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Environmental protection [2000条. 页码 12/100]    

[VE] [1046338] 委内瑞拉求购再生丁基橡胶(Reclaimed butyl rubber) (08-19)
  How much per ton of reclaimed butyl rubber? I need the type as description: Elongation: 180%-480% Density: 1.2g/cm3 Tensile: 4Mpa-20Mpa
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 再生丁基橡胶; Reclaimed butyl rubber;
[IN] [1046160] 印度求购可降解塑料产品(Biodegradable plastic products) (08-16)
  My wife has started a company that will be supplying alternative to single use plastic. Would be interested to supply to us. If yes please email your product profile, rates, delivery schedule and p...
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 可降解塑料产品; Biodegradable plastic products;
[BH] [1045982] 巴林求购水箱(Sectional Water Tank) (08-16)
  Dear Sir We are leading steel fabrication company in Bahrain. We have enquiry about the GRP Sectional Water Tank. The Water Tank shall be following specifications; GRP Sectional Water Tanks Size ...
Remaining views: 23
相关买家: 水箱; Sectional Water Tank;
[PR] [1045652] 波多黎各求购废油(Used Cooking Oil) (08-14)
  Dear Fred: Do you have used cooking oil to be delivered to South Africa? More details once you reply. Regards, Nelson Acosta
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 废油; Used Cooking Oil;
[HK] [1045157] 香港求购钢轨废料(rail scrap) (08-13)
  We are buyer of rail scrap.
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 钢轨废料; rail scrap;
[TW] [1045153] 台湾求购切边废料(Hr Trimming Scrap) (08-13)
  I would like to purchase Hr trimming scrap.
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 切边废料; Hr Trimming Scrap;
[IT] [1045103] 意大利求购废钢轨金属屑(Metal Scrap Used Rails) (08-12)
  Hi please inform me about the price of 1 ton of scrap metal in any kind you have cause I need about 50 000 ton every month to send it to KUWAUT country Thanks Saad
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 废钢轨; Metal Scrap; Used Rails;
[HK] [1045061] 香港求购回收用品(Recycled supplies) (08-12)
  Metal, Paper, Printing and Packaging, Plastic, Wood, Rubber~Recycling industries.
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 回收用品; Recycled supplies;
[HK] [1044800] 香港求购废电脑(computer scrap) (08-09)
  I am looking for the Scrap of Cisco Switches and servers, recycle/scrap laptops, computers, computer power supplies and laptop chargers and all stuff related with IT.
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 废电脑; computer scrap;
[HK] [1044769] 香港求购废塑料(Ldpe Waste) (08-09)
  Im interested to buy LDPE scrap. Could you provide me more information? Can I have your contact number as well?
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 废塑料; Ldpe Waste;
[ID] [1044760] 印度尼西亚求购纺织废料(Textile Waste) (08-09)
  Dear Sir, I would like to receive offer for textile waste, cotton waste or any available stock you have. Please contact me.
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 纺织废料; Textile Waste;
[HK] [1044602] 香港求购废塑料(Plastic Scrap) (08-08)
  Hello Sir I am Intrested in Bales of LDPE for Buying.
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 废塑料; Plastic Scrap;
[PK] [1043360] 巴基斯坦求购冰箱压缩机废料(FRIDGE COMPRESSOR SCRAP) (08-02)
  Dear sir, we are interested to buy fridge compressor scrap in bulk quantity plz quote your best price per m.ton cnf karachi Pakistan.
Remaining views: 25
[TR] [1043037] 土耳其求购牛奶瓶废料(milk bottle scrap) (08-01)
  I m interested in milk bottle scrap.Our company is based in Turkey.We can buy scraps up to 1000 tonnes.Could you give me your price pls?Thanks in advance.
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 牛奶瓶废料; milk bottle scrap;
[UK] [1042595] 英国求购废塑料(plastic scrap) (07-30)
  Hi We are in need of your products can you contact us to enable us talk more and on your prices to enable us proceed on this business.
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 废塑料; plastic scrap;
[HK] [1042580] 香港求购废塑料(scrap plastic hdpe) (07-30)
  Hi, we need scrap plastic hdpe, Ldpe with big quantity, we are large company from China, pls kindly contact me at email.
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 废塑料; scrap plastic hdpe;
[VN] [1042159] 越南求购废钢铁(iron scrap metal) (07-30)
  Hi there, We're interested in Iron Wire Scrap, kindly let us know if you can provide such request. Kindly reach me at for faster response. Thank you. Kind regards, Hayley
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 废钢铁; iron scrap metal;
[ZM] [1042067] 赞比亚求购二手车发动机(Used car Engines) (07-29)
  I would like to buy TD27 Engine 3S Engine complete with gear box and 1AZ engine.
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 二手车发动机; Used car Engines;
[UK] [1041974] 英国求购废塑料桶(HDPE drum scrap) (07-29)
  Please send us quotation for HDPE drum scrap in Bales (blue). Fob Uk and Mersin Turkey. we need it there. Quantity:2 Container Best Regards.
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 废塑料桶; HDPE drum scrap;
[ZA] [1041937] 南非求购旧电机废料(Cheap Used Electric Motor Scrap) (07-26)
  Can I bay scrap motor by you and how much per kg.
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 旧电机废料; Used Electric Motor Scrap;
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