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[IN] [970521] 印度求购翼闸(flap turnstile) (04-19)
  Details are as follows: Flap Turnstile Model No; Ds300b (passage Barrier)
相关买家: 翼闸; flap turnstile;
[IN] [970520] 印度求购道闸(barrier gate) (04-19)
  how about the price between 3meters boom barrier gate and the 5 meters boom barrier gate?
相关买家: 道闸; barrier gate;
[IN] [970519] 印度求购道闸(boom barrier) (04-19)
  I think we need to reconfirm the details about the boom barrier .Thanks you.
相关买家: 道闸; boom barrier;
[IN] [970518] 印度求购翼闸(Flap Barrier) (04-18)
  hi damon,i will be back to you ,talking more deails about the Flap Barrier for our playground.
相关买家: 翼闸; Flap Barrier;
[IN] [970517] 印度求购三辊闸(tripod turnstile) (04-18)
  How about the lead time of the 5 sets tripod turnstile?By sea.
相关买家: 三辊闸; tripod turnstile;
[US] [970516] 美国求购三辊闸(tripod turnstile) (04-18)
  Good day . We got a company named Shenzhen E-Energy Trading Co. Ltd. Mostly we buy from them. Thank you.
相关买家: 三辊闸; tripod turnstile;
[US] [970515] 美国求购翼闸(flap turnstile) (04-18)
  thanks for the call. please check the ***ement,seeing if you can meet the requirements.
相关买家: 翼闸; flap turnstile;
[IN] [970513] 印度求购翼闸(swing barrier) (04-18)
  i am afraid you have to recommend to us the cheapest swing barrier with datasheet and price.many thanks.
相关买家: 翼闸; swing barrier;
[PK] [970512] 巴基斯坦求购三辊闸(tripod turnstile) (04-18)
  hi do you have the cheaper one?
相关买家: 三辊闸; tripod turnstile;
[US] [970511] 美国求购三辊闸(tripod turnstile) (04-18)
  nice to talking to you,too. we are still waiting for the news from the customer. anyway,i will try our best to push it. thank you.
相关买家: 三辊闸; tripod turnstile;
[MX] [970510] 墨西哥求购三辊闸(tripod turnstile) (04-18)
  Could you show me more types about the tripod turnstile?We do not like the one you sent before.
相关买家: 三辊闸; tripod turnstile;
[PK] [970509] 巴基斯坦求购通道闸产品(pedestrian barrier gate) (04-18)
  I am sorry your price was so high,we have no profit at all.Thanks for the following.
相关买家: 通道闸产品; pedestrian barrier gate;
[QA] [970508] 卡塔尔求购停车场管理系统(Car parking Management System) (04-18)
  please let me know more details about your Car parking Management System.
相关买家: 停车场管理系统; Car parking Management System;
[PK] [970506] 巴基斯坦求购道闸产品(gate barrier system) (04-18)
  bro,maybe we will visit your company next month,will let you know if the schedule is confirmed.
相关买家: 道闸产品; gate barrier system;
[IQ] [970505] 伊拉克求购道闸(gate barrier) (04-18)
  actually,the gate barrier is just one part of our products,but we do need some suppliers about that.what are your types?
相关买家: 道闸; gate barrier;
[ZA] [970504] 南非求购道闸(barrier gate) (04-18)
  how much about the type you recommend to us?
相关买家: 道闸; barrier gate;
[UK] [970503] 英国求购道闸 摆闸(barrier gate and turnstile barrier) (04-18)
  we are dealing with the Vehicle Barriers Secure Car parking barriers & automated car parking systems & Turnstiles Security Turnstiles to Safely Control Pedestrian Traffic Flow.Please send us your ca...
相关买家: 道闸; 摆闸; barrier gate; turnstile barrier;
[MY] [970501] 马来西亚求购道闸系统(barrier gate system) (04-18)
  i am very interested in your barrier gate system,could you show me more details
相关买家: 道闸系统; barrier gate system;
[MY] [970496] 马来西亚求购安防产品(security products) (04-18)
  we are dealing with the security product like the barrier gate,turnstile barrier and so on.
相关买家: 安防产品; security products;
[QA] [970495] 卡塔尔求购停车场产品(parking lot products) (04-18)
  Please send me the catlog about all your products.We are the real distributor in Qatar.Looking forward to the cooperation soon.
相关买家: 停车场产品; parking lot products;
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