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[IT] [1155798] [有图]意大利求购水族馆水箱(What is the FOB price on your View Aquariums HRC-1032B?) (02-21)
  What is the FOB price on your View Aquariums HRC-1032B? Hello, I want to buy View Aquariums HRC-1032B , I need a better price to make my confirmed. Very respectfully
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相关买家: 水族馆水箱; Aquariums;
[US] [1155709] [有图]美国求购吊床(boho hammock) (02-19)
  quantity: 1 Pieces United States 1 Pieces Hi, I would like to request a quote for the following 2 design for 250 units, 500 units, 1000 units and 2500 units. Please reply me to the followinga...
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相关买家: 吊床; boho hammock;
[AU] [1155701] 澳大利亚求购钓鱼竿(Ultem 2300 Rod) (02-19)
  We have requirement of ULTEM2300 rod dia. 63.5mm x 1650mm - Qty - 04 Nos. and sheet 20mmx650mmx1250mm, send us your best offer.
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相关买家: 钓鱼竿;
[IN] [1155699] 印度求购旗帜(:3D Custom Flag Flame Dart Banner) (02-19)
  Hi Team,I am Dimple from, Would like to have your catalog and product details, cost, timelines and shipping option to US and other countries.
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相关买家: 旗帜;
[US] [1155643] [有图]美国求购吊床(boho hammock) (02-18)
  Hi, I would like to request a quote for the following 2 design for 250 units, 500 units, 1000 units and 2500 units. Please reply me to the followingaddress:
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相关买家: 吊床; boho hammock;
[FI] [1155538] [有图]芬兰求购高尔夫产品(New Sealed Sky-trak Launch Monitor and Golf simulator) (02-18)
  quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces Finland 1 Piece/Pieces
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相关买家: 高尔夫产品;
[US] [1155384] 美国求购滑雪头盔(Ski helmet) (02-17)
  HI, We are interested in the Ski helmet. We would be looking at making a significant order with custom logos and custom packaging. Please let me know how we can get a sample ASAP. Thanks,
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相关买家: 滑雪头盔; Ski helmet;
[PH] [1155369] 菲律宾求购山地车(mountain bike) (02-17)
  bulk price for 50pcs and 100pcs?can i have customized logo on 100pcs?
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相关买家: 山地车; mountain bike;
[CR] [1155279] 哥斯达黎加求购电动自行车(electric bike) (02-16)
  Hello may you quote and Send me more picture. I want to rent this bikes for my project
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相关买家: 电动自行车; electric bike;
[AU] [1155271] 澳大利亚求购吉他拾音器(Guitar Pickup) (02-16)
  can you write to me at about the Vintage pickups thanks
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相关买家: 吉他拾音器; Guitar Pickup;
[RU] [1155251] 俄罗斯求购台球杆三角形(triangle for billiard cue,) (02-16)
  Hello dear friend, my name is Yaroslav, we are interested buy triangle for billiard cue, please send me catalogue and which triangle do you have? For more simple talking please contact this me by emai...
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相关买家: 台球杆; triangle;
[US] [1155245] 美国求购呼啦圈(un-segmented PVC hula hoops) (02-16)
  Hello,I am interested in the ordinary un-segmented PVC hula hoops. Can you please share photos, colors, sizes and prices of the hula hoops you have available?What is the cost to ship 50 hula hoops to ...
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相关买家: 呼啦圈; hula hoops;
[SK] [1155194] 斯洛伐克求购体操吊环(Gymnastic Rings) (02-16)
  Hi, are you able delivery this item (gymn.rings ABS) to Slovakia in quantity 50 pcs and more please? but only ABS rings, not complete set thank you
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相关买家: 体操吊环; Gymnastic Rings;
[US] [1155103] [有图]美国求购高尔夫球车(Golf Cart) (02-15)
  Hello, I hope you are doing well. My name is Damon and I am a retailer here in the US and am interested in adding some of your products to our portfolio. Can you please send me a catalog to usi...
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相关买家: 高尔夫球车; Golf Cart;
[US] [1155056] [有图]美国求购足球(Premiwer Soccer Balls) (02-15)
  Looking to have a high quality soccer balls made for the tournament. Weill order 200 - 500 for each event.
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相关买家: 足球; Premiwer Soccer Balls;
[UK] [1155030] 英国求购健身器材(fitness equipment) (02-15)
  Hi I'm looking to source a smart bike which is Zwift enabled. Is this bike Zwift enabled? If so is it available for sale in the UK marketplace? We are a large seller of fitness equipment in the UK on...
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相关买家: 健身器材; fitness equipment;
[US] [1154980] 美国求购弹弓(2021 Full Metal Wrist Rest Slingshot) (02-14)
  Hello,I'm looking for a quote for 30 of the (2021 Full Metal Wrist Rest Slingshot Powerful Shooting High Quality Foldable Outdoor Hunting Shooting Fishing Sports Competition) in the "Set 4" Color. Cou...
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相关买家: 弹弓; Slingshot;
[FR] [1154967] 法国求购音乐盒(music box with press button) (02-14)
  Hi, We already sell this product and look for a new supplier.We need a french version and already have the records.Can you please quote our version per 1K in(a) color box. Please contact me directly...
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相关买家: 音乐盒; music box;
[UK] [1154773] 英国求购单音管(Drone) (02-11)
  Buy Drone Online At Best Price.
相关买家: 单音管; Drone;
[IN] [1154733] 印度求购水溶性渔网(INquiry about water soluble fishing mesh for big fish) (02-11)
  Hi,Could you please supply me PVA mesh, PVA tubes, PVA pouches and PVA string for cold water easy soluble use in fishing tackles. Please send me details to my email:
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相关买家: 渔网; fishing mesh;
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