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[US] [1153620] [有图]美国求购黑色***kn95口罩(Black disposable kn95 mask) (01-24)
  We need to buy disposable kn95 masks, which are approved by the CDC of the federal agency in the United States. One bag for two, quantity: 200000 bags. Of course, it is preferred to have a stock wareh...
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相关买家: kn95口罩; kn95 mask;
[AU] [1153576] [有图]澳大利亚求购个人防护用品(PPE) (01-22)
  Hi, We are an Express air freight provider. We are seeking clients who require our services for large shipments & volumes to all over the world. We have access to over 1,000 aircraft and can provi...
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相关买家: 防护用品; PPE;
[IN] [1153517] 印度求购制氧机(oxygean generator) (01-21)
  need oxygen generator 5L
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相关买家: 制氧机; oxygean generator;
[AU] [1153510] [有图]澳大利亚求购个人防护用品(PPE) (01-21)
  quantity: 2800000 Piece/Pieces Australia 2800000 Piece/Pieces Hi, We are an Express air freight provider. We are seeking clients who require our services for large shipments & volumes to...
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相关买家: 个人防护用品; PPE;
[AE] [1153475] [有图]阿联酋求购医用棉制品(Absorbant cotton wool) (01-21)
  5000~10000 USD quantity: 30000 Piece/Pieces United Arab Emirates 加工定制 - Logo定制 采购目的: 批发 30000 Piece/Pieces 订单预算: 5000~10000 USD CIF I need Absorbent cotton wool blue craft w...
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相关买家: 医用棉制品; Absorbant cotton wool;
[CA] [1153474] [有图]加拿大求购牙科设备(implant abutments external healing abutments dental kits STRAIGH) (01-21)
  PEEK implant abutments quantity: 4 Piece/Pieces Canada 4 Piece/Pieces Hello, wondering if it is possible to order from you 4 dental implants with abutments. I *** the image. you can reply ...
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相关买家: 牙科设备;
[US] [1153453] 美国求购抗原自检试剂(SARS-COV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kits) (01-21)
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相关买家: 抗原自检试剂; Rapid Test Kits;
[FR] [1153386] [有图]法国求购液体眼线笔(liquid eyeliner pen) (01-20)
  Hello, I'm looking for a liquid eyeliner pen - I'm looking for the exact same packaging as in the photo; do you have this?
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相关买家: 液体眼线笔; liquid eyeliner pen;
[US] [1153354] [有图]美国求购物理治疗及康复设备(Hydraulic Patient Lift) (01-20)
  quantity: 1 Pieces United States 1 Pieces Hello, I am interested in container prices. Would you be available for a call to discuss? you can whatsap me.
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相关买家: 物理治疗; 康复设备; Hydraulic Patient Lift;
[AU] [1153349] [有图]澳大利亚求购面膜(Facial Sheet Mask) (01-20)
  Refer ***ment for Details and my Contact email address for Australia is registered with ***
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相关买家: 面膜; Facial Sheet Mask;
[CA] [1153275] [有图]加拿大求购***硅胶双腔导尿管(Disposable Silicone Double-lumen Urinary Catheter) (01-19)
  HI We are looking for many different types of Cather. Please email me details along with quotes. *** is our requirement. Thanks
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相关买家: 导尿管; Urinary Catheter;
[UK] [1153235] [有图]英国求购医用手套(latex exmination glove) (01-19)
  Wholesale cheap prices top medical latex examination gloves Powdered quantity: 100 Box/Boxes United Kingdom 100 Box/Boxes i want 100 boxes what is the last price?how long for uk amazon ware...
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相关买家: 医用手套; latex exmination glove;
[DE] [1153193] 德国求购口罩(3d reusable mask) (01-19)
  Hello have you certifacets ?for europe ?i need all certificates and want order 5000 pcs.Can u contact me via whatsapp under best regards
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相关买家: 口罩; reusable mask;
[US] [1153116] 美国求购kN95可重复使用的民用口罩(kN95 facemask Reusable civilian masks) (01-18)
  kN95 facemask Reusable civilian masks for medical purposes 8000000 Boxes
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相关买家: kN95口罩; 民用口罩; kN95 facemask; civilian masks;
[MX] [1153026] 墨西哥求购口罩(kn95 Facemask) (01-18)
  Hello, I am from mexico and I am interested in your product:kn95 Facemask Cartoon Kids Facemasks 5Layers KN95 maskI hope you can send information to me (MOQ, Price and shipping cost to Mexico or the...
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相关买家: 口罩; kn95 Facemask;
[AE] [1153016] 阿联酋求购肉毒杆菌素(Botox) (01-18)
  Please send me the updated price and MOQ? Please send me detail product specification, thank you!Hello I would like to know the price for Botox wholesale and more specifications...we can chat on wts...
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相关买家: 肉毒杆菌素; Botox;
[BD] [1153008] 孟加拉求购导管套装(purchase hamodialysis) (01-18)
  Hi, I am , from Dhaka , Bangladesh. I want to purchase hamodialysis and central venous catheter kits/set.500pcs min order. Pls give me details and what's app no. My what's App no
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相关买家: 导管套装; hamodialysis;
[PK] [1152964] 巴基斯坦求购药品原料(Dextrose Anhydrous pharma raw materials) (01-17)
  Dear Sir/Madam, Please kindly send complete documents with COA, certification, CGMP and manufacturing license for Dextrose Anhydrous pharma raw materials to manufacture IV infusion large volume par...
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相关买家: 药品原料; Dextrose Anhydrous pharma;
[US] [1152953] 美国求购3d 水貂睫毛带盒(3d mink lashes eyelashes with box) (01-17)
  we are looking for supplier for our mink lashes that match the minks were currently have on our site. mink only if you can similar styles send us pictures and will discuss pricing. only send us pictu...
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相关买家: 睫毛; 3d mink lashes eyelashes;
[FR] [1152897] 法国求购******(Disposable AB plus vape) (01-17)
  Hi,We want to launch some cbd product disposable in France with your kind of materials.We are actually wholesalers of 500 shops, and we try to launch new product.So I have a few question:How many ...
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相关买家: 电子烟;
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