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[SK] [1050506] 斯洛伐克求购后视镜行车记录导航仪(Rearview mirror driving record navigator) (09-11)
  Color classification: 1080P front and rear dual lens recorder + 8G card shooting angle: 140 ° Pixel: 5 million Memory capacity: 8GB Support night vision, support GPS positioning, auto focus
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 后视镜行车记录导航仪; Rearview mirror driving record navigator;
[FR] [1050340] 法国求购汽车部件(automotive parts) (09-10)
  we are looking for products which are used in automotive fields,if you have, do contact .
Remaining views: 21
相关买家: 汽车部件; automotive parts;
[US] [1050310] 美国求购摩托车减震器(motorcycle shock absorber) (09-02)
  Motorcycle parts motorcycle shock absorber
Remaining views: 20
相关买家: 摩托车减震器; motorcycle shock absorber;
[ML] [1050302] 马里求购刹车片(BRAKE PAD) (09-10)
  Good Morning I am Alidji trader from Mali , I would like to get information about your products and if possible plan a meeting in istanbul on saturday or Sunday please contact me.
Remaining views: 22
相关买家: 刹车片; BRAKE PAD;
[ET] [1050301] 埃塞尔比亚求购汽车零部件(Auto Spare Parts) (09-10)
  i am kirubel from Ethiopia i need this spareparts their part numbers is follow no.4849361 ,4849360 ,93194158 ,and 8863330 my email if you have its please send me your final price of each spareparts in...
Remaining views: 23
相关买家: 汽车零部件; Auto Spare Parts;
[MN] [1050296] 蒙古求购备件和维修包(spare parts and service kits) (09-10)
  Dear Sir or Madam, We need to spare parts and service kits every month for Montabert drifter HC150RP, Also how is your EXW offer new drifter set. Wait your reply to; Sincerely yours, Pandi
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: Montabert drifter;
[DE] [1050271] 德国求购继动阀(Relay valve) (09-10)
  Working pressure: 0.8MPa Working temperature: -40°C~+80°C Volume: 5L Steel plate thickness: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm Surface treatment: internal and external pickling phosphating, electrostatic spray
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 继动阀; Relay valve;
[IN] [1050253] 印度求购重汽变速箱(Heavy truck gearbox) (09-10)
  Stroke number four strokes, working mode reciprocating piston type, power 52, frequency 50Hz, cylinder number four cylinders, speed 1500RPM, SAE grade 15W40, cooling medium air-cooled, fuel diethanol,...
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 重汽变速箱; Heavy truck gearbox;
[RO] [1050251] 罗马尼亚求购汽车密封胶条(Car seal strip) (09-10)
  EPDM seals are formed by microwave vulcanization process, the surface is smooth and beautiful, with good elasticity and compression deformation resistance, weather resistance, ozone resistance, chemic...
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 汽车密封胶条; Car seal strip;
[RO] [1050250] 罗马尼亚求购自动雨刮器(Automatic wiper) (09-10)
  Material Toughness TPV-QY65, QY75, QY85; It is a kind of good anti-scratch with a large amount of EPDM + EPDM + a small amount of polypropylene PP, which is modified by introducing special modifiers i...
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 自动雨刮器; Automatic wiper;
[MX] [1050242] 墨西哥求购溢流阀(Overflow valve) (09-10)
  Material: cast iron, suitable medium: oil, nominal pressure: 31.5 (MPa), nominal diameter: 20 (mm), installation form: tubular, plate type. Type (channel position): pilot type, connection form: thread...
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 溢流阀; Overflow valve;
[HU] [1050130] 匈牙利求购GPS导航仪(GPS navigator) (09-09)
  Applicable models: All vehicles Screen size: 7 (inch) Tracking sensitivity: 9s (dBm) GPS start time: 8 Time accuracy: 1s Refresh rate: 0.00001 GSm frequency: 0.001 Differential accuracy: 10 St...
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: GPS导航仪; GPS navigator;
[HU] [1050076] 匈牙利求购离合器(clutch) (09-09)
  Which brand of car is suitable for this clutch? I want to know the MOQ and prices. Expecting for your kind reply.
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 离合器; clutch;
[ID] [1050003] 印度尼西亚求购小米电动折叠自行车(electric folding bike) (09-06)
  Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to ask about the price for 1 pcs bike that send to : Warehouse Address : Guangzhou Huadu, New Baiyun Airport North District, Airport North Hengba Road North, Yihong ...
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 电动自行车; electric bike;
[DE] [1049944] 德国求购汽车部件(automotive parts) (09-06)
  we have interests on automotive parts,if you have good quality parts,please contact with us,thank you.
Remaining views: 20
相关买家: 汽车部件; automotive parts;
[US] [1049874] 美国求购前刹车盘(Front brake disc) (09-06)
  Material alloy cast iron, thickness 3CM, inner diameter 68MM, outer diameter 320MM. Please noted these informations.
Remaining views: 22
相关买家: 前刹车盘; Front brake disc;
[PH] [1049867] 菲律宾求购滤芯(oil filter) (09-06)
  good pm mam sim, please qoute us t oil filter jx1011-100 pc and 630-1105010 fuel filter, 100 pcs. thank you very much.
Remaining views: 21
相关买家: 滤芯; oil filter;
[SK] [1049856] 斯洛伐克求购重汽变速箱(Heavy truck gearbox) (09-06)
  Need the heavy truck gearbox that I saw on the exhibition. I want to know more information of your product. Can you send me the data sheet?
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 变速箱; gearbox;
[US] [1049780] 美国求购汽车脚垫(Car mat) (09-05)
  Looking for car mat Material: pvc Automobile PVC rubber floor mats / ** general-purpose floor mats, using high-quality environmentally friendly and tasteless PVC, with high-quality carpet surface ...
Remaining views: 18
相关买家: 汽车脚垫; Car mat;
[ES] [1049770] 西班牙求购汽车大灯(Car headlights) (09-05)
  Want to know the price for the car headlights. Is it a generic model? Please contact me and give more details.
Remaining views: 23
相关买家: 汽车大灯; Car headlights;
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