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[CZ] [1168789] 捷克求购10GB Rtx3080(Cheap Best Computer External Graphic) (06-23)
  1. Packaging Details: Carton Packing; One Machine Per Carton 2. Delivery Details: UPS, DHL, FedEx, EMS, TNT 3. Port: Shenzhen 4. Lead Time: In 2 days after payment 5. If your shipment is not recei...
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[GH] [1168788] 加纳求购笔记本电脑(HP Laptop) (06-23)
  An HP laptop espirion with high graphics and Norma storage size for programming
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相关买家: 笔记本电脑; HP Laptop;
[ZM] [1168787] 赞比亚求购智能手表(Smart Watches) (06-23)
  Smart watch
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相关买家: 智能手表; Smart Watches;
[BD] [1168786] 孟加拉国求购触摸屏(Touch Screen) (06-23)
  I need Samphony H 175 andriod phone touch screen. Symphony H175 Display IPS LCD AA Quality Black Product Name: Symphony H175 IPS LCD AA Quality Complete Display Black
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相关买家: 触摸屏; Touch Screen;
[KE] [1168783] 肯尼亚求购手机充电器(Phone Chargers) (06-23)
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相关买家: 手机充电器; Phone Chargers;
[IN] [1168782] 印度求购iPhone 12 or 13(iPhone 12 or 13) (06-23)
  We need refurbished iPhone 12 or 13...Because of huge demand in India. The first most condor ion is to show us samples then only we enter into contract.
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相关买家: iPhone;
[GH] [1168781] 加纳求购三星手机(Samsung Tab a) (06-23)
  Samsung TAB A XL screen
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相关买家: 三星手机;
[ZW] [1168780] 津巴布韦求购闪存驱动器(Flash Drives 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB) (06-23)
  25 pieces of 8GB, 25pieces 16GB, 25 pieces of 32GB, 25 pieces of 64GB. I need those going for $1.29 per piece
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相关买家: 闪存驱动器; Flash Drives;
[ZM] [1168778] 赞比亚求购头戴耳机(Headsets) (06-23)
  White and black
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相关买家: 头戴耳机; Headsets;
[KE] [1168777] 肯尼亚求购Phones(Phones) (06-23)
  Mix colour re, black, blue, gray size 7.4
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相关买家: Phones;
[ZA] [1168775] 南非求购存储卡(SD Cardsdcard256GB - Transcend 350V 256GB Class 10 Micro with A) (06-23)
  Good day, please quote urgently
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[IN] [1168774] 印度求购电话(Air Phone Wireless) (06-23)
  Air phone wireless ok good pis
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相关买家: 电话;
[ZA] [1168773] 南非求购iPhone 13(iPhone 13) (06-23)
  I want an iPhone 13 PRO of any colour
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相关买家: iPhone;
[GH] [1168771] 加纳求购iPhone 11 PRO Max(iPhone 11 PRO Max) (06-23)
  Dark colour
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[GH] [1168770] 加纳求购手机配件(Phone Accessories) (06-23)
  All colours and sizes All brands
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相关买家: 手机配件; Phone Accessories;
[AF] [1168768] 阿富汗求购手机(Mobile Phone) (06-23)
  ZTE axon 40 ultra mobile
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相关买家: 手机; Mobile Phone;
[US] [1168763] [有图]美国求购数据线(data cable) (06-23)
  1. how much it's cost 5000 pics? 2. can i get custom logo on that product? 3. can you guys do graphics for that product for my business? like: provide me photo and video for my customize product...
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相关买家: 数据线; data cable;
[MX] [1168754] 墨西哥求购平板电脑(Tablet 3g Phone Tablet) (06-23)
  Good Afternoon, i am from mexico, and I need 1000 PCs, for the product how much is the cost please send me a mail, to
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相关买家: 平板电脑;
[AE] [1168734] 阿联酋求购数码相机(digital camera) (06-22)
  i need digital camera with SLR TFT and WI-FI support and zooming factor x25 minimum and with video recording and card support minimum 128GB.high pixal photos that are far away like a moon, animals etc...
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相关买家: 数码相机; digital camera;
[AE] [1168721] 阿联酋求购充电宝(power bank) (06-22)
  hi do u have 10W MagSafe A5 Organizer 300 pcs
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相关买家: 充电宝; power bank;
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