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[IN] [1038135] 印度求购集装箱(Container) (07-02)
  Hi We are in need of different type of containers, used for transportation. Now I need one 20 feet container . Please provide me your quotation.
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[ZA] [1038134] 南非求购贮存容器(Storage Containers) (07-02)
  hi im looking for 20x 6m storage containers in jhb pleasequote my email.
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[US] [1037988] 美国求购游艇(yachts) (07-01)
  I seek to buy yachts for myself and my business partner ranging from $400,000.00 - $2million. You can reach me
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[US] [1037985] 美国求购船(boats) (07-01)
  I would like to make purchase of about 1000pcs really like you reply me diretly to my email below so to send our requirment.
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[PH] [1037984] 菲律宾求购船舶/船只(SHIPS/VESSEL) (07-01)
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[GH] [1037983] 加纳求购新油轮(new oil tanker) (07-01)
  Kindly furnish me for more details and procedures. Reply me via email.Regard.
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[AT] [1037982] 奥地利求购货船(Cargo Ship) (07-01)
Remaining views: 25
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[RU] [1037981] 俄罗斯求购拖船(tugboat) (07-01)
  Dear Sir We will like to buy tug boat ...if you are builder or seller........kindly contact our company E.mail.
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[HK] [1037979] 香港求购皮艇(KAYAK) (07-01)
  please send me email : . I would like to know more about your kayak.
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[NG] [1037973] 尼日利亚求购私人飞机(private Aircraft) (07-01)
  Buy Private commercial Jet & Helicopter I have a buyer for private Aircraft Please contact me here.
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[PK] [1037970] 巴基斯坦求购无人机(drone) (07-01)
  May i know the delivery time of this product? Kindly send me the complete product catalog with Price list. Do you offer free sample or what would be the charges of the sample.
Remaining views: 25
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[CA] [1037969] 加拿大求购航空零部件(Aviation Parts) (07-01)
  buy About Right brake LS124A-200Y of Harbin Y12 aircraft parts.
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[AU] [1037922] 澳大利亚求购顶船罩(600D polyester UV protection trailerable center console T-Top bo) (07-01)
  采购数量: 100 Piece/Pieces| 采购人: 发布地点:Australia we are Australian boat importer looking for top quality boat cover 600D. Boat sizes: 7.5 metre 2.5 metre beam 8.5 metre 2.5 metre beam Order qty abou...
Remaining views: 25
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[TR] [1037624] 土耳其求购飞机(Aircrafts) (06-27)
  I need A320-200 for AMI lease for one year contract. YOM should be older then 2000. for details please contact via mail.
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[TZ] [1037393] 坦桑尼亚求购拖拉机(4WD By wheel and New Condition 12 hp tractor) (06-26)
  Hi,Im looking quotation of a used MF tractor with capacity 75HP, 4WD. Also one used plough, tiller and trailer.Please send me quotation of the above with detailed specifications and photos. Our main...
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[VE] [1037385] 委内瑞拉求购船用引擎(4 Stroke Engine and Gasoline Fuel Type BOAT ENGINE) (06-26)
  Good day, I have a client in Venezuela that requires a budget of 100 Used Yamaha 40HP 4 Stroke Outboard Motor Engine, but we need the specifications about the warranty policy. The shipment must be ca...
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[US] [1037113] 美国求购蒸汽机车(Historical Steam Locomotive Steel Machining) (06-25)
  We are seeking a company that has experience in creating custom steel machinery that will be used in historical steam locomotives. Please note that these are not scale models, these are 1:1 replicas o...
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[UG] [1036869] 乌干达求购卡车(Trucks) (06-24)
  Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to you, to negotiate about a business opportunity. I am representing a Joint group of African Gold miners in D.R.Congo. We already have quite a big amount of Gold in stoc...
Remaining views: 25
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[CA] [1036821] 加拿大求购20英尺长度快艇(CE Certification and 20 feet Length speed boat) (06-21)
  采购数量: 1 Unit/Units 发布地点:Canada Dear Supplier,I am a buyer from located in Canada. I am interested in this style of Small fiberglass speed boats made of composite material holypan and in doing busi...
Remaining views: 24
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[AT] [1036751] 奥地利求购交通护栏(Traffic Barrier) (06-21)
  Dear /, TOP URGENT PLEASE I am writing on behalf of Al-Sultan Pearl Trading Est. Saudi Arabia. I am wondering if there is a possibility to provide with your best discounted p...
Remaining views: 25
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