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[US] [1159832] 美国求购台式pupusa机玉米饼机(Desktop pupusa making machine tortilla machine) (03-28)
  My name is and I'm the CFO of, a recently founded company that specializes in pupusa production.I am looking for a machine to make pupusas automatically.Pupusas are corn tortillas filled w...
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相关买家: 玉米饼机;
[VE] [1159815] 委内瑞拉求购饮水机(3 in 1 Drinking Dispenser Rotating) (03-28)
  Hello, Glad to greet you, Im Nabor Herrera. I belong to Pinchili China Service Limited; We are a purchasing and broker agent in China, we offer import & logistic services to clients from Europe, US...
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相关买家: 饮水机;
[IQ] [1159810] 伊拉克求购果汁机(Fruit Juicer) (03-28)
  Electric fruit juicer like the image
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相关买家: 果汁机; Fruit Juicer;
[US] [1159720] 美国求购机器人比萨机(Robotic Pizza Maker) (03-26)
  We are looking for a partner to sell Robotic Pizza Makers in the US to accompany our POS (Purchase Order System) and AI Phone Order and Texting Software as a bundled solution. Los Angeles time zone...
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相关买家: 比萨机; Pizza Maker;
[MT] [1159712] 马耳他求购超声波雾化机(ultrasound nebulizer machine) (03-26)
  my company is. I would like to sell these in Malta and Sicily. Is it ce approved?
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相关买家: 超声波雾化机; ultrasound nebulizer machine;
[BE] [1159702] 比利时求购LED灯带(LED Tape lights) (03-26)
  Please sent me e-mail to arrange telephone call in English I am an European artist that works with light strips in self-made light boxes. Got may questions for set up business plan for Belgian bank//...
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相关买家: LED灯带; LED Tape lights;
[UK] [1159681] [有图]英国求购榨汁机(blender) (03-26)
  we are looking for *** mini portable blender 350ml USB rechargeable portable blender,what is the price?
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相关买家: 榨汁机; blender;
[TG] [1159676] [有图]多哥求购煮蛋机(egg boiler) (03-26)
  We need Electric Egg Boiler for Togo,what is your best seller?
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相关买家: 煮蛋机; egg boiler;
[RO] [1159623] 罗马尼亚求购空气混合***机(air mixing lottery machine) (03-25)
  Dear supplier,I'm interested in your product, the air mixing lottery machine. I would like to know more about it. Can it air draw 1 ball every 2 seconds? Can it support customisation?Here is my email ...
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相关买家: 彩票机; lottery machine;
[NG] [1159600] 尼日利亚求购搅拌机(Silver Crest Blender) (03-25)
  1 cup 3000watt multifunction
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相关买家: 搅拌机; Blender;
[IN] [1159541] 印度求购净水器(water filter) (03-25)
  Hi supplier, I am interested in your Water filters. Could you please send me your price list and a sample? I would also need to know the payment method preferred by you. Yours faithfully, pius awha...
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相关买家: 净水器; water filter;
[TN] [1159388] [有图]突尼斯求购烟囱蛋糕机(Chimney Cake Machine) (03-23)
  Hi, I am , I am a wholesaler in Tunisia. I am looking for long-term business. I would like to place a trial order for a Doughnut Cone Kurtos Kalacs Oven Chimney Cake Machine If the quality is good,...
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相关买家: 蛋糕机; Cake Machine;
[AT] [1159275] 奥地利求购除霜温控器(Defrost thermostat JC-101) (03-23)
  you can email it please to thanks
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相关买家: 除霜温控器; Defrost thermostat;
[CZ] [1159247] 捷克求购LED头灯(mini headlamp) (03-23)
  Dear Mr and Mrs, for my client i need offer - Cheap ABS Plastic AAA Battery Adjustable COB LED Head Lamp 8000pcs Send me offer asap Please can you send me offer: br,
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相关买家: LED头灯; mini headlamp;
[CA] [1159245] 加拿大求购智能电视(Interactive Android/Windows Smart TV) (03-23)
  Interactive Android/Windows Smart TV for online teaching purposes
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[ZA] [1159238] 南非求购迷你直发器(Mini Hair Straightener) (03-23)
  Mini hair straightener with USB charging system, salon quality high kilowatts
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相关买家: 迷你直发器; Mini Hair Straightener;
[BR] [1159200] 巴西求购冷暖风扇(Cool and warm dual-purpose fan) (03-22)
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相关买家: 冷暖风扇; Cool and warm fan;
[BR] [1159195] 巴西求购手持吸尘器(Handheld vacuum cleaner) (03-22)
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相关买家: 手持吸尘器; Handheld vacuum cleaner;
[AE] [1159178] 阿联酋求购烘手机(Jet Air Hand Dryer) (03-22)
  Hi,Hope all going good at your end.We are looking to start our own range of products. Can you please provide detailed brochure on the below address to start new co-operation with you.
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相关买家: 烘手机; Air Hand Dryer;
[AE] [1159144] 阿联酋求购地埋灯(inground lights) (03-22)
  we need various wattages of inground lights with very narrow beam for villa columns and pillars. send me details at
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相关买家: 地埋灯; inground lights;
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