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[US] [1166839] 美国求购金属罐(Tin Food Tin metal Can) (06-07)
  HelloGood morning and happy to greet youWe are retail stores that sell products like yours directly to the final consumer.I would like to market your product in our stores, for this I need to finalize...
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相关买家: 金属罐; Tin Food; Tin metal Can;
[CA] [1166836] 加拿大求购电线(FEP extruded flexible 18AWG electrical wire) (06-07)
  Hello,My name is Gray Bramwell with Graph Tech Guitar Labs. We are currently looking for a new supplier of 0.025” PITCH, 30 AWG, STRANDED EXTRUDED FEP wire. Do you offer this type of silver platted co...
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相关买家: 电线; electrical wire;
[US] [1166835] 美国求购烧结不锈钢多孔管扩散器(sintered stainless steel porous tube diffuser) (06-07)
  Please tell me more about this product:- Material- size (Diameter x length)- Food grade certification- expected size of fine bubbles- measurement of male thread fitting
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相关买家: 多孔管扩散器; ssteel porous tube diffuser;
[AU] [1166830] 澳大利亚求购脚轮(Plate Medical Caster with Twin Wheel) (06-07)
  We are school furniture manufacturer in Australia. Our website is We are interest in these products..
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相关买家: 脚轮; Plate Medical Caster;
[SRB] [1166827] 塞尔维亚求购钢板(steel sheet) (06-07)
  Dear Sir/Madam, I'm looking for : steel sheet , thickness 0,5mm , width 1070mm , PPG , Zn coated , one side in color RAL9002 other side with primer , in coils , standard DX51D I have NOT informatio...
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相关买家: 钢板; steel sheet;
[TH] [1166766] 泰国求购冷压薄板(join business) (06-07)
  hello My name is Miss Tassanee Ngernmak, nickname Oh. I am the Purchasing Department of Kongkrai Steel Co., Ltd. I am interested in co-purchasing your product.
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相关买家: 冷压薄板;
[AE] [1166761] 阿联酋求购液压阀(sun hydraulic cartridge relief valve) (06-07)
  Hi Iam looking for sun hydraulic catridges non genuine products, kindly advise if u can support uspls contcat on
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相关买家: 液压阀; hydraulic cartridge relief valve;
[SG] [1166760] 新加坡求购可折叠存储容器(Collapse Storage Container (Blue Colour) (06-07)
  Hi Sales Team, I'm looking for 500 - 1000pcs of Collapse Storage Box with Lid. The size will be 600mm x 400mm, height maybe 150 ?200mm will do.
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相关买家: 可折叠存储容器; Collapse Storage Container;
[US] [1166719] 美国求购金属猫头鹰装饰(Metal Owl Ornament) (06-06)
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相关买家: 金属装饰; Metal Ornament;
[AU] [1166717] 澳大利亚求购充电支架(5 charging base to suit Ingenico move5000) (06-06)
  Looking to purchase 5 charging base to suit Ingenico move5000 and ship Airfreight to received ASAP in Victoria, Australia. Would consider power supply and battery pack to suit Ingenico move5000 with A...
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相关买家: 充电支架;
[IN] [1166703] 印度求购废压缩机(Fridge Compressor Scrap) (06-06)
  I am interested ac fridge compressors scrap.Every month 20tons delivery sir.
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相关买家: 废压缩机; Fridge Compressor Scrap;
[UK] [1166617] 英国求购油漆刷(paint brush) (06-06)
  We looking for a supplier of 12mm 25mm and 50mm paintbrushes/chip brushes this will be an ongoing order
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相关买家: 油漆刷; paint brush;
[US] [1166581] 美国求购电视机支架(tv wall mount) (06-02)
  hello. I am interested in the tv wall mount. Is that the final price for 500 units and how much would the price of shipping for USA? It is possible to buy just one unit to test it if I like it or not ...
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相关买家: 电视机支架; tv wall mount;
[US] [1166580] 美国求购显示器支架(adjustable arm to hold a laptop computer.) (06-02)
  Hello- I am the Senior Products Advisor for Gathr Outdoors in the USA. I am hoping to develop an adjustable arm to hold a laptop computer. I would like to piece together something using parts th...
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相关买家: 显示器支架; adjustable arm;
[IN] [1166534] 印度求购注油枪(Push type grease gun) (06-02)
  I am interested in Push type grease gun. Which is the maximum size of the, the one which can hold maximum amount if grease in this type. Kindly send detail. We want to add this grease gun with our fa...
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相关买家: 注油枪; Push type grease gun;
[IN] [1166531] [有图]印度求购剪刀(Yarn Scissors TC-805B) (06-02)
  I am from India and interested in Yarn Scissors TC-805B. Can you tell me the cost for 600 pieces and 1000 pieces order and shipping cost to India.I am waiting for your regards,
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相关买家: 剪刀; Yarn Scissors;
[PE] [1166527] [有图]秘鲁求购空气压缩机(Air compresor) (06-02)
  My name is Ely Herrera from Perú i need one Air Compresor 7.5 kW / 10 HP 35 CFM Please quote Fob term Thanks
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相关买家: 空气压缩机; Air compresor;
[IN] [1166524] 印度求购电线(Buss Wire) (06-02)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for buy Buss Wire. Square 0.7 X 0.7mm Type Of Coductor Etpcs Matrial. Kindly send us your best prices. Thank you.
相关买家: 电线; Buss Wire;
[PT] [1166509] 葡萄牙求购外壳防护玻璃(protective glass for the enclosure) (06-02)
  Hello, I am designing a product for rail measurement electronics and need a protective glass for the enclosure. Please contact via so that I can send more details of what we need. Thanks.
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相关买家: 防护玻璃; protective glass;
[US] [1166507] 美国求购诱饵气泵(bait air pump) (06-02)
  Hello!I run a large fishing brand in the united states. We do $5,000,000 USD in sales annually. We need bait air pumpCan you please send me more information and contact me on
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相关买家: 诱饵气泵; bait air pump;
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