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textile leather [2000条. 页码 12/100]    

[HR] [1164453] 克罗地亚求购涤纶毛毯(2PLY polyetser blankets Inquiry) (05-13)
  Dear Sirs, \ Madams! We are a distributor from Croatia that operates in the field of home textile We are interested in 2PLY polyetser blankets and we know that you are strong in them Please inform ...
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相关买家: 涤纶毛毯; polyetser blankets;
[HK] [1164371] 中国香港求购织带(Cotton Strap) (05-13)
  Please contact me. we are a US wholesale brand, Shiraleah, and we are looking for some straps for our bags. Please see ***, we are looking for similar color combo, but NO BLACK. Size is around 1.25" a...
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相关买家: 织带; Cotton Strap;
[US] [1164354] 美国求购防滑瑜伽袜(non slip socks) (05-12)
  Hi, Hope you are doing well. I am interested in buying some Yoga socks with anti -slippery functions. Would you please give me a direct reply to my email? I appreciate your quick response.
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相关买家: 防滑瑜伽袜; non slip socks;
[BR] [1164314] [有图]巴西求购冲浪板包(bodyboard bags) (05-12)
  What is the cost to send 20 bodyboard bags to Brazil. Regards,
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相关买家: 冲浪板包; bodyboard bags;
[US] [1164299] [有图]美国求购魔术贴织带(hook loop we***g strap) (05-12)
  I would like to source webbing strap (2 x 5 inches) with a hook and loop closure on either end of the strap and a nylon sleeve sewn in the middle that can accommodate a label that is 1.2 in x 1.95 inc...
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相关买家: 魔术贴织带; hook loop webbing strap;
[US] [1164297] [有图]美国求购3M 背胶魔术贴(Self-adhesive 3M dual Hook Loop) (05-12)
  would like to order largest roll. Please contact me at
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相关买家: 3M魔术贴; 3M dual Hook Loop;
[IN] [1164281] 印度求购针织品(Knitted Fabrics) (05-12)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Knitted Fabrics. Kindly send us your best prices. Regards.
相关买家: 针织品; Knitted Fabrics;
[KW] [1164258] 科威特求购涤纶面料(100% spun polyester fabric) (05-12)
  hello i want to order can you please contact me on whatsup
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相关买家: 涤纶面料; polyester fabric;
[IN] [1164252] 印度求购无纺布(Nonwoven Laminated PE Breathable Film Raw Material) (05-12)
  Please send me a quotation for this product High Quality Maufacturer Nonwoven Laminated PE Breathable Film Raw Material for Warm Pack/Medical Heating Patch/Adhesive Heat Pack/Heat Wrap/Warmer/Heat Pad...
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相关买家: 无纺布; Nonwoven Laminated PE Breathable Film;
[DK] [1164247] 丹麦求购涤丝领带(Men's Polyester Striped Neck Tie) (05-12)
  HiI am seaching for an supplier of ties and bowties.Size of ties schould be W5cm x L 150cm and w7 x 150 cm, bowties in standard sizes.Mostley in blue and black basic colours solid, pastley, dots and ...
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相关买家: 涤丝领带; Neck Tie;
[VN] [1164246] 越南求购纯棉面料(100% COTTON FABRIC) (05-12)
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相关买家: 纯棉面料; COTTON FABRIC;
[DZ] [1164230] 阿尔及利亚求购尼龙拉链(Nylon Zipper long chain) (05-11)
  Hello. I'm Mr Tilbi, customer from Algeria And we need to buy Low cheaper Nylon Zipper long chain No5 x 100yds or 200yds / Roll in Stock lot Colors: White, Black , Beige Qtty : Any Qtty availabe i...
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相关买家: 尼龙拉链; Nylon Zipper long chain;
[KW] [1164227] 科威特求购面料(Classical Wool Worsted Plain Australian Suiting Fabric) (05-11)
  hello i want to order this can you please contact me on whatsup Material:Viscose / Polyester
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相关买家: 面料; Suiting Fabric;
[US] [1164226] [有图]美国求购三角旗(pennants) (05-11)
  Hi, We are a soccer group that travels overseas to compete in soccer tournaments. We are looking for a quote for some pennants to exchange with the opposition. We would need around 400 pennants so we ...
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相关买家: 三角旗; pennants;
[AU] [1164187] 澳大利亚求购汽车打蜡垫(Car Wax Applicator Pad) (05-11)
  Hello - i send you message via chat - these are the products i am looking for but in BLACK. can you advice if you have these in black colour - we would be looking at order of approx 500-1000 of each b...
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相关买家: 汽车打蜡垫; Car Wax Applicator Pad;
[PH] [1164138] 菲律宾求购围裙(plain yellow apron) (05-11)
  Please quote leather plain yellow apron . send it to
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相关买家: 围裙; plain yellow apron;
[AU] [1164117] [有图]澳大利亚求购宠物床罩(pet bed cover) (05-11)
  Hello, I am wanting to manufacture OEM product. I am unsure of MOQ. Materials are PUL. It will be a pet bed cover, waterproof. Can you do this? You may email me at to discuss. I can send video of ex...
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相关买家: 宠物床罩; pet bed cover;
[FR] [1164115] [有图]法国求购涉水鞋(water shoes) (05-11)
  Dear this is ANDY the senior buyer from Ozeol International purchasing company. We are supplying 304 stores in the French market. We can buy with large quantities , and we are specialized in purchas...
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相关买家: 涉水鞋; water shoes;
[US] [1164110] 美国求购充电宝网袋(Sandwich Mesh Drawstring Pouch for Power Bank) (05-11)
  Hi, We are located in Virginia, USA. Selling meerschaum pipes. meerschaum marketcom I want to order 500 pcs. 8cm x 18.50cm. thick mesh black color pouches. I want: to be written on black background te...
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相关买家: 充电宝网袋; Sandwich Mesh Drawstring Pouch; Power Bank;
[BE] [1164069] 比利时求购毛绒玩具动物(woogie plush toy doll) (05-10)
  Can you send us info on the huggy wuggy push please,Packing details :Pieces by cartonweight by cartonsize by cartonprices quantitiy 3.000 piecesdelivery time to my agent in Guangzhoupay in RMByou can ...
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相关买家: 毛绒玩具动物; woogie plush toy doll;
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