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[US] [1039177] 美国求购助缝器(Sewing Aid) (07-10)
  Dear Sales Manager, We’d like to find a factory who can make this sewing Aid (sewing needle holder or cushion) Our required side is: 9.5” x 3.5” ( stuffed with polyester fiber ) Printing logo, on...
Remaining views: 25
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[AE] [1039124] 阿联酋求购马注射液(Horse Injection) (07-10)
  Function:Enteritis Diarrhea Medicine Dosage Form:Injection Animal Type:Horse Type:Drug Dosage Form:Injection Please contact me thru my
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[IR] [1039097] 伊朗求购电子血压仪(electronic blood pressure meter) (07-09)
  Dear Sir/Madam good day This is Parastoo Amiri fro Parsin Shokoufa Darman based in Iran.and I'm looking for electronic Blood pressure monitor( arm & wrist) if these items are in your scope, would y...
Remaining views: 25
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[UK] [1039071] 英国求购除纹身机(tattoo removal machine) (07-09)
  Dear Sir/Madam, Kindly check our specifications for the tattoo removal machine if you can offer: Material: aluminum alloy color: black ,red,gold,silver Weight: 300g Material: Stainless Steel vol...
Remaining views: 24
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[US] [1039051] 美国求购刮痧工具(gua sha tools) (07-08)
  Please confirm that your procurement is FAIR TRADE Hi, I am interested in your gua sha tools Can you please tell me: 1. Is your procurement fair trade 2. Please email me your catalog at Please ...
Remaining views: 25
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[IN] [1038995] 印度求购长春氟宁(Vinflunine) (07-08)
  Dear sir/Madam We required VINFLUNINE 500GMS API .Please quote us the best price of the product... Waiting for the reply Thankyou
Remaining views: 25
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[US] [1038988] 美国求购酒店化妆品(hotel ammenities shave cream) (07-08)
  Dear Sir/Madam, Hello, We have a hotel customer that has asked us to shop around for the items in the *** pictures. The kit must include the following items however does not have to be the exact br...
Remaining views: 24
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[JP] [1038946] 日本求购防晒功能粉饼(Sunscreen Feature Pressed powder) (07-08)
  Hi Seller, It is nice to write to you. This is Oku Yuki from Japan. I am interested in adding your Low Price Smooth Skin Nude Foundation Cosmetic Makeup Compact Powder to my inventory. could you pleas...
Remaining views: 25
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[NL] [1038822] 荷兰求购有机硅材料和心率监测功能(Silicone Material and Heart Rate Monitor Feature Watch Men) (07-05)
  Sample Purchase|采购数量: 10 Pieces 采购人: 发布地点:Netherlands Hello, If you can guarantee the quality of your watches I would like you to supply me some of these watches. Along with the watches please send...
Remaining views: 24
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[US] [1038720] 美国求购喂食器(enteral feeding) (07-05)
  We are looking for enteral feeding supplier from China with good quality and competitive price.
Remaining views: 24
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[ZA] [1038658] 南非求购医疗诊断产品(Medical Diagnostics Product) (07-05)
  Buy About RDS Medical Diagnostics Product Profile.Hi, Kindly send a quotation for you ELISA A, ELISA B and ELISA AB test kits to my email.
Remaining views: 23
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[PH] [1038579] 菲律宾求购口罩(face mask) (07-04)
  Hi am looking for a supplier for drapes iam a medical distributor here in manila philippinesExtra Request for: Price Inspection Certificate Product Specifications Company Profile
Remaining views: 22
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[KR] [1038457] 韩国求购甲壳素片(Chitin Flakes) (07-03)
  How are you? I am Tanya working for Amicogen in South Korea. We are a producer of food supplement ingredient and would like to ask you if you can offer Shrimp Chitin. * Annual demand - 17,000kg-22,...
Remaining views: 23
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[US] [1038281] 美国求购药膏(ointment) (07-03)
  hello, i like to purchase the shaz's all natural stop itch and sting poultice. What is your minimum quantity? Shipping location in New York, US.
Remaining views: 25
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[IN] [1038185] 印度求购有机甜叶菊(Organic Stevia) (07-02)
  Dear Sir/Madam, I'm looking for Organic Stevia Pharmaceutical Grade with water extraction method, without the use of any chemicals. Reb-A 97% + free samples + free Posting Postal address for free...
Remaining views: 25
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[TR] [1038163] 土耳其求购呼吸机(Auto Cpap) (07-02)
  Hi We want cpap - 500 pcs Apap -300 pcs Bpap -200 pcs Bpap st -100 pcs
Remaining views: 24
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[HK] [1038158] 香港求购药用原料药(pharmaceutical raw matrial) (07-02)
  We need to raw material of celadrin.
Remaining views: 24
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[BE] [1037943] 比利时求购打包婴儿尿布(Baled Baby Diapers) (07-01)
  Hi Sir/ i wuld like to purchase some of the baby daipers to africa.You can contact me back on email.
Remaining views: 23
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[US] [1037931] 美国求购天然草药(Natural Herbs) (07-01)
  Good afternoon, I am Daniel Hudson, owner of YAO Clinic and Pharmacy in Denver, Colorado. We are currently seeking a seller for Kratom powder to carry in our herbal pharmacy and have found you on Trad...
Remaining views: 25
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[ID] [1037930] 印度尼西亚求购草药和药物(Herbs & Medicines) (07-01)
  Hallo There. How are you today? Let me introduce myself. My name is Vebry Prayudha, you can call me Vebry. Im from Natuna Kratom companies. I am a kratom farmer from Indonesia. I am here to introduce ...
Remaining views: 24
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