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[US] [1052958] 美国求购多功能护理床(Multifunctional nursing bed) (09-26)
  Size 2150X900X450/700mm The material bed surface, bed frame and bed legs are all made of cold-rolled steel plate and steel pipe, and are electrostatically sprayed after second phosphating, and the qu...
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相关买家: 多功能护理床; Multifunctional nursing bed;
[US] [1052946] 美国求购热抗坏血酸胶原注射液(HOT Ascorbic Acid Collagen Injection) (09-26)
  Hello - I would like to order 2 boxes. Can pay through Paypal. How much would be the cost and can you provide payment instructions. thanks!
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相关买家: 热抗坏血酸胶原注射液; HOT Ascorbic Acid Collagen Injection;
[SA] [1052945] 沙特阿拉伯求购Luxxe白色谷胱甘肽胶囊(Luxxe white glutahione capsule) (09-26)
  I would like to inquire for the price of this particular product (Luxxe white glutahione capsule) can you send me your quotation on my email: Thanks.
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相关买家: 谷胱甘肽胶囊; glutahione capsule;
[AE] [1052944] 阿联酋求购谷胱甘肽注射液(Glutathione Injectables) (09-26)
  Hello is your glutathione injection approved in UAE please send me an answer on.
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相关买家: 谷胱甘肽注射液; Glutathione Injectables;
[SA] [1052942] 沙特阿拉伯求购Luxxe white glutahione capsule(Luxxe white glutahione capsule) (09-26)
  I would like to inquire for the price of this particular product (Luxxe white glutahione capsule) can you send me your quotation on my email: Thanks
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: glutahione capsule;
[LK] [1052941] 斯里兰卡求购麸氨基硫(Glutathione) (09-26)
  hi can you be a regular supplier of IV Glutathione? I am from Sri lanka.
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相关买家: 麸氨基硫; Glutathione;
[PH] [1052940] 菲律宾求购戊二醛注射液(Glutax IV injection) (09-26)
  Goodday pls give me pricelist of all gluta inject and capsule you have..wholesale price..heres my email thanks
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相关买家: 戊二醛注射液; Glutax IV injection;
[AE] [1052939] 阿联酋求购皮肤美白霜(Skin Whitening) (09-26)
  Want price of this product please email me at Kindest regards.
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相关买家: 皮肤美白霜; Skin Whitening;
[PK] [1052936] 巴基斯坦求购乳木果油(shea butter) (09-26)
  We are one of the leading manufacturing co in Pakistan looking for Pure Butter with 82% animal fats. if you cann offer pls write at or contact.
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相关买家: 乳木果油; shea butter;
[UK] [1052935] 英国求购精油(Bio Oil) (09-26)
  i m writting from uk. basically i want to buy Bio oil 200ml wholesale. i need to know how to procedure to buy bio oil? pls let me know by my email address. i want to buy around 2000pcs bio oil. if it ...
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相关买家: 精油; Bio Oil;
[US] [1052920] 美国求购乳霜(cream) (09-26)
  we would like to buy these please contact me.
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相关买家: 乳霜; cream;
[LT] [1052919] 立陶宛求购护肤品(Bioderma) (09-26)
  Hello,please contact us we are looking forward to make order from you. Thank you
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相关买家: 护肤品; Bioderma;
[US] [1052912] 美国求购护肤品(skin care products) (09-26)
  I am looking for a drop shipper for skin care products. I am located in the US, but have customers worldwide. Please send me an email.
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相关买家: 护肤品; skin care products;
[HR] [1052777] 克罗地亚求购抗衰老逆转霜(Antiaging Reversal Creme) (09-25)
  I would like to receive an urgent quote for below product detail, kindly reply to my business e-mail Time Used: Night Supply Type: OEM/ODM Model Number: Eye Cream, Anti Wrinkle Cream, Anti Agin...
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 抗衰老霜; Antiaging Creme;
[IN] [1052756] 印度求购乳液泵(lotion pump) (09-18)
  we're looking for a lotion pump closure 22/410 ,150000 pcs per month , please send me your best price and delivery time. thanks
Remaining views: 21
相关买家: 乳液泵; lotion pump;
[PL] [1052667] 波兰求购电子分析天平(Electronic analytical balance) (09-25)
  Weighing range: 0-200g Reading accuracy: 1mg Scale size: ?100mm Output interface: RS232C Dimensions: 340mm * 215mm * 350mm Power supply: 220V 50Hz
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 天平; balance;
[HK] [1052642] 香港求购化妆品(Cosmetics) (09-24)
  high quality bule top hgh 10iu/vial,10vial/kit.
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 化妆品; Cosmetics;
[HK] [1052603] 香港求购屈他雄酮丙酸酯(Drostanolone Propionate) (09-24)
  Need Drostanolone Propionate details.
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[DK] [1052551] 丹麦求购工业级降噪耳塞(Industrial grade noise reduction earplugs) (09-23)
  Product specifications Material: Polyacrylic resin (hard), medical organic silicone (soft) Style: ITC, ITE
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相关买家: 耳塞; arplugs;
[DK] [1052547] 丹麦求购微小流量变送器(Micro flow transmitter) (09-24)
  Characteristics 1. Single crystal silicon resonance test sensor 2. Adopting microelectronics machining high-tech (MEMS) 3. The sensor directly outputs the frequency signal to simplify the interface...
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 微小流量变送器; Micro flow transmitter;
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