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[NG] [1051519] 尼日利亚求购废铁轨(used rails) (09-18)
  Buy russia used rails,metal waste,scrap metal used rails,used steel.
相关买家: 废铁轨; used rails;
[PE] [1051518] 秘鲁求购热像仪多公里检测管线(thermal camera to do inspection pipeline of many Kms) (09-10)
  Dear Sir We are American Inspector SAC and have interest to do distribution currently are counting with our commercial network ( integrators and installers companies). They are selling products imp...
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 热像仪; thermal camera;
[SRB] [1050563] 塞尔维亚求购集装箱(container) (09-11)
  Specifications 1200*780*580mmm, super bright, weight 999, sheet metal aluminum. Contact me to get more information
相关买家: 集装箱; container;
[UK] [1050410] 英国求购船舶专用绞刀(Ship special reamer) (09-10)
  High-speed steel material, suitable for machine tool drilling machine, reaming shape spiral, reamer accuracy H7, taper shank round handle + square head
相关买家: 船舶专用绞刀; Ship special reamer;
[NZ] [1050333] 新西兰求购铁路枕木(Railway sleepers) (09-10)
  Please send me pricing on A ,B ,C grade sleepers for export to New Zealand. 5-10 shipping containers per month.
相关买家: 铁路枕木; Railway sleepers;
[ZA] [1049915] 南非求购垃圾车(Garbage truck) (09-06)
  good day please help me with a cheap price of Garbage trucks... i need 20 of them.
相关买家: 垃圾车; Garbage truck;
[CO] [1049836] 哥伦比亚求购自行车(bicycle) (09-06)
  Hi! How are you? We are looking for Share Bikes the bicycles are basically of very few components, the wiring must be internal, the angle of the frame must be negative, it must have a basket (sobe...
Remaining views: ++
相关买家: 自行车; bicycle;
[UG] [1048733] 乌干达求购CAT挖掘机(CAT EXCAVATOR) (08-30)
  dear sir by names am called BUKENYA HARUNAH, OF BUKENYA GROUP UGANDA, and am intereted in this machine CAT EXCAVATOR can you please contact me.
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[UK] [1048653] 英国求购手推运货车(hand trolley) (08-29)
  Hello, I am looking for the cheapest option of 200pcs- 500pcs of the following. Dimensions are as ***. Just the trolley please in cheapest possible light weight material. Can you please quote?
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 手推运货车; hand trolley;
[US] [1048480] 美国求购电梯(elevator) (08-29)
  Please send me more details about the elevator. We will need this for our construction project. Thank you so much.
相关买家: 电梯; elevator;
[PH] [1047533] 菲律宾求购不锈钢材料输送系统(Stainless Steel Material conveying system) (08-24)
  Email: 采购数量: 100 Pieces| 采购人: 发布地点:Philippines Hi. Im interested in your product. Can I request a quote for AIR OPERATED CONVEYOR similar to these one: Thanks, Elmer MellaIII Outsourcing Ag...
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 输送系统; conveying system;
[DK] [1047439] 丹麦求购电动道路清扫车(Electric Road Sweeper) (08-23)
  Please confirm the following details. Sweeping width: 1000mm Water tank capacity: 12L(Optional) Dustbin capacity: 22L Kind regards,
相关买家: 电动道路清扫车; Electric Road Sweeper;
[HK] [1046787] 香港求购手推车(Hand Trolley) (08-21)
  Dear Suppliers, We are looking for the hand trolley as ***. Please contact at if you have the exact same design. Thank you and await your email. Best Regards,
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 手推车; Hand Trolley;
[JO] [1046597] 约旦求购豪华轿车(Luxury Cars) (08-20)
  We are seeking reliable supplier in usa dealing in this kind of business to cooperate with us pls send a proposal to our email.
相关买家: 豪华轿车; Luxury Cars;
[HK] [1046573] 香港求购电动自行车(electric bicycles) (08-20)
  Hello, could you please give us a quote BEST PRICE for all 26" electric bicycles FCL? for EU market preferred.
相关买家: 电动自行车; electric bicycles;
[MM] [1046572] 缅甸求购二手自行车山地车(used bicycles Mountain bike) (08-19)
  Hello, I want to import japanese used mountain bike from you. So, I want to know more detail about prices, shipping cost, payment term and others. Thanks Myo Myint Bo
相关买家: 二手自行车山地车; used bicycles Mountain bike;
[JP] [1046571] 日本求购公路自行车(Road Bicycles) (08-19)
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 公路自行车; Road Bicycles;
[PK] [1046570] 巴基斯坦求购送货车(Tempo Delivery Van) (08-19)
  Buy Tempo Delivery Van.kindly send me quotation.
相关买家: 送货车; Tempo Delivery Van;
[KH] [1046569] 柬埔寨求购三轮脚踏车(Tricycles) (08-19)
  Buy 48V800W Passenger Electric Rickshaw with Roof Battery 3 Wheeler.
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 三轮脚踏车; Tricycles;
[UK] [1046016] 英国求购延伸杆(extendable pole) (08-16)
  Hello Im looking to purchase 2 motorized and gravity roller belt conveyor system. Need to have an extended length of 10 meters long.
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 延伸杆; extendable pole;
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