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textile leather [2000条. 页码 9/100]    

[AU] [1165687] [有图]澳大利亚求购安全帽(V-Gard Slotted Hard Hat) (05-26)
  do you print logos on these for me?
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相关买家: 安全帽; Hard Hat;
[US] [1165686] [有图]美国求购运动帽(Snapback Hat and Cap) (05-26)
  Would like to purchase 24 hats of this style. What is the shipping cost? What is the best price you can offer?
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相关买家: 运动帽; Snapback Hat;
[AU] [1165685] [有图]澳大利亚求购跑步鞋(men running shoes) (05-26)
  I would like to get some shoes for my Gym brand.Same design as this but in our custom colour and with our logo.We will need at least 100 pairs and want decent qualitywe like the floor green ones you h...
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相关买家: 跑步鞋; men running shoes;
[AU] [1165684] [有图]澳大利亚求购橡皮带(Resistance Band) (05-26)
  Hi there, I would like a quote on ordering these bands with my logo on it (see ***). Can you please show me how the logo would look and what the minimum order it?
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相关买家: 橡皮带; Resistance Band;
[KH] [1165682] [有图]柬埔寨求购木制衣架(Wooden Suit Hangers for Cloths) (05-26)
  Good morning We would like to order 150 hangers for our shop (colorblindasia) based in phnom Penh with our logo may I ask you a quotation? (delivery included please) Many thanks
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相关买家: 木制衣架; Wooden Suit Hangers;
[IN] [1165679] 印度求购填充布料(plush fabric) (05-26)
  We need Plush fabric/Pile fabric for soft toys factory in Pune India, We would need 40 ft container every month. Please send me details
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相关买家: 填充布料; plush fabric;
[FR] [1165678] [有图]法国求购电脑背包(laptop backpack) (05-26)
  Hello,I'm interested to buy your BackPack (the black one), I would like to know if it's possible to customize it with our Logo ? (you will find a picture *** to see where exactly I would to put it a...
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相关买家: 电脑背包; laptop backpack;
[SA] [1165660] [有图]沙特求购旅行包(TRAVELING BAG) (05-25)
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相关买家: 旅行包; TRAVELING BAG;
[BD] [1165603] [有图]孟加拉国求购针织面料(knit fabrics) (05-25)
  I am looking for the *** quality. Is it your hanger?Please confirm.
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相关买家: 针织面料; knit fabrics;
[US] [1165598] 美国求购男士短裤(shorts) (05-25)
  Hello, I was looking to buy 100 units of shorts (to start), and go from there. I saw you manufacture similar shorts that we were interested in. I can send over designs and sizing. Feel free to email m...
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相关买家: 男士短裤; shorts;
[US] [1165543] [有图]美国求购儿童毛巾(Bath Towel) (05-25)
  Only need 100. Stuffed Elephant, Grey, with our logo on the blanket. What is the best cost with all fees and shipping? What is timeline for order to delivery?
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相关买家: 儿童毛巾; Bath Towel;
[US] [1165540] [有图]美国求购食品级食品垫(Food Grade Blood Absorbent Food Pad) (05-25)
  I need High Absorbency Food Grade Blood Absorbent Food Pad. Our logo must be on the pad.
the buyer have joined [Quick-Sample]
相关买家: 食品垫; Food Pad;
[US] [1165538] [有图]美国求购运动帽(men gorras baseball cap) (05-25)
  Logo:Custom Logo Sample time:3-7 Working Days Product name:dad hats custom embroidery logo Service:OEM ODM Service Production time:15-40days Design:ODM Designs
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相关买家: 运动帽; baseball cap;
[US] [1165537] [有图]美国求购定制旗帜(custom pennant flags) (05-25)
  I am interested in custom pennant flags in purple, with black and white writing and custom logo. Delivery estimate please: delivered to San Diego, CA USA? Thank you.
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相关买家: 定制旗帜; custom pennant flags;
[US] [1165534] [有图]美国求购一字拖(slipper slippers flip flops sandals) (05-25)
  HYDRO Slide SandalBlack with Red logosizes 11-13 in menswomen's 9-10
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相关买家: 一字拖; slipper; flip flops sandals;
[US] [1165532] [有图]美国求购床单(table bed sheet cover set Spa) (05-25)
  I am interested in 200 sets of massage sheet- which includes flat sheet, fitted sheet and cradle cover. I NEED 100 OF THEM with embroidery on flat sheet of my logo can I get ricing and I also need sam...
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相关买家: 床单; table bed sheet;
[IN] [1165525] 印度求购野营垫(camping mat) (05-25)
  Dear Ms.Nicole,Can you please be so kind and provide me with quotation for following :Camp sleeping matLength 190 cm (+10cm)Width 60cm (+5cm)Thickness min 1cm / 10mm (+2mm)Material : polyethylene or e...
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相关买家: 野营垫; camping mat;
[KW] [1165475] 科威特求购窗帘(jacquard double width fabric) (05-24)
  Dear Mr Jackie,I am contacting from Ever More Co. based in Kuwait.Looking for jacquard double width fabric for the curtains and further interested in the printed fabrics with the same color tones. Kin...
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相关买家: 窗帘;
[CA] [1165423] [有图]加拿大求购帽子(embroided hat) (05-24)
  Hi ! I need 100 embroided hat to my custom logo (coffee company) for a business event on June 10 2022. I am in Canada. I am looking for a partner to supply us with all our branded gear in the future (...
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相关买家: 帽子; embroided hat;
[VN] [1165387] 越南求购纺织面料(Ribstop mesh fabric) (05-24)
  Hi We are looking for below fabrics for new program. Please kindly check with your team and update us *** FDS. Thank you! 95/5 POLY/SPAN 145gsm - This is RIBSTOP with thin hole, please see **...
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相关买家: 纺织面料; Ribstop mesh fabric;
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