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相关买家: VR头盔; VR headset;
[SG] [1085161] [有图]新加坡求购麦克风(Microphone for computer) (05-25)
  I am looking for microphone for computer with the following specs: driver-free and plug-and-play design, installing USB microphone is a breeze. High-quality cardioid mic capsule inside provides reli...
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相关买家: 麦克风; Microphone;
[KZ] [1085100] 哈萨克斯坦求购尼康双目望远镜(Nikon 10x25 ProStaff ATB Binocular) (05-25)
  Binoculars 6 pieces - impact resistance, -full Water resistance, - good breadth of field of view,- Photosensitivity. -Volume increase for Open Spaces-10x40, 10x50; -must show when Any weather cond...
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相关买家: 双目望远镜; Binocular;
[AO] [1084990] 安哥拉求购usb 2.0采集卡(Black Color USB Audio Grabber) (05-25)
  Dear Sir/ Madam,We are an importing company based in Angola. We are very interested in your USB 2.0 Video Grabber with Audio Video screen capture, USB 2.0 Plug & Play Interface.Do you have any quality...
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相关买家: 采集卡; USB Audio Grabber;
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