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[MY] [1044828] 马来西亚求购足球(football) (08-09)
  Finding the football Size 5 Diameter:21.5-22cm perimeter:68-71cm Material PVC/TPU/PU Please quote separately
Remaining views: 22
相关买家: 足球; football;
[SA] [1044810] 沙特求购电动滑板车(Yes Foldable and 450W Power boys electric scooter) (08-09)
  采购数量: 25 Pack/Packs| 发布地点:Saudi Arabia We are interested to purchase electric scooter, quik3pro , does it has speed control ? please advice the price. Qty x 25 pcs Please mention warranty, terms...
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 电动滑板车; electric scooter;
[IT] [1044670] 意大利求购钓具(FISHING TACKLE CLIP SHARK) (08-08)
  HELLO SIR WE ARE IMPORTER AND DISTRIBUTORS OF COMMERCIAL FISHING WE NEED 20000 LONG LINE SNAP SWIVELS 1.8 wire 4 CM WITH 2/0 steiless steel crane swivels also 6 cm and 8 cm 2.0 wire 8 c...
Remaining views: 23
[ID] [1044622] 印度尼西亚求购减肥机器(Slimming Machine) (08-08)
  Looking for a slimming machine like those from Slimming salons that is not too expensive but works. If possible, email me the price and picture.
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 减肥机器; Slimming Machine;
[SE] [1044099] 瑞典求购哑铃(Dumbbell) (08-06)
  Dear, we need the dumbbells Material: cast iron + neoprene Size: 0.5kg-5kg,1lb-10lb
Remaining views: 23
相关买家: 哑铃; Dumbbell;
[HU] [1044097] 匈牙利求购帐篷(tent) (08-06)
  I need all the series of these tents. Frame material: steel Cover: PVC Roof Cover Side Wall: PVC Walls
Remaining views: 22
相关买家: 帐篷; tent;
[HU] [1043888] 匈牙利求购电动车(Electric bike) (08-05)
  Dear, I'm interested in the product. I want to know more details. Please send me ecatalog
Remaining views: 22
相关买家: 电动车; Electric bike;
[HU] [1043878] 匈牙利求购山地车(Mountain bike) (08-05)
  Requirements: safety disc brake, Palin drum, electroplating tower wheel, warranty period of 5 years
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 山地车; Mountain bike;
[AU] [1043241] 澳大利亚求购运动手环(smart bracelet) (07-29)
  I am interested in your product.If i order sample for testing is it ok? and what is the price?
Remaining views: 21
相关买家: 运动手环; smart bracelet;
[PA] [1043240] 巴拿马求购运动手环(smart bracelet) (07-29)
  HI, I would like to buy 1000-2000pcs smart bracelet.
Remaining views: 21
相关买家: 运动手环; smart bracelet;
[IT] [1041951] 意大利求购空气拉伸垫(AIR STRETCHING MAT) (07-29)
  Dear Sirs, I would like to have the price of AIR STRETCHING MAT. I would like to import to Italy. Thanks for your prompt reply.
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 空气拉伸垫; AIR STRETCHING MAT;
[YT] [1041599] 马约特求购秋千(Swing) (07-25)
  looking for products with the following specifications:Fun cardio game for all agesLightweight plastic ball swings easily without hurting ankles on impactCord is 18" Long and is durable but gentle on ...
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 秋千; Swing;
[UK] [1041438] 英国求购滑雪板(snow board) (07-24)
  Hi, we d like to know the price for snowboard to our country
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 滑雪板; snow board;
[US] [1041406] 美国求购跑鞋(running shoes) (07-24)
  We d like to order some running shoes for fall season
Remaining views: 23
相关买家: 跑鞋; running shoes;
[UK] [1041270] 英国求购音乐盒(musical mobile) (07-24)
  Do you have musical mobile for baby
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 音乐盒; musical mobile;
[SE] [1041129] 瑞典求购板球球棒(Cricket Bat) (07-23)
  Whats the price ? U Will send IT to Sweden ?
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 板球球棒; Cricket Bat;
[US] [1041099] 美国求购迷你足球头盔(mini football helmets) (07-23)
  Hello my name is Jack David, I am a representative for Bay Promo LLC, we are currently sourcing 250 mini football helmets, the details are in the RFQ. *** is an image for your reference. Please esti...
相关买家: 迷你足球头盔; mini football helmets;
[PT] [1040838] 葡萄牙求购冲浪板(Surfboards) (07-22)
  Dear Sirs Were looking for a portable surf wave. Can you please share with me aditional details? Heres my email: Thank you, Joo
Remaining views: 21
相关买家: 冲浪板; Surfboards;
[US] [1040837] 美国求购墨西哥毯子(Mexican Blankets and Throws) (07-22)
  I am a seller of a fleece blanket in The USA. Do you make fleece blankets?
Remaining views: 25
相关买家: 墨西哥毯子; Mexican Blankets;
[UK] [1040835] 英国求购眼镜蛇拳击机(cobra boxer machines) (07-22)
  hi iam in the uk and i have one of you cobra boxer machines and am looking for a manual can you help.
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 拳击机; cobra boxer machines;
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