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textile leather [2000条. 页码 15/100]    

[UK] [1163221] [有图]英国求购宠物胸背(Dog bandanna custom) (04-28)
  This will become a repeat order most likely in time. Looking for simple dog bandannas in a few sizes with my logo printed onto it. Logo attatched
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相关买家: 宠物胸背; Dog bandanna custom;
[AU] [1163112] 澳大利亚求购纺织(Fabrics) (04-27)
  Dear Sir, We are interested in buying Fabrics, Jewelry, Clothing, Sandals & Hats. Please send us your product list, catalog & price list. Thank you.
相关买家: 纺织; Fabrics;
[BH] [1163095] 巴林求购线手套(Knitted cotton glove) (04-27)
  Hi, I want bule cotton glove, pls quote me on 1x20 gp
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相关买家: 线手套; Knitted cotton glove;
[CL] [1163092] 智利求购安全鞋(safety shoes) (04-27)
  si cuentas con polos color plomo, zapatos de seguridad y pantalones en tela drill color azul, me envias tu cotización. If you have lead-colored polo shirts, safety shoes and pants in blue drill fab...
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相关买家: 安全鞋; safety shoes;
[FR] [1163073] [有图]法国求购珠宝袋(Jewelry bag) (04-27)
  Hello, we would like to order you 100 piece of the following model. I give you the logo in *** files. Regards
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相关买家: 珠宝袋; Jewelry bag;
[AU] [1163068] [有图]澳大利亚求购门垫(Custom Printed Logo Door Mat) (04-27)
  quote for 10x 60*80 mats, blue background with logo *** but white text instead of black, include shipping to 30 Donegal Rd, South Australia, 5160
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相关买家: 门垫; Door Mat;
[UK] [1163061] 英国求购幼儿高脚椅套(toddle high chair cover) (04-27)
  Good evening,I hope you are well.My name is James, I’m an Amazon seller looking to source good quality Toddler Grocery Cart Cover/Cushions.Please can you add me on WhatsApp so we can discuss the optio...
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相关买家: 高脚椅套; high chair cover;
[IN] [1163053] [有图]印度求购呢毯(Blanket 2ply 2400pcs) (04-27)
  Hello We need blanket 220*240 5kg 2ply
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相关买家: 呢毯; Blanket;
[AU] [1163040] 澳大利亚求购工业抗疲劳垫(Industrial Anti Fatigue Mat) (04-27)
  Dear Sir / Madam, We, The Mat Group is a diverse collection of companies dedicated to all things mats.We have been making, sourcing, and distributing all kinds of mats, for all kinds of applications, ...
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相关买家: 工业抗疲劳垫; Industrial Anti Fatigue Mat;
[CZ] [1163031] 捷克求购丝带(tf5a) (04-27)
  Good day, everyone! Please forward this email to your company's CEO or manager. We discovered your offer on *** and are interested in ordering ribbons and bows in polyester & sateen in different s...
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相关买家: 丝带;
[PT] [1162982] 葡萄牙求购再生纱线(recycled yarns) (04-26)
  hi dear , we need supplier from china can sell to us recycled yarns ; polyester nylon . can please contact me my email is my mobil phone is best regards ,
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相关买家: 再生纱线; recycled yarns;
[CA] [1162965] [有图]加拿大求购笔记本电脑包(grey neoprene laptop cases) (04-26)
  Hi, I would like to order 50 of grey neoprene laptop cases with custom logo on it. Shipping to Canada, Vancouver, BC. Please, send me the quote. Thanks
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相关买家: 笔记本电脑包; laptop cases;
[CA] [1162959] [有图]加拿大求购沙包(hacky sacks) (04-26)
  Hi! I work for a Technology company in BC, Canada and we would like to order these hacky sacks. We would like the 6 cm option in blue/white and want our logo printed on them. I have *** our logo to th...
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相关买家: 沙包; hacky sacks;
[CL] [1162952] [有图]智利求购可调节弹性胶粘耳胶面罩(Elástica ajustable adhesiva de oreja protector para la cara adh) (04-26)
  Quisiera in White color, with the text "College medical de Chile" in blue, plus logo ***
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相关买家: 面罩;
[TR] [1162934] 土耳其求购卫生巾吸水原料(Super absorbent) (04-26)
  Hello I'm . I need Airlaid with Super absorbent for producing Sanitary Pad.We have 2 dimensions for airlaid:Length:30 cm Width:7 cmLength:22.5 cm Width:6.5 cmOur machine produces 250 pieces/min.Machin...
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相关买家: 卫生巾吸水原料; Super absorbent;
[VN] [1162930] 越南求购面料(TR fabric) (04-26)
  Dear Shenze Textile. This is Aiden from Faslink - Vietnam. Pls contact with us via , we need to check and order TR fabric. Hope to receive your replies soon.
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相关买家: 面料; TR fabric;
[AU] [1162925] 澳大利亚求购高尔夫球袋(golf bags with wheels) (04-26)
  Custom tour bag golf travel bag sac de golf bag with wheels. to be sent to Sydney Australia.
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相关买家: 高尔夫球袋; golf bags;
[US] [1162909] 美国求购椅套(Fitted Dining Chair Cover) (04-26)
  Hello I want to buy Royal Blue, Purple , Cream, Light Brown , Black and white. I would like the price with logo and without logo please. Also, how long will it take?
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相关买家: 椅套; Fitted Dining Chair Cover;
[KW] [1162829] [有图]科威特求购无纺布冷袋(non-woven fabric cold packs) (04-25)
  Dental clinic soft medical gel ice pack,pain relief non-woven fabric round cold ice packs
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相关买家: 无纺布冷袋; cold packs;
[RU] [1162809] [有图]俄罗斯求购运动帽(snapback cap) (04-25)
  What's the shipping cost? Can put the logo?
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相关买家: 运动帽; snapback cap;
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