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[PE] [1124886] [有图]秘鲁求购口罩(masks) (04-02)
  Hi, I am looking to source your mascarilla kn95. Can you tell me the cost per unit? Thanks.
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[US] [1124883] 美国求购口罩(KN95 masks and surgical gowns) (04-02)
  I am interested in making purchases. I will need to order : 1,000 pcs KN95 masks 200 pcs of 3-ply masks (Do you have surgical gowns?) I have a few questions: 1. What will be the shippi...
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[US] [1124881] [有图]美国求购口罩(mask) (04-02)
  Hello, Please quote price per piece for 2000 pieces Please quote container DDP shipping to USA zip code 39759
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[PE] [1124877] [有图]秘鲁求购口罩(masks) (04-02)
  We want to source for a product which is in the category KN95, Respirator, Protective mask. Please send us the details as well as your complete product catalogue.
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[CL] [1124875] [有图]智利求购口罩(masks) (04-02)
  We want to buy your face mask. Please send us more information. Thanks! Hi good day. I need certified three layers masks for medical and surgical use. If your product is certified, I need an FOB qu...
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[IN] [1124867] 印度求购矫正眼贴(ORTHOPTIC EYE PATCH) (03-27)
the buyer have joined [Quick-Sample]
[US] [1124866] 美国求购口罩(KN95 masks) (04-02)
  I am from a medical supply company in the USA. Could you please send me information about pricing, MOQ, and availability of KN95 masks for shipping to USA? We are a small company so we would prefer to...
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[US] [1124863] 美国求购口罩(KN95 masks) (04-02)
  We have an order of 1 million KN95 masks to LA and NYC, can you give me a quote included prices, shipping, and delivery time of this purchase? Kind regards,
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[US] [1124861] 美国求购口罩(KN95) (04-02)
  I would like to purchase 1,000,000 KN95 masks. Can you let me know your production time and pricing. I need CDC list What are current rates for shipping?
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[US] [1124860] 美国求购口罩(mask) (04-02)
  We intend to purchase this product, would you please send me your best quotation (including lead time) for the following quantity: 200,000 masks Thank you!
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[US] [1124859] 美国求购口罩(KN95 masks) (04-02)
  We are looking for KN95 masks, we were told that your factory has FDA approved products. We would like to know if that is the case if you can send us the product portfolio, prices, delivery time, orde...
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[US] [1124857] 美国求购口罩(KN95) (04-02)
  Please confirm pricing & availability for one pallet (5,000 to 10,000) KN95 face masks. We would pick up this pallet at your factory ICOTERM and fly it to Los Angeles, California. Xie xie,
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[US] [1124850] 美国求购口罩(KN95) (04-01)
  We are looking for KN95 masks which US CDC has been approved for medical purpose. please quote me your price with the followings;if you are on CDC list: KN95 MEDICAL mask Q'ty: 1,000,000 pcs for t...
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相关买家: 口罩; KN95;
[CA] [1124775] 加拿大求购额温枪(digital Thermometers) (04-01)
  We are very much interested in you digital Thermometers. Due to Covid-19, Health Canada has made the registration of Medical Devices very easy. Please send me the description of the product and a phot...
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[US] [1124773] 美国求购手套(Nitrile Gloves) (04-01)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for containers of Nitrile Gloves, all sizes. Destination : At houston port. Please send us your best quotes & offers. Thank you.
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[IN] [1124698] [有图]印度求购丁腈手套(Nitrile gloves) (04-01)
  Please tell me more about your Disposable nitrile household gloves.
相关买家: 丁腈手套; Nitrile gloves;
[US] [1124696] [有图]美国求购口罩(masks) (04-01)
  Hi there! We are interested to import immediately ONE MILLION FACE MASK N95 CIF California " NIOSH " from any country BUT NOT from CHINA We need all the certification of USA rules. I shall apprec...
相关买家: 口罩; masks;
[PH] [1124695] [有图]菲律宾求购一次性口罩(MASKS) (04-01)
  We now wish to expand our portfolio to include dust mask, disposable mask. Please send us a detailed quotation for your products.
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[PK] [1124691] [有图]巴基斯坦求购口罩(masks) (04-01)
  Hi, I am interested in your company and products. Please send me prices of disposable surgical mask and disposable civilian masks C&F Lahore Pakistan by air or courier 1st trial order is 500000 masks...
相关买家: 口罩; masks;
[BR] [1124689] [有图]巴西求购口罩(masks) (04-01)
  We are interested in all your 3Ply Face Mouth Mask,Earloop Face Mouth Mask,mask listed here. Please send us more information.
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