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[SE] [1148681] 瑞典求购丁腈手套(Cranberry Evolve 300 Nitrile Gloves) (12-02)
  You just sent an Inquiry about: Wanted : Cranberry Evolve 300 Nitrile Gloves Sender's Country: China From: Winnie Meng GOLD Member on Your message: Dear Robert, we a...
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相关买家: 丁腈手套; Nitrile Gloves;
[US] [1148680] 美国求购金属货架(metal book shelf) (12-02)
  Please note we made our first contact with Dongfeng at the Global Shop Trade Show in 2016. We met with Anita at that time. We are interested in more information and prices for gondola systems. I see t...
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相关买家: 金属货架; metal book shelf;
[ZA] [1148679] 韩国求购丁腈手套(Vglove Nitrile Gloves And Cardinal Gloves) (12-02)
  You just sent an Inquiry about: Wanted : Vglove Nitrile Gloves And Cardinal Gloves Sender's Country: China From: Winnie Meng GOLD Member on Your message: Dear Sook, ...
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相关买家: 丁腈手套; Vglove Nitrile Gloves; Cardinal Gloves;
[UK] [1148678] 英国求购儿童平衡越野自行车(Kids Balance Dirt Bike) (12-02)
  Hello, 1)Does the shipping cost per unit reduce the more units bought? 2)Please confirm shipping cost to UK, London for 50 units? 3) does the shipping cost cover all costs to my address? 4)does sh...
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相关买家: 儿童平衡车; 越野自行车; Kids Balance Bike; Dirt Bike;
[TR] [1148677] 土耳其求购10路输入卫星多路开关(10 input satellite multiswitch) (12-01)
  Have a nice day Shel. I am from. We are interested 10 input satellite multiswitch series. Do you have any solution about that ?
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相关买家: 多路开关;
[UK] [1148676] 英国求购广告气模(Giant inflatable skull skeleton for Halloween) (12-01)
  Regarding: Giant inflatable skull skeleton for Halloween /Awful inflatable monster skull for Halloween decorationHello,Please can you tell us:How much is the product as the same specification and col...
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相关买家: 广告气模;
[US] [1148675] 美国求购丁腈手套(want Cranberry Evolve 300, Cardinal Flexal Gloves) (12-01)
  Wanted : Cranberry Evolve 300, Cardinal Flexal Gloves United States Please provide a quotation to the following requirement from importer - Product Name: Cranberry Evolve 300, Cardinal Flexal ...
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相关买家: 丁腈手套; Flexal Gloves;
[AE] [1148674] 阿联酋求购电缆(Cables) (12-01)
  Dear Sir, Good day. We would like to request you to send us your best price for Cables as follows: 1) 1 C, Cu, 240 PVC/XLPE MV Power Cable 8.7/15kV (QTY: 225 Meters) 2) 1 C, Cu, 120 mm2...
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相关买家: 电缆; Cables;
[CO] [1148673] 哥伦比亚求购涤纶长丝(Vortex Twist Yarn Dope Dye and Poliester Filament) (12-01)
  TWIST YARNS FOR WEAVING Usage: WEAVER Feature: High Strength Material: ACRILIC, POLIESTER, POLYWOOL, Technics: VORTEX Fiber Length: Combination of Short Fibers and Continuous Filament Yarn
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相关买家: 涤纶长丝;
[UK] [1148671] 英国求购地球仪(Floating Globe) (12-01)
  Looking for floating globe in various colours shipping to UK
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[KW] [1148668] 科威特求购卡特彼勒(Caterpillar Dg Set Model C3.3 / 60 kVA - 48 Kw Enclosed Type) (12-01)
  Frequency 50 Hz Genset Power Rating 65.0 kVA Genset power rating with fan @ 0.8 power factor 52.0 kW Super silent type Engine Model Cat C3.3 Inline 4-stroke Diesel Bore X Stroke 105.0mm X 127...
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相关买家: 卡特彼勒;
[PH] [1148667] 菲律宾求购书桌收纳盒(Desk Organizer) (12-01)
  Hello, My name is Christine of Solving Alpha, We've been selling online in the US market, mainly on Amazon. COM since 2013 in a variety of categories, including Sports & Outdoors, Toys & Games, Hea...
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相关买家: 书桌收纳盒; Desk Organizer;
[IN] [1148666] 印度求购打印机配件(Tetra Rejected Printed Rolls) (12-01)
  12 inch width rolls
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相关买家: 打印机配件; Tetra Rejected Printed Rolls;
[SA] [1148664] 沙特求购防水盒(Water Proof Box File Kent) (12-01)
  Kent files which can hold 400 sheets.
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相关买家: 防水盒;
[US] [1148663] 美国求购热敏打印头(Thermal Printhead) (12-01)
  Hello Mr or Mrs, We are looking for THERMAL PRINTHEAD KCE 57 12MPL7 (you can see some pictures in Doc-***). Do you produce and sell this kind of Printhead? Thank you in advance, best regards....
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相关买家: 热敏打印头; Thermal Printhead;
[IN] [1148662] 印度求购复印纸(A4 Copy Paper) (12-01)
  We have monthly 25000 reams required please quote and products catalogs send.
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相关买家: 复印纸; A4 Copy Paper;
[IN] [1148660] [有图]印度求购晶体管(IGBT) (12-01)
  Dear. Mam, Hope you are doing well, our organization is indiana cart private limited, i am working as sales manager, we are supplier of industrial products in india, please find the *** excel file of...
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相关买家: 晶体管; IGBT;
[CA] [1148659] [有图]加拿大求购渔夫帽(Promotional Hats Buckets) (12-01)
  Hi I hope you're fine ?I am , we are a distributor of clothing and personalized items located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.We are currently looking for a buckethat for one of our clients and we would n...
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相关买家: 渔夫帽; Promotional Hats Buckets;
[US] [1148658] [有图]美国求购杯架浮子(Cup Holder float) (12-01)
  I am looking for custom Cup Holder float like the blue frog in the logo attatched
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相关买家: 杯架; Cup Holder;
[PT] [1148657] [有图]葡萄牙求购A4纸(A4 Copy Paper 80gsm) (12-01)
  Hello, I would like to know: - Your best price for each of ream of paper 80grs A4 type - Min. Order - Delivery time for Europe - Payment Terms
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相关买家: A4纸; A4 Copy Paper;
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