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[BE] [1126446] 比利时求购时尚配饰(Fashion Accessories) (04-14)
  Dear Sir / Madam, We are looking for Cosmetics / Perfumes / Luxury designer Branded products - Estee Lauder, La Prairie, La Mer, Guerlain, Clarins, Dior, Lancome, Helena Rubinstein, Eve Lom, Kei...
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相关买家: 时尚配饰; Fashion Accessories;
[GR] [1126394] 希腊求购手指玩具(figure toy) (04-14)
  We are interested in running a promotion and we are looking for mini sucker stickeez toys. The idea is to make a collection of 10-15 different figures so that the customer to be able to try to collec...
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相关买家: 手指玩具; figure toy;
[CL] [1126392] [有图]智利求购胸针(badge holder) (04-14)
  Hello, how are you, I need to produce 4.000 of these retractable Id badge holder with a small personalization of a brand. (Maybe B TIPE with a logo in the middle) I this possible? could you give more ...
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相关买家: 胸针; badge holder;
[KR] [1126388] [有图]韩国求购可调节硅胶手镯(Adjustable Silicone Bracelet) (04-14)
  Heavy Silicone Fitness Exercise Ankle Weights Adjustable Silicone Bracelet Dear Sir This is KS Yang,Owner of Sourcing Factory Inc. from Korea. One of my customer now finding *** Heavy Silicone Fit...
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相关买家: 硅胶手镯; Silicone Bracelet;
[AE] [1126121] 阿联酋求购黄金(Goldbars) (04-12)
  We are looking forward to source Gold Dore Bars. Qty : 50kg, 100kg weekly. We are a large importer and looking to increase imports into dubai. Once we verify the gold, we would like the begin shi...
相关买家: 黄金; Goldbars;
[TH] [1126117] 泰国求购宝石(Gemstones) (04-12)
  Dear Sir, We are searching for miners and suppliers of Rough Gemstones from Cameroon. Please let us know what all you have available for sale. Thank you.
相关买家: 宝石; Gemstones;
[IN] [1126067] 印度求购宝石(Gemstones) (04-12)
  We wish to see different Gemstones that you sell and choose which quantity we will buy. Inetrested suppliers may please contact us ASAP. Thank you.
相关买家: 宝石; Gemstones;
[AE] [1126054] 阿联酋求购黄金(Gold Bars) (04-12)
  We are looking forward to source Gold Dore Bars. Qty : 50kg, 100kg weekly. We are a large importer and looking to increase imports into dubai. Once we verify the gold, we would like the begin shi...
相关买家: 黄金; Gold Bars;
[AT] [1125985] [有图]奥地利求购EVA运动太阳镜硬盒(EVA Hardcase for sports sunglass) (04-12)
  Looking for a hardcase very urgent as one of our suppliers failed to deliver product. Requirements: -Holds 1 sports sunglass & 1 replacement lens (one piece) -Zipper Customized with logo Please s...
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相关买家: 太阳镜硬盒; EVA Hardcase; sports sunglass;
[UK] [1125919] 英国求购发卡(hair clips) (04-11)
  Hello, I am looking for a variety of strong hair clips in different colours. is this something you can help with? please message me.
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相关买家: 发卡; hair clips;
[US] [1125902] 美国求购粉晶刮痧板(Rose Quartz Gua Sha) (04-10)
  Dear My name is Esmeralda Reyes and I am the owner of AMZ FBA REYES, a company specializing in beauty products for skincare and tools. We are currently looking to expand our product line and are ...
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相关买家: 刮痧板; Rose Quartz Gua Sha;
[ZA] [1125890] 南非求购双齐档发(Double Drawn Hair) (04-10)
  I would like to find out if you supply Double Drawn Hair.If yes, please let us know. Thank you.
[GM] [1125677] 冈比亚求购相框(photo frame) (04-08)
  I am a distributor of photo frame. I am interested in your products Thanks Yours Gods power Ogaga Banjul. The Gambia, West Africa
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相关买家: 相框; photo frame;
[US] [1125580] 美国求购陶瓷花瓶(nordic bust vase home decor) (04-08)
  i am interested in the vase, i plan on ordering more, but to begin, how much price per unit for 100-200 vases with color variation.
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相关买家: 陶瓷花瓶;
[IN] [1125517] 印度求购浮木艺术品(Driftwood Art) (04-08)
  who Driftwood Art For Sale?
相关买家: 艺术品; Driftwood Art;
[AE] [1125327] 阿联酋求购柠檬绿紫水晶(Citrine & Green Amethyst) (04-07)
  We have a requirement of Citrine & Green Amethyst. Very large quantity required. Please advice.
相关买家: 紫水晶; Amethyst;
[UK] [1125303] 英国求购黄金(Gold Bullion) (04-07)
  Dear Sir / Madam, We are looking for Jet A1, D6, LCO, LPG, Aluminium Ingots, Copper Cathodes, Iron Ore, Gold Bullion Swiss procedures. Please only send SCO if products and sellers are real. ...
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相关买家: 黄金; Gold Bullion;
[AU] [1125286] 澳大利亚求购家居装饰(gautam buddha) (04-06)
  Hello, Can you send me a quote for 100 sample?
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相关买家: 家居装饰; gautam buddha;
[US] [1125048] 美国求购丹佛环(Rings Denver) (04-05)
  Unique Engagement Rings Denver.
相关买家: 丹佛环; Rings Denver;
[US] [1125047] 美国求购结婚戒指(Wedding Bands) (04-05)
  Wedding Bands Pittsburgh - Casa D’Oro.
相关买家: 结婚戒指; Wedding Bands;
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