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[US] [1121305] 美国求购丁腈手套(Nitrile gloves) (03-10)
  We are looking to buy your Disposable Nitrile Gloves. We are just starting off on Amazon, are you able to do smaller quantities for a start?
相关买家: 丁腈手套; Nitrile gloves;
[RO] [1121303] 罗马尼亚求购丁腈手套(Nitrile gloves) (03-10)
  I would like to know more about your Nitrile gloves.
相关买家: 丁腈手套; Nitrile gloves;
[HK] [1121302] 香港求购一次性手套(disposable glove) (03-10)
  we are looking for Nitrile Gloves with M, L and XL size for our usage. I check via your website to know about your manufacturing of Gloves. It already gets our attention and interest. Currently we ne...
相关买家: 一次性手套; disposable glove;
[PR] [1121301] 波多黎各求购一次性手套(Nitrile gloves) (03-10)
  I have interest in buying every 4 months 12,000 box of Nitrile gloves. The lancet has to have the FDA approval.
相关买家: 一次性手套; Nitrile gloves;
[SG] [1121300] 新加坡求购丁腈手套(disposable glove) (03-10)
  I am sourcing for 9 inch Nitrile Glove, (UT) power free, ESD gloves, to be used in our production cleanroom. Do you have such supply? Please provide your sample to me If you have support. We will pu...
相关买家: 丁腈手套; disposable glove;
[ES] [1121299] 西班牙求购一次性手套(disposable glove) (03-10)
  My client wants to buy 18.000 boxes of nitrile gloves, powder-free, sizes S, M, L and XL, 25% each. We want to take care ourselves of the freight to destination (Port of Valencia, Spain). Which por...
相关买家: 一次性手套; disposable glove;
[IN] [1121298] 印度求购手套(disposable glove) (03-10)
  We are interested in buying your Disposable nitrile glove/latex glove/vinyl glove. Please send us specification sheets for the same.
相关买家: 手套; disposable glove;
[US] [1121297] 美国求购手套(disposable glove) (03-10)
  If you can not provide the information in (the color blue) nitrile gloves, then we do not need a response. We need 3-6 million per 100 pc box. What are the quickest times you can fulfill this quan...
相关买家: 手套; disposable glove;
[GR] [1121296] 希腊求购丁腈手套(Nitrile gloves) (03-10)
  Hi, please send me MOQ and FOB prices for your Latex gloves and Nitrile powder-free medicals gloves.
相关买家: 丁腈手套; Nitrile gloves;
[US] [1121295] 美国求购丁腈手套(Nitrile gloves) (03-10)
  I am Cheryl from IPROMO and I am interested with nitrile gloves that you can offer. We are looking for FDA registered 4-5 mil nitrile gloves.
相关买家: 丁腈手套; Nitrile gloves;
[US] [1121294] 美国求购手套(disposable glove) (03-10)
  Our company is looking to buy your glove. Please let us know the price per unit as well as the MOQ. Thanks.
相关买家: 手套; disposable glove;
[PL] [1121292] 波兰求购手套(disposable glove) (03-10)
  I am interested in your Latex Gloves blie color size XXL . Could you please send me your price list and a picture of gloves?I would also need to know the payment method preferred by you.
相关买家: 手套; disposable glove;
[CA] [1121291] 加拿大求购口罩(masks) (03-10)
  we need 20000 pieces of FFP masks . please send to me quotation and details if you are interested in.
相关买家: 口罩; masks;
[ZA] [1121290] 南非求购手套(disposable glove) (03-10)
  I am interested in your Sterile Powdered latex examination gloves. Could you send me more information on the price and minimum order?
相关买家: 手套; disposable glove;
[CA] [1121276] 加拿大求购丁腈手套(Nitrile Gloves) (03-10)
  I'm looking for: 𝗞𝗹𝗲𝗲𝗻𝗴𝘂𝗮𝗿𝗱* 𝗚𝟭𝟬 𝗕𝗹𝘂𝗲 𝗡𝗶𝘁...
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 丁腈手套;
[ES] [1121272] 西班牙求购氧气浓缩器(oxygen concentrator 9 liter) (03-10)
  I need your best price for 50 units of your model DA-2A.Please send to my email. the CE certificate, instructions for users in Spanish if possible, and any other material that I can use to sell your ...
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 氧气浓缩器; oxygen concentrator;
[IT] [1121265] 意大利求购口罩(about: FFP3 DUST MASK) (03-10)
  Hello, we would like to ask your best offer for those masks, if possible with silicone sealing . complete 20feet container for Italy . If available also certified type 5/6 coveralls . Thank you, ...
Remaining views: +
相关买家: 口罩; FFP3 DUST MASK;
[IN] [1121215] 印度求购无痛微创采血管(Painless Minimally invasive blood collection tube Microtainer) (03-10)
  We would like to get some samples of the K@-EDTA microtainer before purchasing in bulk quantities. Please suggest how to go forward. You can send me an email.
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 采血管; blood collection tube;
[ES] [1121211] 西班牙求购丁腈手套(Nitrile gloves) (03-10)
  Please send us a quotation for your Disposable Nitrile Gloves, to be shipped immediate.
相关买家: 丁腈手套; Nitrile gloves;
[BR] [1121206] 巴西求购医用手套(disposable glove) (03-10)
  I'm from Brazil, South America and I'm looking for gloves for exams, not surgical, without dust. Nitrile or Latex. Quantity, 3000 boxes with 100 units. Incoterme FOB or EXW. I await the best price...
相关买家: 医用手套; disposable glove;
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