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[NG] [1167185] 尼日利亚求购运动服、服装、笔记本电脑(Shoes, Sport Boots, Sports Wear, Clothing, Laptops and iPhone) (06-10)
  Sport boots Yellow or green 1kg Ankle sports boots
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相关买家: 运动服; 笔记本电脑;
[US] [1167145] 美国求购大码男士 T 恤(custom T shirt for men 100% cotton) (06-09)
  Hi, I'd like to know the following info: - Price per customized t-shirt with printing logo- Bulk production: if we want to order 1,000 t-shirts, will the price per t-shirt be cheaper? If so, by how mu...
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相关买家: 男士T恤; custom T shirt;
[US] [1167114] 美国求购袜子(50,000 pairs of SOCKS) (06-09)
  Dear Supplier, Greetings! We are ASPECT UNIFORM, based in the United States and specializes in supplying military and law enforcement uniforms to government agencies across the globe. We are ...
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相关买家: 袜子; SOCKS;
[US] [1167113] 美国求购贝雷帽和摩托车骑士套装(Military Beret & Motorcycle Rider's Suit) (06-09)
  Military Beret & Motorcycle Rider's Suit Good morning! We hope our email finds you well. We are ASPECT UNIFORM, based in the United States and specializes in supplying military and law enforc...
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相关买家: 贝雷帽; 摩托车骑士套装; Military Beret; Motorcycle Rider Suit;
[US] [1167112] 美国求购消防服(FIRESUIT) (06-09)
  Good afternoon! We hope all is well with you. We are ASPECT UNIFORM, based in the United States and specializes in supplying military and law enforcement uniforms to government agencies across t...
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相关买家: 消防服; FIRESUIT;
[AT] [1167079] 奥地利求购沙滩短裤(Beach Short OEM Color change) (06-02)
  we are looking for beach shorts with color change function Quantity: 100, 500, 1000 pcs Color change from white to red Incl. Logo Print FOB Price? Material? Function? Size? Packaging Det...
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相关买家: 沙滩短裤; Beach Short;
[US] [1167071] [有图]美国求购T恤(fit t-shirts) (06-09)
  Hello! This is Shawn from the Molaí Buying Department. I'm interested in buying an initial order of oversized as well as athletic fit t-shirts, 5-inch inseam athletic shorts, crew neck sweaters, swea...
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相关买家: T恤; t-shirts;
[IN] [1166987] 印度求购鞋子(Shoes) (06-08)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy various LA Sportiva Products like Shoes & Clothes in bulk. Please send us your product catalog & prices. Thank you.
相关买家: 鞋子; Shoes;
[AU] [1166968] [有图]澳大利亚求购T恤(Custom Heat Plastisol Transfers for T-Shirt) (06-08)
  Hi, I am after some logos so I can heat press to our uniforms. I just need it to be for the top left corner of the shirts. Our Uniforms are a navy Blue.I have *** a photo of our uniform and an ***ment...
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相关买家: T恤; T-Shirt;
[CN] [1166917] [有图]外贸公司求购针织包1000(knitting bag) (06-08)
  knitting bag, quantity:1000pcs
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相关买家: 针织包; knitting bag;
[IN] [1166860] 印度求购鞋子(Shoes) (06-07)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Child Clothes, Handbags, Shoes for both kids and adults. adults clothes. Kindly send us your best prices. Thank you.
相关买家: 鞋子; Shoes;
[BE] [1166826] [有图]比利时求购安全服(coverall suit unisex) (06-07)
  Hello I might be interested to purchase this overall same color for an event harvesting fruit on a field. It should be in cotton and 25 pieces of all available sizes S/M/L/XL/2XL or a total of 125 pie...
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相关买家: 安全服; coverall suit unisex;
[UK] [1166724] 英国求购休闲连衣裙(Printed women summer dresses) (06-06)
  Hi We are looking for manufacturers producing well tailored women dresses in exotic designer prints (floral, geometric, abstract, animal, placement, border , scarf prints concepts) in chiffon, satin...
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相关买家: 休闲连衣裙; Printed women summer dresses;
[US] [1166593] [有图]美国求购衬衣(jeans shirts) (06-02)
  jeans shirts please send quote by email
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相关买家: 衬衣; jeans shirts;
[HK] [1166557] 香港求购日常拖鞋(daily slipper) (06-02)
  Dear Supplier, This is Alicia Chan from Lidl Asia Pte Limited. We are looking for a flip flop / Clogs / Pool Slider factory in order to support our business. Could you please help to send us your comp...
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相关买家: 日常拖鞋; daily slipper;
[HK] [1166555] 香港求购男士拖鞋(Men's casual slippers) (06-02)
  Hi Sir, We are interested in buying your slippers. Please send us specification sheets for the same. Sincerely yours, Raymond Hui Sent from my mobile device
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相关买家: 男士拖鞋; casual slippers;
[US] [1166553] 美国求购求购室内拖鞋(Women's indoor slippers) (06-02)
  Hello. Can you send us a detailed quotation providing pricing, lead time, shipping information, and recommended packaging for Women's slippers. I live in Los Angeles, CA. Can you also provide samples?...
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相关买家: 室内拖鞋; indoor slippers;
[UK] [1166552] 英国求购男士卫衣及帽衫(Men's Hoodies) (06-02)
  Hello, I need a direct contact possible **** if you have this, i need to speak about creating a hoodie brand and wanting my own designs on the back of the hoodies.
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相关买家: 男士卫衣; 帽衫; Men Hoodies;
[AU] [1166551] 澳大利亚***求购女性日常拖鞋(Women casual loafers) (06-02)
  Women's casual loafers Dear Supplier, I am interested in your company and products. Please send me more information/details in my email: . Thank you. Best regards, NAVIN CHHAPERIA
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相关买家: 女性拖鞋; Women casual loafers;
[AE] [1166550] 阿联酋***求购女性拖鞋(home slipper) (06-02)
  Dear Sir, we are importers and wish to import Women Slippers. Please send us your detailed catalogue, as well as all other relevant information. Thanks. Respectfully yours,
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相关买家: 女性拖鞋; home slipper;
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