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[TR] [968640] 土耳其求购超五类双屏蔽网线(cat5e sftp cable) (02-10)
  please send me more details about your cat5e sftp cable.we need the real pure copper type.
相关买家: 双屏蔽网线; cat5e sftp cable;
[CA] [968639] 加拿大求购超五类和六类网线(cat5e and cat6 cables) (02-10)
  let me know if you can provide the LSZH jacket of the cat5e and cat6 cables.
相关买家: 六类网线;
[MY] [968638] 马来西亚求购网络配线架(network patch panels) (02-10)
  hi, how are you recently? we need 20 pieces cat5e utp network patch panel;. please give me your best price with freight cost. thanks. kylim
相关买家: 网络配线架; network patch panels;
[UG] [968637] 乌干达求购五类网线(cat5e networking cable) (02-10)
  what is the diameter of your cat5e networking cable?
相关买家: 五类网线; cat5e networking cable;
[IN] [968636] 印度求购3米超六类跳线(cat6a patch cords 3meters) (02-10)
  please quote :cat6a patch cords 3meters,utp type,red color.
相关买家: 超六类跳线;
[DE] [968635] 德国求购六类网线(cat6 network cable) (02-10)
  good day! sorry that the order was closed. will keep u informed if any new needs.
相关买家: 六类网线; cat6 network cable;
[AU] [968630] 澳大利亚求购超六类网线(cat6a bulk cbales) (02-10)
  hello,please show me your prices about the CAT5E CAT6 & CAT6A LSZH CABLE. we wanna test befor the real order.
相关买家: 超六类网线; cat6a bulk cbales;
[AU] [968629] 澳大利亚求购纯铜五类网线(cat5e copper cable) (02-10)
  it's cat5e copper cable,black color,utp type,305m/roll.
相关买家: 纯铜五类网线; cat5e copper cable;
[AU] [968628] 澳大利亚求购五类线(cat5e cable) (02-10)
  well,can your cat5e cable pass the fluke test?send me the test reports!
相关买家: 五类线; cat5e cable;
[AU] [968627] 澳大利亚求购纯铜网线(Pure copper lan cable) (02-10)
  you need to guarantee your lan cables are pure copper!other than the cca type!
相关买家: 纯铜网线; Pure copper lan cable;
[AU] [968626] 澳大利亚求购网络线(network cables) (02-10)
  hi, we are looking for the stable suppliers for the network cables. if you are the factory,please contact us without hesitation. cheers.
相关买家: 网络线; network cables;
[AU] [968625] 澳大利亚求购五类和六类线(cat5e and cat6 network cables) (02-10)
  our target price for the cat5e is 28usd/box and 32usd for the cat6
相关买家: 六类线;
[AU] [968623] 澳大利亚求购超六类网线(cat6a network cables) (02-09)
  dear damon, i need to compare all of your prices,so please wait and i will let you know if any updates. thank you.
相关买家: 超六类网线; cat6a network cables;
[AU] [968621] 澳大利亚求购六类单屏蔽网线(cat6 ftp network cables) (02-09)
  cat6 ftp network cables 100boxes grey color
相关买家: 六类单屏蔽网线; cat6 ftp network cables;
[US] [968620] 澳大利亚求购五类单屏蔽纯铜网线(cat5e pure copper cable ftp cable) (02-09)
  what is your best price about the cat5e pure copper cable ftp cable?
相关买家: 网线;
[AU] [968619] 澳大利亚求购网线(ethernet lan cables) (02-09)
  thanks for the email. please check our website,can you make the ethernet lan cables like that?
相关买家: 网线; ethernet lan cables;
[AU] [968618] 澳大利亚求购苹果线(apple lightning cable) (02-09)
  we need 500 pieces MFI apple lightning cable.
相关买家: 苹果线; apple lightning cable;
[AU] [968617] 澳大利亚求购非屏蔽网线(UTP LAN Cable Rolls) (02-09)
  what are the types of your UTP LAN Cable Rolls?
相关买家: 非屏蔽网线; UTP LAN Cable Rolls;
[AU] [968616] 澳大利亚求购LC-LC单模跳线(LC-LC single mode patch cord) (02-09)
  the insertion loss of your LC-LC single mode patch cord must be less than 0.2dB.
相关买家: 单模跳线;
[AU] [968615] 澳大利亚求购五类双屏蔽网线(cat5e sftp lan cable) (02-09)
  please let me know the structure of your cat5e sftp lan cable.
相关买家: 五类双屏蔽网线; cat5e sftp lan cable;
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