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security protection [4000条. 页码 81/200]    

[EG] [834454] 埃及求购指纹锁(fingerprint lock) (02-22)
  please call or send me an email to know how we can cooperate together cause I'm very interested about your stuff. best regards
相关买家: 指纹锁; fingerprint lock;
[CA] [834105] 加拿大求购安全围栏(Safety fencing) (02-21)
  I am looking for 200' of safety fencing at least 4' high. I am located in Springfield, MO. I also need this by April 12. Do you have in stock?
相关买家: 安全围栏; Safety fencing;
[VN] [834098] 越南求购避雷针(lightning-rod) (02-21)
  I would like to have some information about products, price & catalogues of lightning-rod products.
相关买家: 避雷针; lightning rod;
[IR] [833429] 伊朗求购超声探头(ultrasound probe) (02-17)
  I'm looking for compatible ultrasound probe whit esaote company . Spatially PA230 echo cardiography and LA523 sonography probes . our group can sale a lot of these models in middle east . If ...
相关买家: 超声探头; ultrasound probe;
[UK] [833074] 英国求购无线***(wireless alarm) (02-15)
  Dear Sir I recently purchased your excellent wireless alarm kh8819 but unfortunately i do not have the instuction manual. could you send me the manual(pdf) via email?
相关买家: 无线报警器; wireless alarm;
[AU] [832987] 澳大利亚求购通行辊(toll roll) (02-15)
  We are looking for a company in Australia who can do toll roll manufacturing of roll formed products. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks
相关买家: 通行辊; toll roll;
[PK] [832921] 巴基斯坦求购轮椅(patient wheel chairs) (02-15)
  Dear manufacturer and exporters we want to import patient wheel chairs,walking sticks,walkers,krutches from china so reliable companies can send me their FOB price list and availability. i will like t...
相关买家: 轮椅; patient wheel chairs;
[UK] [832895] 英国求购家用煤气***(household gas alarm) (02-15)
  Hi. What does it mean if red light flicks on and off now and then without alarm going off. Could it be detecting small amount of gas but not enough to set off alarm.
相关买家: 家用煤气报警器; household gas alarm;
[US] [832811] 美国求购防火梯(fire escape) (02-15)
  i am trying to get information on desighning and building a fire escape on a 7 story build that has many complications on the bottom floors, as an alternate for drilling holes through a bank roof and ...
相关买家: 防火梯; fire escape;
[UK] [832302] 英国求购3G视频摄像头(3G Video Camera) (02-13)
  Please send us more images and prices and a demo unit and full functions of the camera also is this the same as ZTE MF68?
相关买家: 3G视频摄像头; 3G Video Camera;
[CA] [832098] 加拿大求购安全栏锁(secure bar locks) (02-10)
  I need secure bar locks for two four drawer filing cabinets
相关买家: 安全栏锁; secure bar locks;
[NG] [831862] 尼日利亚求购安全设备(security equipments) (02-09)
  please furnish me with the security equipments in the market, both the ones made by you and your competitors. am interested in the area of burglar proofs, like bank vaults for instance. i want to know...
相关买家: 安全设备; security equipments;
[CA] [831647] 加拿大求购无线家庭报警系统(wireless home alarm system) (02-08)
  please send me informations about wireless home alarm system.
相关买家: 无线家庭报警系统; wireless home alarm system;
[MY] [831497] 马来西亚求购门控系统(door control system) (02-08)
  we want to supply the access door control system to you for security.
相关买家: 门控系统; door control system;
[MU] [831348] 毛里求斯求购消防设备(fire fighting equipment) (02-06)
  fire fighting equipment,looking for a potential company for importation.
相关买家: 消防设备; fire fighting equipment;
[IQ] [831050] 伊拉克求购易曲护柱(flexible bollard) (02-02)
  Need price for 850 pcs flexible bollard 1 mtr. high with chain loop and also plastic chain 85 pcs. each 20 mtr. long.
相关买家: 易曲护柱; flexible bollard;
[RU] [830795] 俄国求购汽车防盗器(car alarm) (01-30)
  I live in the Russian Federation and i need 3 pieces, what sum of all are necessary to me.
相关买家: 汽车防盗器; car alarm;
[US] [830749] 美国求购金属门探测器(Detector metal portal) (01-29)
  Hi, I\\\'m interested in your LD-C Walk Through Metal Detector. I am an exporter in Miami, Florida and want to ship to Dominican Republic. Please send me a quote for my customers approval. I apprec...
相关买家: 金属门探测器; Detector metal portal;
[NG] [830712] 尼日利亚求购警报系统(Alarm system) (01-29)
  Dear dealer please can i get detail on quality and quantity of your product you can also include the price too or your catelogue. regards
相关买家: 警报系统; Alarm system;
[PL] [830567] 波兰求购频闪压电警报器(Piezo Siren with Strobe) (01-19)
  Could you send mi more information about piezo siren with strobe EAS-280. I am interested in mounting details: diameter and spacing of mounting holes.
相关买家: 警报器;
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