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[OM] [1099198] 阿曼求购集装箱租赁(Container Leasing) (09-02)
  Dear Sir / Madam GOOD DAy
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相关买家: 集装箱租赁; Container Leasing;
[MM] [1099017] 缅甸求购机动三轮车(High Quality Trike) (09-01)
  I'm a businessman from Myanmar. I just found JRC five wheel motor cycle on your website. I'm looking for a supplier who can sell me motorcycle and tricycle accessories with JRC brand. If you can provi...
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相关买家: 机动三轮车; Trike;
[KR] [1098908] 韩国求购冷冻集装箱(40FT high-cube Freezer Container) (09-01)
  I would like to purchase 8 40FT high-cube Freezer Container. If possible, please let me know the amount and the due date by email below.
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相关买家: 冷冻集装箱; Freezer Container;
[UK] [1098668] 英国求购自行车(bike) (08-29)
  Dear, I am interested to import SunRingle DJ mountain bike single speed wheel set for dirt jump, slope style,4x, bmx appreciate if you may please share the product details you are offering. Waiting ...
相关买家: 自行车; bike;
[US] [1098666] 美国求购自行车(bike) (08-29)
  Dear, I am interested to import Full Suspension Electric Bike Frame 27.5er Boost All Mountain Riding Style appreciate if you may please share the product details you are offering. Waiting for your r...
相关买家: 自行车; bike;
[IE] [1098611] 爱尔兰求购儿童自行车(childs bike Info) (08-28)
  Hi I am looking for a battery and a seat for my goeby 621 childs bike.
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相关买家: 儿童自行车; childs bike;
[DE] [1098561] 德国求购水踏板自行车(water pedal bike) (08-28)
  Dear Sir/Madame, We are wholesaler of adventure stores in North Germany and looking for new suppliers in China and Taiwan for adventure tools. We have already placed orders for tools in the Asian are...
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相关买家: 自行车; water pedal bike;
[US] [1098528] 美国求购渔船的座位(fishing boat seat) (08-27)
  Dear Sir I am pleased to inform you that we are searching for products and we found yours very interesting! We would love to include some of your Kayak seat in our scope. Can you please send me a c...
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相关买家: 座位; boat seat;
[AE] [1098278] 阿联酋求购山地车(mountain bike, sport's bicycle) (08-26)
  Hello I hope you are doing well. I am reseller of mountain bicycle/sports bicycle in India. currently I am looking for supplier who can meet our demand on comparative rates. interested parties pl...
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相关买家: 山地车; mountain bike;
[IN] [1098205] 印度求购自行车(bike) (08-26)
  Dear, I am interested to import DNM BURNER-RC dual air chamber suspension fork for mountain bike,mtb bicycle appreciate if you may please share the product details you are offering. Waiting for your...
相关买家: 自行车; bike;
[BD] [1097944] 孟加拉国求购自行车(bike) (08-24)
相关买家: 自行车; bike;
[NG] [1097864] 尼日利亚求购航空障碍灯(Aviation Light) (08-24)
  Doublewise LED Solar Aviation Obstruction light. Red or yellow color. We will need about 2000 every quarter with right price and better shipping costs. We are solar power system supplier and distribu...
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相关买家: 航空障碍灯; Aviation Light;
[UK] [1097633] 英国求购自行车框架(Bike frame) (08-21)
  Pl quote your best price for 14*mm Travel Electric Full Suspension Bike Frame 19**X 51*Mm Shock Size , and what is the MOQ Could you send me a product sample before place an order? What's your min...
相关买家: 自行车框架; Bike frame;
[US] [1097632] 美国求购自行车(bike) (08-21)
  Sports Bike for Sale with 125/150cc Displacement and 14L Fuel Capacity Self-introduction I am a Zambian, interested to know the price of SL150CC displacement and 14L fuel capacity blue in colour
相关买家: 自行车; bike;
[RU] [1097344] 俄罗斯求购led道路标记(led road marker) (08-19)
  Dear Supplier! Can you please send me catalogue of led road markers that are flush with the road?
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相关买家: led道路标记; led road marker;
[IN] [1097315] 印度求购救生艇(lifeboat) (08-19)
  Dear Sirs. Good day. Please receive our request for lifeboat of free fall for 12 or less persons with boat launching equipment used in good condition for tanker . D¡ertificate of approval ...
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相关买家: 救生艇; lifeboat;
[HK] [1097055] [有图]香港求购浮游标(Foam buoy and PE buoy) (08-17)
  quantity: 60000 Unit/Units 60000 Unit/Units FOB 1. 3Kg closed cell foam seine floats (EVA or equivalent) and reinforced line passage (central hole Ø> 20mm), QTY 60000. 2. 80 liter buoy...
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相关买家: 浮游标; Foam buoy; PE buoy;
[RO] [1097041] 罗马尼亚求购宠物拖车(pet trailer) (08-17)
  I am interested in buying 4 pieces, Square pet trailer dog grooming products for washing, fully equipped with the best quality, thick material and quality parts, for commercial use. Fully equipped ca...
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相关买家: 宠物拖车; pet trailer;
[CA] [1096981] [有图]加拿大求购脚踏三轮车(tricycle rickshaw) (08-17)
  I have a few questions regarding this trike , what size of tire, how long to ship to Toronto Canada, how much if I buy 10 unit , how much is the shipping costs and I do I know if your store is legit
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相关买家: 三轮车; tricycle;
[IN] [1096765] 印度求购电动自行车(Electric Bicycle) (08-14)
  Hello be a Chilean company trading with EV, mainly personal ones, but since few months ago added mini commercial EV, from tiny tricycles to mini Pick up/Furgon. So be interested on your electric tri ...
相关买家: 电动自行车; Electric Bicycle;
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